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  1. Re: Giving something back to the forum +87.91pts January Fantastic Laying system, the best ive seen on laying is an average of 60, a m8 showed me once, and he was paying for that. 1. Dont let the criteria of your system out,, whatsoever, everyone wants to be your freind. 2. A bookmaker would pay you big bucks for this system. Big money. 3. As you show your selections on here, more and more will follow, domino effect, so i'm thinking, some that may not have been in the criteria before hand suddenly are,,, due to YOU!. So its up to you how you want to approach this effect. 4. Keep on making money for yourself, first and formost.:hope:hope:hope:hope:hope

  2. Re: Horse Racing £5000 - £25000 in a year. :hopeMY LAST BET OF THE DAY,,AND THE NAP. LUCKY DIVA, if you can watch some previous races of this horse, they have been looking for a mile at ling for the day they have their money down, and imo today is that day. Major bet from me at 4.9, watch the gamble unfold, He will win today, no worries IMO. GL

  3. Re: Horse Racing £5000 - £25000 in a year. +++£106, i make it after last race, but will go thru again, when i have time, but i know i'm nearer to the mark than you, will list all later too busy at the moment. 1.50 Ling MISARO, 1.50 Ling, 4.3 taken. Far to low in the hcap now, could win this easy on back form. gl

  4. Re: Horse Racing £5000 - £25000 in a year. 1.30 Taunton. I cant see THUNDERSTORM BEING OUT OF THE FIRST 3. He wold have needed the latest run in a decent hurdle race, was overkeen early and took time to settle, and got tired late on. Obviously the fav looks decent but i am willing to take a chance he can be turned over, the 2nd fav won a race but was not the greatest. 23/1 win taken and 3.2 place, GL, ps 14/1 with the books.

  5. Re: Horse Racing £5000 - £25000 in a year. If you read properly, I'm not putting my bets up in ££££'s from now on due to abuse, so as on previous page, i done a running total for this thread to a £10 stake,,win or £5 e/w,,,, The running total from 30th dec is +++£126. Thank you, and as i always say the majority of my selections trade alot shorter pree off or during the race, I DO NOT TRADE OUT, but there are plenty who do. Fist selection of the day is NEW DEN in the 12.50, i think he will hold on today, by making all. 4.1 taken, but i assure you will trade alot less odds on in running,,definately.gl:D

  6. Re: Horse Racing £5000 - £25000 in a year. No m8, i dont but plenty do, ARbing is not for me, but as i have pointed out the majority of the selections i put up early, trade lower at some point, Id like to think its minds thinking alike, but who knows.? Sometimes you feel your going to have a good day, and i feel it today, good racing, good horses, i'll post my selections 10 mins if i can before each race, once i get my money on,,,GL:hope

  7. Re: Horse Racing £5000 - £25000 in a year. UL with the above e/way, what a trade if you got it, alas i did not. However to my NAP of the day. BELLES BEAU, 4.20 WOLVES. What a cock up the hcappers have made here, off 60 is a ridicoulus easy mark, this will get the pace today and the step up is ideal. I got 7/2, no wbits available at 7/2, but it will go soon, i reckon hell go off at 9/4. GL

  8. Re: Horse Racing £5000 - £25000 in a year. I find that its now a case of Bookmakers will not take a chance on any horse they have chalked up, unless they can immediately lay it of in the whole. And you dont want to ask or try to get on, for them to say no, but you have shown your hand... Very frustrating if you want to get on at a double figure price, thats the situation i am in today, Hardly no liquidity on the exchanges and no chance with the books. And to top it all the few quid thats available, The books keep on cramping the odds down by taking the £10 ;s that become available.:@ This is becoming more and more evident.

  9. Re: Horse Racing £5000 - £25000 in a year. With regards to Dalglish, i dont think he is a very good manager, even tho his record is impressive, if you really look at it, he was player manager 1985-91, in that time he won several trophies but the opposition was not up to much as we were banned for the majority of the time from europe, no playes wanted to come to english football. Then when the ban was lifted all sorts of players wanted to come to england, and the level playing field showed dalglish for what he was, average. I Then breaking all kinds of transfer records, he bought his way to the title in 95, I will tell you this I would bet a kings ransom, liverpool finish nowere near the champions league this season. And one more thing, yes Everton need a huge takeover to happen, but they are not alone, 10 other clubs are in the same boat, but Lpool have rich owners, and if you think they will pump money in year on year, think again, they are in it to make money not to lose it...like man city are, win trophies at any cost mentality.

  10. Re: Horse Racing £5000 - £25000 in a year. Yep, agree about the game, but at the time u look through rose tinted etc, I know we are a mid table side,,46 points at best this season. What gets to me is all this messiah,bulllocks, they are no better than 50 points this season. Thanks about Rith Bob,,Was my main bet of the day, won well.:D

  11. Re: Horse Racing £5000 - £25000 in a year. Boy,, how heavy is the ground today, Bobby donald never go into the race. 2.50 Wolves. Magical star, 7/1 exchange 13/2 books. This will go off alot shorter, i am on at 13/2, He needs to have 6f, and ask yourself why this still has a box at RH?,,hopefully the win will be today. gl

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