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  1. Re: Horse Racing £5000 - £25000 in a year. First of the day, Layed the front two in the market in 12.55 Tow. Neither have showed outstanding form, and todays opposition could be too good, Both are 1 paced and in particular Ultravox will struggle to win over 2 miles. Both layed at 3.5, both to a backers stake of £200. GL

  2. Re: Horse Racing £5000 - £25000 in a year. I was wondering what the posts may say when i returned, to be honest in the majority i'm not surprised. Anyhow after being beaten by a PIXEL for a substantial amount of money, i decided to take a few days off. Yes i was angry and upset more at myself for not trading out at the time. But my conviction was the horse would win, and i stuck to it, alas it did not happen. Only those who have been beaten for such an amount in such a close run finish could understand that feeling. I went to York for a few days to see some family, watched Everton in the FA Cup, and never reviewed any racing until this morning. This is my living and my only source of income, if i have to post my bets for someone for clarification i am willing to do that thats no problem. But i'm too long in the tooth to let sarcasim get to me. I shall continue to put my thoughts about a race, and my bets on this thread, with a little bit more thought behind my trading. And one last thing i have never ever posted on this site before in 'AKA'. GL in your bets and trading today.;)

  3. Re: Horse Racing £5000 - £25000 in a year. Last bet of the day/night. Jezza, How can this be beaten on all known form, just looked at the previous race it won, and the 2nd was not getting to him. Even with the weight diffrence i cant see it happening. 3rd fav won a poor poor maiden. And the others are not worth the entry. IM sorry but this wins and wins easily, Gone back on my previous statement, becuse this will win without a shadow of a doubt. £2000 at 1.8 placed. win portion £1550.

  4. Re: Horse Racing £5000 - £25000 in a year. 5. 40 Wolves. It comes down to wether you think Albertus Pictor is a 73 rated horse or better. I for one dont think he has to run near that mark to win this. The other 3 are hcapeed to there very best, are they going to improve anymore?, I think not. Albertus Pictor with all his kinks has to be the pick. £500 placed at 2.26, porofit of £600, The betting will tell us in the next 15 mins as to how the stable will think he will run. Gl

  5. Re: Horse Racing £5000 - £25000 in a year. Thank you for the comments, Yes you are all correct in your own ways. I know i was playing a very dangerous game. +£900 profit on the day. Running total. + £55 (rounded up). I will make my maximum bet £500 with a low of £200, dont ever want that feeling again, not nice.:puke

  6. Re: Horse Racing £5000 - £25000 in a year. 2.10 Hunt High Benefit without the Fav,,PPower 8/11 Cantering in Backspins race, when coming down,,Backspin will be a major horse this year, A king would have a line thru this race. Thet took 2200 to win 1600, not surprising as they see me as a loser. May be good enough to win but not chancing it

  7. Re: Horse Racing £5000 - £25000 in a year. The 2nd bet of the day is . Let yourself go, 1.05 thurles. This my 5 STAR NAP. Just short of Grade 1 company, In my Opinion will lead these all the way today. A C/D winner in soft ground last year, was still traveilling quite well when unseating rider last time, although he would not have beaten Golden Silver would have ran him close, and GS ran 2nd to Big Zeb next time(maybe should have won it). A,M, knows what he has got here, and the fav (phsyco) is giving us a very tasty 15/8. I think this will be a real test today, and the other two wont have the gun put to their heads, safety first today for them. I think he will go off FAV. £800 bet placed with 3 firms at 15/8. GL:hope

  8. Re: Horse Racing £5000 - £25000 in a year. First race today. 12.40 HUNT RAKI ROSE. Dropperd to a ridiculous 69 today. With the excellent C o'Farrell on board(pipe connection to yard), i dont think that was a last min plan. Visior fitted 1st which imo is what he wants. All his good runs have been right handed flat speed tracks, Hunt today. This horse will not get a better opportuninty, The hcap mark is so lenient. Has to be a good bet. £500 at 6/1 placed, 6/1 still available with several firms.gl:hope

  9. Re: Horse Racing £5000 - £25000 in a year. - £3450 yesterday, -£850 total. Yesterday was A horrific day, which i have to put behind me. No excuses. However Had a enjoyable time at the football, Everton v Spurs, a really good game to watch. Id like to say i put some money on Everton but as ive said i dont bother backing football anymore. Had a few drinks after the game, and was up at 7.00 am, been to the gym, bit of frustration taken out there. Ready to go, Study and Study, Ill be back if I have any selections today, Thanks for the support guys its very much appreciated.:cheers

  10. Re: Horse Racing £5000 - £25000 in a year. A shocking day.:wall However, in this game you have to go with your judgement good or bad. I have no doubt Swimsuit will win the last, this has been reinforced by other persons i am in contact with (not tipping lines). It is around 6/4 which is a big price considering the opposition, im not a beliver that he needs to have dig in the ground. £1300 win at 2.58, taken, profit of £1950.:hope:hope:hope:hope:hope:hope:hope:hope

  11. Re: Horse Racing £5000 - £25000 in a year. Last bet of the day. Not surprising its a dead 8 race. 6.35 Kempton. Having a ball, is well capable of winning this event, a beaten fav last time out, was not really put in the race until late on. If he is right and i;m thinking he is,, could go very close, from an ideal draw can be waited with until his finishing kick. I have taken the 11/1 with the books already. £250 e/way. Lets hope this turns the day around. GL;)

  12. Re: Horse Racing £5000 - £25000 in a year. Timesawastin. Not sure if it was the jockey, or the tack. Hanging from the home turn, why??? stewards will ask, im sure Ran on strong after the last, in fact could not pull it up.mmmmmm Jockey looking down as if something amiss, something was not right.:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@, If a horse gets beat on merit i dont complain, but that looked fishy.

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