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how many possible combinations?


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Re: how many possible combinations? Start with the pocket pair: 2 cards from 4 gives you 6 possible PP for each 'rank' 5 ranks 10-10 to A-A gives 6*5 = 30 possible pocket pairs Theres 52*51/2 = 1326 possible hole hands so probability of premium pocket pair is 30/1326 = 0.0226(2.26%) Assuming you have a pocket pair there are now only 50 cards in the deck For 2 High cards: First Assuming you have AA for the AK, AQ, AJ, A10 you have a 2/50 chance of getting your A then a 16/49 chance of your other card (2/50)*(16/49)=0.013 for the KQ it's 4/50*4/49 = 0.065 Second assuming you have KK-1010 Chance of A = 4/50 chance of other card = 14/49 probability = 0.023 for KQ it's 4/50*4/49 = 0.065 or 2/50*4/49 = 0.003 or 4/50*2/49 = 0.003 SO: Chances of you holding 10-10 to AA = 0.0226 chances of your opponent holding the hands you mentioned in this case = (I think the sum of all the probabilities mentioned above, although I think I might be wrong on that) = 0.094 Chances of both = 0.0226*0.094 = 0.0022 = about 0.2%

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Re: how many possible combinations? Ta I am trying to figure out a way to beat the continuation bet and how often I need to bluff at the pot to achieve this so for instance I am on the BB with 93, its folded to the CO who raises 4 blinds, folded to me and I call flop is 10 6 2 - so do I bluff at it now or check raise the 'continuation bet' i expect the CO to make as you are more likely to get any 2 high cards than Premium PP I think I need to make this move 1 time in 3 yes/no? what do the rest of you think I realise I am making broad assumptions about what people raise with, but am trying to formulate a theory to discuss first Damo

Chances of both = 0.0226*0.094 = 0.0022 = about 0.2%
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