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    Redno2009 reacted to Power90 in Division 6 - Week 3 Selections   
    hyde - mk dons 2.5 over 1,44
    80 pts
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    Redno2009 reacted to Neubs in Bundesliga I & II Predictions > Oct 20th - 23rd   
    Both Teams with 2:0 Wins....

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    Redno2009 reacted to silver fox in Division 5 - Week 9 Selections   
    £20 Win treble please
    France @ 1.20
    Netherlands @ 1.30
    Switzerland @ 1.30
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    Redno2009 reacted to Milanisimus in Division 5 - Week 9 Selections   
    Netherlands @ 1.30
    Switzerland @ 1.30
    MK Dons - Bradford BTTS @1.8
    Treble @3.04 stake 10 points
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    Redno2009 reacted to BillyHills in League Tables & Banter - Week 8   
    Yeah, i think a lot of people went it in a bit strong too early in the season. You always get shock results in the first 2/3 weeks of any season. Take it easy and get the bank building, thats the theory anyway.

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    Redno2009 reacted to Milanisimus in Division 5 - Week 7 Selections   
    Tottenham 2 @1.6
    Everton 1 @1.67
    Leicester over2.5 @1.75
    stake 20 @4.676
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    Redno2009 reacted to sajtion in UK Football Predictions > Aug 18th & 19th   
    i'd stick my money on burton to beat birmingham although i expect burton to struggle to stay in division but i think this match is winnable one for them. birmingham failed to even score against bolton at home on tuesday.
    i agree about middleborough they should do well in championship because of their defensive quality and i'm thinking of taking them against nottingham forest who concede too many goals and middlesbrough will probably have chances to score few goals.
    ipswich at home is also a good pick. they have started season in good form and bretford are defensively leaky same as last season.
    reading is also on my radar to beat not so hot preston. their games have been tight but i imagine that reading is going to play their high pressing game and beat them in ninety minutes.
    fulham have played better at home since last season but with three consecutive draws it's not very encouraging although they played norwich, reading, leeds which are tough opponents. i don't think this sheffield wednesday is at the racers yet. fulham can clinch the win against them
    i am not sure how good this wolverhampton is and why but three win in a row in pretty good start. cardiff likewise have won all three without conceding. i am considering a score draw
    i think qpr can beat hull and qpr looked better going forward against norwich in midweek despite losing. hu8ll have conceded in all three games thus far and so they will probably concede here as well
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    Redno2009 reacted to allyhibs in Premier League Predictions > Aug 19th - 21st   
    There must be some money to be made from the Swansea v Man Utd game....
    The bet I keep coming up with is Man Utd win and Lukaku anytime at 2.05. Straightforward surely?
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    Redno2009 reacted to Judeksi in Premier League Predictions > Aug 19th - 21st   
    Burnley was a very strong home team last season, especially in the beginning of the season. I'm expecting the same trend to continue today. I'm still not convinced about WBA's goalscoring abilities, so Burnley's home win looks good to me today. Best odds are around 2.60 at the moment.
    Also, Man. United with the -1,5 handicap looks tempting. Swansea has lost Sigurdsson and I think it's a huge blow for them. ManU on the other hand looked very dangerous against Hammers last weekend. Best odds are around 2.30 (dropping at the moment).
    Leicester to win Brighton looks promising to me. Brighton's ball possession percentage was only 22 against Man City last weekend, not a very great sign for them. On the other hand Leicester attacked all guns blazing against Arsenal and they nearly won the match. Especially Jamie Vardy looks like he could be able to score over 15 goals this season, and that's a brilliant sign for the home team. Best odds are around 1.85 atm.
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    Redno2009 reacted to vasilli07 in Premier League Predictions > Aug 19th - 21st   
    Crystal Palace is likely to be thrashed again. I seriously doubt FDB will change his tactics, afterall he is still making his team adapt to his tactics. Mane and Salah will have a field day against the Palace slow wingbacks.
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    Redno2009 reacted to sajtion in Serie A 2017/18 Ante-Post Chat   
    ac milan were sold to chinese business and they have invested in new players. they got rid half the squad from last season. they have signed massive defensive player in bonucci and he will make them better at the back. i really think lazio will challenge for the title. inzaghi has vast footballing experience and had a positive impact at lazio last season. if team improves even a little bit over last season they will be up there and at 50/1 to win italian league that's great price
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    Redno2009 reacted to neilovan in Premier League Predictions > Aug 19th - 21st   
    I am not sure what Hughes is trying to do at Stoke (maybe get himself fired), but their squad looks weak. They have had quite a clear out, and he is reasonably priced to be first Premier League manager fired this season (got some competition though). What turns me off here, is just how bad Stoke play at the beginning of a season. It seems to take them 3 home games to wake up.
    2014 lost first two to Villa and Leicester   
    2015  lost first two to Liverpool and WBA   | 2 points from their first 3 away games
    2016  lost first two to Man City (1-4) and Tottenham (0-4)  | 2 points from their first 4 away games
    Would'nt touch Stoke with a barge pole here. These guys are still on holiday !
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    Redno2009 reacted to Jack A in Champions League Predictions > Aug 15th   
    Good night last night with Liverpool BTTS coming in. 
    Tonight I fancy a Celtic/Napoli double on the Win & Over 2.5 market, which pays 7/2 with Boylesports. 
    Griffiths to score anytime at Evens with William Hill also looks good, but I will wait for the line up before backing it. 
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    Redno2009 reacted to Jack A in Champions League Predictions > Aug 15th   
    The only thing putting me off Liverpool is the fact that both teams would probably be happy with a draw, and it is always difficult to back a side when that is the case. 
    However I do think Liverpool will win. I just think they are too good for Hoffenheim, on paper at least. I think Hoffenheim will score, so my pick for the game is Liverpool / BTTS at 10/3. 
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    Redno2009 reacted to sajtion in Champions League Predictions > Aug 15th   
    well i watched nice tonight and they were absolutely crap against troyes. they were slow and clueless. napoli will rout them easily and i don't think they will score
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    Redno2009 reacted to corky in Div 2 - Week 1 Selections   
    nice 2.5 over 1.9
    rennes 2.5 0ver 1.8
    20 gbp double
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    Redno2009 reacted to Xtc12 in ELO Ratings .. reading correctly ?   
    The above shows the performance rating from the Arsenal/Everton game. 
    The 59 rating for Arsenal is not the prediction rating but the performance rating. Is there anyway we can see the prediction rating for the above game ? 
    I am wondering can we see the prediction rating and the performance rating on the same page once the game is over, just to do a bit of backtesting on the system or am I reading the ratings all wrong ?

