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LOW ODDS test system

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UPDATE for 18.10.2016 - DAY 6

Match 29 - LOST = -10pts

Match 30 - WIN = 1,5pts

Match 31 - WIN = 1,66pts

Match 32 - LOST = -25pts

Match 33 - WIN = 3,5pts

Match 34 - WIN = 4,4pts

--------------------------------------->>>> Closing points: 444,81pts

We was 7min away to win match 32, and we Will be back in profit, but so happens. So lets go on with scheme and stick to the plan. I believe that in the end we Will be succesful.

Lets go :)

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We have no luck :) exacly 11 corners :) here we go again :)

Match 38 - CS Constantine v RC Relizane - tip 1X (1st half) - odds 1,16 - stake 70pts - Soccer Algeria

We must follow concept till the end, i know that in some point we will get back on track. Today this is it, tommorow we continue :)

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I Will give u here now my statistic. First i try this just on paper with no money. Just to make sure that maybe this system is working. Then i put real money in game and now i play this 5 weeks ( 1 month). Every match that i play i put in excell spreadsheet that i have Infos what i was betting. Now my statistic is that:

1. week - play 29 games won 21 - success 72,41% - ROI (return of investment) = 0% (so we was even with starting bank)

2. week - play 47 games won 39 - success 82,98% - ROI (return of investment) = 7,15%

3. week - play 38 games won 33 - success 86,84% - ROI (return of investment) = 6,85%

4. week - play 50 games won 42 - success 84% - ROI (return of investment) = 6,25%

5. week - play 66 games won 57 - success 86,36% - ROI (return of investment) = 19,68%

Now if we sum this up. I play 230 games - win 192 games - Succes 83,47%. But ROI from first day (starting bank) till today is up by 49,79%. Now if you sum up ROI week after week, it wont go together with 49,79%. This is becouse every week that we made some profit, we rise starting betting unit. So i hope for the best with this system, that maybe i can proof that small odds can be profitable in long run. So now u see that i play a lot more games that i gave to you. this is becouse when i am home i just bet over mobile, and have some times for me. In this forum i put matches only when is time here in Slovenia at 6am till 3pm aprox. If anyone wanna know more about this system just send me a message. Now lets watch Match 40 :)

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Update of points after 40 played matches:

after 10 matches - Closing points was 454,82pts

after 20 matches - Closing points was 463,20pts

after 30 matches - Closing points was 460,25pts

after 40 matches - Closing points was 467,66pts

Starting point was 450pts so now we made 3,92% ROI. We play 40 games - win 33 so succes is 82,5%.

Lets watch Match 41 now :)

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UPDATE for 22.10.2016

Match 44 - LOST = -10pts

Match 45 - WIN = 1,65pts

Match 46 - LOST = -20pts

Match 47 - WIN = 4,9pts

--------------------------------------->>>> Closing points: 448,41pts

This week was so so. So lets make some profit in this week and ge back on green line :)


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On ‎22‎. ‎10‎. ‎2016‎, hebas said:

a bit risky system but what if you make parlay games with these?

Hello. Sorry for my late answer. I thought of parlay betting, but i think in single games if valubet has aprox.85% of winning, then you put two games together is this procent a lot smaller. System is a risky, but on small odds you must put some risk on i think. Every bet has risk (except surebets) :). How many times i see that someone has three pairs in system, two was with odds 1,5 and third just to rise odds was 1,1. Then happen that this two with odds 1,5 was win and 1,1 was lost. I Will be patiently bet on singles. I think in long run this would be ok. This is my opinion. But i know that everybody has different opinions and systems and this i respect. Just follow and we Will see in long run :)

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