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SA v India T20 Series


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2nd ODI at Centurian between SA and India

Weather in JHB is overcast and possibly looking like rain later this afternoon or early evening.Game in in Centurian which is about 40km's away.

Realistically, you can expect another pile of crap from the Proteas. Any time you see a team with Berhardien and Duminy in it, you should bet against them. Both are useless, and too old (34 and 33). As a SA cricket fan, I know they will deliver almost nothing. The two catches Berhardien dropped in the 1st T20 were pathetic.  If someone dropped those in a club game they would embarrassed.

Berhardien has this crazy cross handed way of holding the bat, which forces everything to be cross batted and land up around cow-corner (mid-wicket). It's impossible to drive the ball properly, and his technique non existent. 

Quote from JP Duminy

"You are going to go through periods in your career, where you go through slumps..."

Hilarious, because his slump has been going for at least 4 years. In Australia he would have been put out to pasture long long ago. Idiotic to drop Aiden Markram and make JP Duminy captain. Who makes these decisions?

The PROTEAS record in recent T20 and ODI series

India ODI  (recent) won 1 lost 5

ICC Champions L India, L Pakistan beat Sri Lanka

England T20 lost 2 of 3

England ODI lost 2 of 3

SO in the short format of the game they have lost 12 of 15 (against decent opposition - excluding Zimbabwe and Bangeldesh).


The problem is that India are only about 1.56 to win which is probably not worth it. The in game bet may be better, because SA have no finishers.

If SA bat 1st and get off to a decent start they will slump in the middle/end  overs. 

If they are chasing and are in with 1/2 a chance, only Morris has the ability to get them over the line. In a close game, SA batting second, Morris out, back India.

If I could get 7 to 10 on India for the win  I would take it, and I think the India highest 1st 6 overs is also worth taking. 

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