    This is the Prediction Rating for the game tonight. We can see the ratings for the game which give Philadelphia a slight advantage. When the game is over the prediction rating is no longer available and we can only see the performance rating. Any chance of seeing both even after the game. This is basically what I am looking for.
    Hope this explains a bit better.
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    Redno2009 reacted to BillyHills in New Divisions Update   
    We will have 8 divisions this season and hopefully we will 20 players in each league.
    The first mini season is randomly picked and we all start on equal terms, divisions will be sorted on performance after 10 weeks.
    This is the latest situation and I will update these every couple of days until kick off on Aug 12th.
    *Start Date - August 12th 2017*
    First week selections can be posted in the relevant threads from Wednesday Aug 9th
    Check out the Rules thread which contains details of the competition format and prizes.

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    Redno2009 reacted to BillyHills in Register your interest now - £2000 in Cash Prizes to be won!   
    @Redno2009 You have already registered, your in Div 5!
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    Redno2009 reacted to Charon84 in Premier League Predictions > Aug 11th - 13th   
    I want to focus on Premier League (teams), AH bets, this season. For the first round I really think there are a lot of games to stay away from.
    Arsenal - Leicester: Arsenal -1.25AH @1.85 in the opening match of the season against Leicester doesn't look good to me. In my opinion it can go a lot of ways. There is no value on Leicester for the same reason. Maybe if Mahrez will be sold, I'm more declined to bet Arsenal, but even then I find -1.25AH too much. Arsenal isn't the most consistent team for betting purposes IMO.
    Watford - Liverpool: Liverpool -0.75AH @1.75...neh....first match of season, away, how do new players perform...too much questions for a good bet at those odds. I think odds are right.
    Chelsea - Burnley: Chelsea -1.75AH @1.77 . Expect Chelsea to fire up from the beginning, but is that worth 2+ goals win against Burnley in first match @1.77? Questionable. If odds rise towards @2.00 I will reconsider, but I guess that won't happen.
    Palace - Huddersfield: really don't have a clue about what to expect in this stage of the I don't do anything here. Though I fancy De Boer as coach so I'll closely watch them in forthcoming matches.
    Everton - Stoke: my second bet this season (first bet is Everton -2.00AH @1.72 against Ruzomberok in EL). Everton did really well in transfer market with improvements in every line, despite loss of Lukaku and Deulofeu. I think Everton can repeat the positive 2016/2017 season and maybe will be the suprise of the season. Stoke on the other hand lost in quality, while they aren't that strong at the first place. Together with the fact that Everton plays home and already played 2 'real' games at that point, I think -0.75AH @1.89 is really good value). Everton can win by a 1-2 goal margin.
    Southampton - Swansea: same as Palace comment.
    WBA - Bournemouth: same as Palace comment.
    Brighton - Man. City: City -1.25AH @1.84 looks good to me already, but maybe odds will rise a little bit. Brighton just promoted, which means they are to be expected fighting against relegation. City on the other hand will compete for champions. Guns will blaze directly because quality difference is huge. I think line will change to -1.50AH towards KO.
    Newcastle - Tottenham: how will Tottenham fare (as people already posted in this thread)? That's a question that will be answered in the first matches of the season. Opening against Newcastle away won't be easy for them so I'm looking at Newcastle right now. But still Newcastle +0.75AH @1.85 is weak. I want them higher before I even start to think about betting that line.
    Man. Utd. - West Ham: last 2 seasons Man Utd didn't do very well. The team struggled. They have improved, but how does that effect the play? I want to watch how it will deploy, so don't bet on them now. West Ham will be fighting relegation I think, but the line, +1.50AH @2.03 holds no value. Man Utd can easily draw, win by 1 goal margin or trash West Ham.
    So for now only Everton -0.75AH @1.89 and maybe City -1.25AH @1.84.