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Finland » Veikkausliiga » 2-4 Aug

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[TR] [TH] [/TH] [TH=class: firstColumn]Saturday 2 August 2014[/TH] [TH]Home[/TH] [TH]Draw[/TH] [TH]Away[/TH] [TH=class: bppWidth]BPP[/TH] [/TR] [TR=class: row0] [TD=align: center]maximize.gif[/TD] [TD=class: firstColumn]MyPa v HJK Helsinki (14:00 BST)[/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd, align: center]4.2[/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd, align: center]3.65[/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd, align: center]1.94[/TD] [TD=class: bppWidth bpp, align: center]102.75 %[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [/TR] [TR] [TH] [/TH] [TH=class: firstColumn]Sunday 3 August 2014[/TH] [TH]Home[/TH] [TH]Draw[/TH] [TH]Away[/TH] [TH=class: bppWidth]BPP[/TH] [/TR] [TR=class: row0] [TD=align: center]maximize.gif[/TD] [TD=class: firstColumn]FC Honka v IFK Mariehamn (16:30 BST)[/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd, align: center]3.2[/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd, align: center]3.6[/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd, align: center]2.34[/TD] [TD=class: bppWidth bpp, align: center]101.76 %[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [/TR] [TR=class: row1] [TD=align: center]maximize.gif[/TD] [TD=class: firstColumn]RoPS v KuPS (16:30 BST)[/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd, align: center]2.38[/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd, align: center]3.4[/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd, align: center]3.3[/TD] [TD=class: bppWidth bpp, align: center]101.73 %[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [/TR] [TR=class: row0] [TD=align: center]maximize.gif[/TD] [TD=class: firstColumn]SJK v FC Inter Turku (16:30 BST)[/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd, align: center]2.06[/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd, align: center]3.4[/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd, align: center]3.9[/TD] [TD=class: bppWidth bpp, align: center]103.60 %[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [/TR] [TR=class: row1] [TD=align: center]maximize.gif[/TD] [TD=class: firstColumn]VPS v FC Lahti (16:30 BST)[/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd, align: center]3.1[/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd, align: center]3.3[/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd, align: center]2.52[/TD] [TD=class: bppWidth bpp, align: center]102.24 %[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [/TR] [TR] [TH] [/TH] [TH=class: firstColumn]Monday 4 August 2014[/TH] [TH]Home[/TH] [TH]Draw[/TH] [TH]Away[/TH] [TH=class: bppWidth]BPP[/TH] [/TR] [TR=class: row0] [TD=align: center]maximize.gif[/TD] [TD=class: firstColumn]TPS v FF Jaro (16:30 BST)[/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd, align: center]3.95[/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd, align: center]3.4[/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd, align: center]2.02[/TD] [TD=class: bppWidth bpp, align: center]104.23 %[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
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Re: Finland » Veikkausliiga » 2-4 Aug A bet in the Finnish top league this time and it looks like a value bet to me. SJK hosting FC Inter Turku. Hosts are on a superb run winning 8 of their last 11 games while they've drawn two and only one loss away at league leaders HJK. They are known for their solid defense only conceding 5 goals in those games while they scored 14. Sitting comfortable on a third spot and they are heading for European soccer next year what should give them a huge boost in front of their own fans. At home their record is even more impressing 6-2-1 overall with a goal difference of 12-2. 1-0 is one of their favorite score lines so far but given the fact Inter Turku is weak away from home even a handicap win wouldn't surprise me. :-) Earlier in the season this fixture ended 2-1 for FC Inter Turku but at home this game is a totally different story. SJK has no notable missings for this game and I strongly favor them to get a win here at fine odds. FC Inter Turku are having a tough season, only 4 wins in their last 12 games one draw and 7 losses. Conceding 21 goals in those games while they scored 17. They are currently sitting on rank 9 and that's way too low for them. That's mainly cause of their poor away form, they concede so many goals away from home that it's hard to collect any points. They've lost their last 5 away with a goal difference of 14-4 even against some of the weakest teams of this league. Overall away record is 1-3-7 with a goal difference of 10-21! More bad news for them cause their topscorer Sirbiladze is out for this game scoring 6 goals so far and one of their best defenders A.Nyman is suspended. All in all things doesn't look good for them ahead of this fixture giving the fact SJK is so solid at the back. Inter did score 3 goals last game against the league leaders but that was at home where they are 3 times stronger than away and HJK played with a mixture squad cause of their upcoming european game. Odds of 2.10 for a home win looks good to me and I will take them with much confidence. 5/10 SJK to win. Goodluck to the ones who follow!

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