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  1. Re: 2011 Boxing Thread That's an outrageous price. I'll be surprised if Rasani sees the end of the 1st.
  2. Re: 2011 Boxing Thread I take it it's too late to put my stake in?:lol Never mind. The Holt win and articles that had popped up here and there proclaiming him to be a live dog had clouded peoples judgement regarding Mabuza. He's not in Judah's league. This result has buggered things right up at LWW. I think the Khan/Bradley unification now won't happen and Khan will fight Judah. Bradley will probably move up to 147 again seeing as there's nothing left for him at 140.
  3. Re: 2011 Boxing Thread One bet for me tonight: Judah to stop Mabuza. I haven't seen anything of Mabuza, but I've seen plenty of Zab and going by Mabuza's record he's going to be completely outclassed. At 33 this is really Judah's last chance at breaking right back into the mix at 140 and spoiling the Bradley/Khan party. I think he's going to win and aim to look good whilst doing it. Judah to beat mabuza by KO/TKO etc. @3.75 (bet365) I'm really tempted to have a tickle at Alvarez to beat Hatton in the first half, but I can't make my mind up
  4. Re: 2011 Boxing Thread I think you've been a bit harsh on Bradley there Foo. The win against Bradley was a superb performance, back when Witter was still somebody. Witter was coming off a brutal KO of Vivian Harris and was heavily favoured going into the fight. His most recent fights were near perfect shutouts against Abregu and Peterson, who was also highly regarded as a prospect going into the fight. He trains like a machine, has a spot on attitude and is an incredibly smart fighter, I've stuck my neck on the line before and said that I think he's the Floyd Mayweather of the next de
  5. Re: 2011 Boxing Thread Not happy. Not happy at all. Shit fight, bizarre ending and money lost.:puke
  6. Re: 2011 Boxing Thread I agree with this, I'm just getting on Karl to win though. Going back to basics for a week or two boxing betting wise so I'm not going to try to be too clever with my picks. Thierry Karl to win, 10 pts, 1.66, Boylesports
  7. Re: 2010 Boxing Thread I hope it's in Nottingham, Carl deserves it and it's logical. Rumours are though that the contracts say both semis are to be held in the US. If it is in the UK it's likely to be another 2am start, and I don't fancy another one of them after the Dirrel fight.
  8. Re: 2010 Boxing Thread Pac was phenomenal last night, I'm beginning to change my mind that Mayweather could beat him. I just don't see how you counteract his movement, power and accuracy. Juice or not he's an absolute force of nature. A less than once in a generation fighter. Karass was unlucky. He clearly lost the first two and last two. He clearly won the ones in between. So I had it 6-4. A draw would have been fair, but 7-3 to Jones as one judge scored it is one of those scores that makes you realise how fcuked up boxing can be occasionally.
  9. Re: 2010 Boxing Thread PS... Haye ain't beating either Klitschko in a month of sundays.
  10. Re: 2010 Boxing Thread Bang on the button.:dude Got hit, shat himself, got KO'ed. Didn't throw a single punch.
  11. Re: 2010 Boxing Thread If you're talking about me saying he's going to shit himself and cover up, don't get me wrong - he's taking his shot and that takes some balls. But lets face it, he doesn't have the heart of a fighter. If he did he'd be a different proposition entirely. Anyways, Groves V Anderson at 8. Good luck with the bets everyone and here's to a good night of action:ok
  12. Re: 2010 Boxing Thread Been pondering the Haye/Harrison fight for a good while now and I've changed my opinion. Harrison hasn't even got a punchers chance.In the same way that Enzo Mac didn't have a punchers chance, despite having a rep for being heavy handed. Sky have done a good job of hyping Harrison to the point where most have forgotten just how bad he actually is. So how will this fight go? Well I expect Audley to be up for it for about 10 seconds, before the enormity of his predicament dawns on him. Then I fully expect him to do what he has always done: shit himself and cover
  13. Re: 2010 Boxing Thread Haven't seen the fight, just downloading it now. An almost complete shutout from what I hear? I say this in all seriousness: Bradley has got the all round game to do well in a fight with Pac. Probably wouldn't win, but he'd give him more of a run for his money than ODLH, Hatton, Cotto or Clottey have. I was sad to read a piece by Bob Arum claiming that a fight with pac would never be made because of promotional issues (basically saying he didn't want to give Bradley a payday). I don't know why Top rank and golden boy don't just start their own championships and hav
  14. Re: 2010 Boxing Thread Couple of bets for me tonight. Froch V Kessler First off Froch V Kessler. Can't describe how looking forward to this I am. After seeing froch last time out against Dirrell was convinced that Kessler was going to take him to the cleaners, but a lot's happened since then. First off Ward handed Kessler's arse to him on a platter, the Dirrel did the same to Abraham. Those results swing tonight into Carl's favour for me. The thing with Froch is it's all about the range. As long as you can keep him on the outside he struggles to land as he tends to telegraph his big ri
  15. Re: 2010 Boxing Thread KO or TKO.:ok
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