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** April Poker League Result : 1st Rav, 2nd kevsul, 3rd McG **
** April Naps Competition Result: 1st Craig bluenose, 2nd BBBC, 3rd LEE-GRAYS. KO Cup Winner dj.orange. Most Winners Johnrobertson **

LOW ODDS test system

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Here we go again, a mixture of luck but in the end all end up well :) So we are back in green line :) Start all over again with bets of first level :)

Match 58 - SC Freiburg v Sandhausen - tip 1X (1st half) - odds 1,14 - stake 10pts - Soccer Germany

Match 59 - Cesena v Virtus Entella - tip 1X (1st half) - odds 1,16 - stake 10pts - Soccer Italy


From 57 matches we play we create 23,01pts of profit. If anyone wanna know something of this system just send me a message. Matches are picked like strong favourites, but secret is in betting scheme :)


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UPDATE for 25.10.2016

Match 52 - LOST = -35pts

Match 53 - WIN = 11,2pts

Match 54 - WIN = 14,4pts

Match 55 - WIN = 18pts

Match 56 - WIN = 16,1pts

Match 57 - WIN = 16pts

Match 58 - WIN = 1,4pts

Match 59 - WIN = 1,6pts

--------------------------------------->>>> Closing points: 476,01pts

This is it. Betting scheme worked well, so lets continue :)

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Update of points after 60 played matches:

after 10 matches - Closing points was 454,82pts

after 20 matches - Closing points was 463,20pts

after 30 matches - Closing points was 460,25pts

after 40 matches - Closing points was 467,66pts

after 50 matches - Closing points was 467,31pts

after 60 matches - Closing points was 477,01pts

Starting point was 450pts so now we made 6,00% ROI. We play 60 games - win 49 so succes is 81,67%.

Lets watch Match 61 now :) and then 62 :)

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Just one info. As you know i dont post every match that i play. But i play a lot of more matches. In the same time as i here finished 60 matches, at my account i finish 117 matches. here i create 27,01pts profit but in my account i made 83,55pts. So in the long run i think that this betting system Will be profitable. But here is most important betting scheme which i created. It similar as martingale, but in this betting scheme i put two system together and reduce risk. So everyone who wanna know more about it, just send me message or follow me :) Now Match 62 is in play :) lets GO!!!

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UPDATE for 26.10.2016

Match 60 - WIN = 1pts

Match 61 - WIN = 1pts

Match 62 - WIN = 1,1pts

Match 63 - WIN = 1,15pts

Match 64 - WIN = 1,8pts

Match 65 - WIN = 1,2pts

Match 66 - WIN = 1,5pts

Match 67 - WIN = 1,4pts

--------------------------------------->>>> Closing points: 486,16pts

Great day for us :) Betting scheme is working well, lets go on today :) Are you with me :) ??

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UPDATE for 28.10.2016

Match 73 - WIN = 2pts

Match 74 - WIN = 4,5pts

Match 75 - WIN = 1,4pts

Match 76 - WIN = 1,8pts

--------------------------------------->>>> Closing points: 494,56pts

Here now we create 44,56pts of profit from 76 matches. But in my account i play 140 matches and create 109,23pts of profit. Return of investment here is 9,9%. Yield we have +2,18%. I think this is great start. If anyone wanna know more about betting scheme just send me a message.


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