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  1. Re: Horse Racing £5000 - £25000 in a year. Aldric, thats obvious. I am trying to say it does not matter to anyone else but me what i have in my bank accounts or how much i put on a horse, or how much i lay a horse for, and if i wanted to i could put up my betfair account, but lets be honest i could also doctor it, so whats the point?. So without revealing my outlay, i am putting up my selections and lays to this myth £10 max outlay, and hopefully see a big enough profit for a small outlay. And if by any chance any one follows a selection and they see a profit gl to them, im not here to gloat or make enemies just to advise my selections. GL to You. PS I do gloat when Liverpool see hardship, we have put up with their sh***e for far to long, a bit back makes me feel better.:tongue2

  2. Re: Horse Racing £5000 - £25000 in a year. My 2nd bet of the day is in: 2.40 Plum RITH BOB. at over 3/1, must surely stand out as the best bet of the day. All the others in the race have question marks over the going or trip. That cannot be said about the selection, given a short break i think this will work in her favor, and the trainer is obviosly keen to get the win by sticking to the mares only route. Last time was the wrong trip and track, tends to jump left, which will aid on this left turning tight track. I have taken 3/1, plus over 3/1 on the exchanges, can surely see her going off fav today. GL

  3. Re: Horse Racing £5000 - £25000 in a year. Ok, I will not put up for what i am having on or horse or laying it from now on, it seems to upset people. But what i will do as i have in the last couple of days is post at what price i got it at. Also you guys seems to work on points and level stakes profits. What i will do is work on a £10 max for each selection on this thread, either laying or backing, i.e 3.3 for eg for a lay will give me £4.30 profit and so on,,£10 win at 2.0,,£20 etc. So From December 30th, in just over 2 weeks this thread has seen a level stakes profit of + £186 and change for £10 not bad if your backing in low stakes, others will i;m sure disagree.:)

  4. Re: Horse Racing £5000 - £25000 in a year. 1.40 Plum Heavy Ground today. Ranjobaie (acts very well on heavy), should win this without much fuss today, the 2/1 that is available is outstanding. The dipper is a class race and to put him into such a race first time out over fences shows what they think of the horse. Have you seen me was also in that race and done his usual of tearing off out in front, and was beaten again through a lack of staying power over this distance,,although that day was 1 furlong longer, he showed last time he was here he has no change of gear. The UR was at the down hill fence when usighted, and until that point was on the bridle, within 4 lens of have you seen me. His back form over hurdles was just below the best, and today can show his class tell, the other two in the race are punching above their weight. Granted a clear round Ranjobaie will win today, plus the stable are in good form. I have backed him at 2/1.;)

  5. Re: Horse Racing £5000 - £25000 in a year. Not bitter at all, we know and acknowledge to all how bad we are... You lot live in the past..:sad:sad:sad:sad:sad:sad:sad:sad:sad:sad:sad:sad:sad:sad:sad:sad:sad:sad:sad:sad:sad:sad:sad:sad:sad:sad:sad:sad:sad:sad:sad:sad:sad By the way King Kenny, better go back to Olivanders for a replacement the one he has is a dud.:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin

  6. Re: Horse Racing £5000 - £25000 in a year. Back from the match, dissapointed we could not win but still nice to see the lpool fans downbeat...I fear they will be trouble abound tonight in the city centre, they dont take it well that kop lot..:spank When is Kenny going to win his first game?..:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin:rollin See the above selection was backed down to 11/4 from 7/1, I was on at 11/2, no e/w, but finished 3rd for all the e/w punters. Just watched the race again, never reall got going till after the last, may need a couple more furlongs, or slightly better ground. Hope you all won millions today.:dude

  7. Re: Horse Racing £5000 - £25000 in a year. Due to a prior engagement at about 2pm tomorrow, I am putting up my 1 and only selection for tomorrow, up now. At the moment he is around 7/1, which if you can get it, is a fantastic price. I wont get on until the money comes onto the market(bf). Sir Kesbaah 2.40 FFos Las, Back now to his optimum trip he put up a carrear best imo last time out, running the potentialy best hacapped 2 miler in the country(totesport trophy beckons) pretty close last time out. He is OUTSTANDING eway value, with the potential to make a mockery of this mark. I will be on win only, good luck.:)

