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Darts Bets


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Tuesday Matches in Grand Slam
8x A-D Group Matches

Will state winner of match and score prediction, prices in brackets mean a bet so can be 1 bet or 2 bets per match

Noppert to win (1.72) Score 5-2 (6.00)
Gurney to win 5-4 (5.50)
MVG to win 5-0 (3.00)
Cross to win 5-3 (4.75) 
Green to win (1.44) Score 5-1 (6.50)
Taylor to win 5-2 (4.50)
Price to win 5-3 (4.75)
RVB to win 5-1 (5.50)

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Got to say was very happy and tearful to see Barry Van Peer qualify for the KO stages, having known a number of people with Dartitis I know how difficult that was especillay in his game against Gary Anderson, and I must say how brilliant Gary was during and after the match towards Barry and showed why he is a credit to the sport unlike some other players.

Will be cheering him on in the next round but can not really see him getting through but would love it.

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Noppert to win (1.72) Score 5-2 (6.00) won both bets +5.72
Gurney to win 5-4 (5.50) Lost -1.00
MVG to win 5-0 (3.00) Lost -1.00
Cross to win 5-3 (4.75) Lost -1.00
Green to win (1.44) Score 5-1 (6.50) Lost -2.00
Taylor to win 5-2 (4.50) Lost -1.00
Price to win 5-3 (4.75) Lost -1.00
RVB to win 5-1 (5.50) Won +4.50

3 winning bets and a Profit +3.22

I had 5 wins out of the 8 matches on players but some of the prices were to short


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21 hours ago, Bubbles180 said:

Wednesday November 15 (7pm)
Second Round x4
Mensur Suljovic to win Score 10-3 (5.00)
Glen Durrant to win (1.66) Score 10-6 (9.00)
Gary Anderson  to win Score 10-4 (7.50)
Stephen Bunting to win (3.50) Score 10-8 (13.00)

Mensur Suljovic 10-2 Berry van Peer Lost -1.00
Glen Durrant 10-8 Dave Chisnall Won +0.66 Lost -1.00
Gary Anderson 10-6 Michael Smith Lost -1.00
Peter Wright 10-4 Stephen Bunting Lost -2.00

P&L -4.34

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