  8. Re: Horse Racing £5000 - £25000 in a year. 2.45 Warwick. With Hendersons string in such good form, im pretty sure Mossley will go off fav. Court in motion is pretty good and for me is somewhat better than these, the price of 2/1 is excellent, his last run put him into the top 10 at this distance for a novice. Backed at 2/1. GL

  9. Re: Horse Racing £5000 - £25000 in a year. Kauto Star. First and firmost, he will have to improve vastly on his first run of the season, even if he was 80% fit, was a totally convincing performance, with horses finishing so close who are only Grade 2 at their very best. Since winning this race last year, he has gone off 8/11, and 4/7. At cheltenham he was seen as the same today 'unbeatable'. Other trainers and jockeys know how to get him beat, i.e crowd him up and he will make a crucial mistake at some point, other stables and jockeys will have a plan to get him beat. PN has had 4 winners out of 35 runners since the turn of the year, two heavily odds on chances beaten Although we have the all conquering AP on board he still is new hands to the horse, another negative imo not forgetting his advancing years. If the books thought he was going to win easy, they would have him at 4/9 or shorter, they want to get him, far better people than i are of the same opinion, he's an odds on worth taking on. I have laid him, can only see him drift, possibly 4/5 sp. laid at 1.64. GL;)

  10. Re: Horse Racing £5000 - £25000 in a year. oh dear, no need for the abuse.:spank Im not sure that you understand that the idea in gambling is to make money, not lose. Yes you go on tilt, but thats gambling, the fact im over five igures in front or £100 it does not matter, the fact is its profit. People do and dont have a clue how to read form, read the signs, read trends i could go on, some of the above would not know where to start... Incidently i will be laying Kauto Star, I could give you several reasons why i think he wont be winning, but i'm not sure some people would understand. And I was not asking anyone to lay a horse for me, I was pointing out it would not win and was willing to stand the loss for anyone. The horse ran exactly as i thought it would(see race) and finished fourth. Good Luck and Good Karma to you all.

  11. Re: Horse Racing £5000 - £25000 in a year. Last bet of the day. In fact a lay. Its thursday already 4.40pm. This has to be layed today, Stall 1, will try to overace early doors, and of 59, cannot see him in the first 3, race will also come to soon. It will all be happening to quickly from stall 1. LAyed at 3.5, backers stake of £2100. This will not win. In fact i will cover loses of £500 if anyone does lay it, and it wins. Easy £175(cos u will have to lay at 3.9 now) for someone, first to reply gets it.

  12. Re: Horse Racing £5000 - £25000 in a year. Around 14/1 for the Neptune with the exchanges, and 20/1 + accross the board for SN, When they put the price up, i can see an averge of 12/1. Incidently they will always quote bigger prices when they know it will not run in that race. "That was quite good," said Henderson. "He came to me in October and has always done everything nicely. "He's quite sharp, but still quite green. "There isn't a plan, but I'm sure we will try something a little more ambitious now." There is a race at Cheltenham at the end of the month, altho may come to soon, however, I expect him to tackle the Grade 2/3 nov hurdle race at Ascot over 2mile 1f on the 19th Feb, Henderson has a thing about giving an easy cruise around prior to cheltenham, before putting the gun to the horses head, definatley will stay 2 mile 5, with the pace to go the hectic gallop.;)

  13. Re: Horse Racing £5000 - £25000 in a year. OK, youre right NR no bet etc, But the theiving baskets know he aint going for the SN so they scalp all the money when he is declared NR, thats the RS bit,, However ask for a price on Neptune,,,,, ermm ermm ermm comes the reply, because they know they will be quoting a definate runner. Also not releated subject.. I have got a canary in a cage, and i have the key wtf does that mean Barney :unsure:unsure:unsure:unsure:unsure:unsure:unsure

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