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  1. Re: UEFA Champions League Draw - Discussion Thread Quarter finals Uefa CL : PSG vs Barcelona. Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid. Fc Porto vs Bayern Munchen. Juventus vs AS Monaco. Place your bets please. :-) my first thoughts are : Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Bayern Munchen and Juventus.
  2. Re: FC Barcelona v Manchester City > Wednesday March 18th One of the Most fluke results in many years in europe. The game went exactly as I thought. Barca was all over them and should atleast have scores 3 or 4 times. City should have scored too because of that penalty kick one of their rare chances.. Hart probably played his best game ever to avoid a real humiliation from Messi and Co, lol.
  3. Re: Borussia Dortmund v Juventus > Wednesday March 18th Bad result for me. Funny how a team fails when you make a bet on them. Juventus was awful last few years away from home and now suddenly without pirlo they show up great. Dortmund didn't created any decent chances. Have to be an off-day cause why would they dominate at home normally? This season sucks for them anyways! Congrats to all juventus backers
  4. Re: FC Barcelona v Manchester City > Wednesday March 18th He's just adding some really important facts alexc, that's all. Why on earth should city suddenly achieve some kind of result tonight away in Barcelona? Based on what preciously? Barca is turning things up lately and their attack is as lethal as the women in kill bill. I have no doubts city will concede goals tonight. City always fails in Europa and they were lucky to even progress this year. Their current form is highly questionable, something is just not right in their dressing room and their coach's head is under enormous pressure. They concede goals in every single game and often more than once. Barca starting to click like back in the old days, well rested and hungry for some silverware. Even a draw would be a huge upset imo. I think we will see a great game, goals from both sides cause you just can't fully trust the backline of Barca yet. 3-1 likely result for me here! If you wanna gamble on a result for city go for goals and a 2-2 scoreline cause Messi and co will surely score twice tonight.
  5. Re: Borussia Dortmund v Juventus > Wednesday March 18th Dortmund at home in Europa is a guarantee for atleast one goal. They are really energetic on these nights and Juventus will surely have troubles with the speed of the germans. They have to win so they will go all out. It's a major difference home or away for this team even when they sucked in the league, totally out of form but still managed to win almost every game in the CL. This has to tell you something about their potential to be honest. Juventus haa somy injuries to deal with especially pirlo is a big blow. No matter how old he is, he is the soul of their team. They aren't playing convincingly lately but ofcourse they are still an italian top team who knows how to get a result but no way they will keep a cleansheet here. This tie smells like going to overtime like atletico yesterday. 2-1 is a very likely result for me and may the best win. But from a betting angle I really like the germans at home to get a victory. I always liked teams who need a result in the second leg especially at home. 1-0 is enough so it might be tight in the first half but let's just hope for a fluke early goal to open up things! We saw in the away leg that Dortmund played pretty well and created enough chances to score a goal so I'll just stick with that. Besides all these facts, Juventus away record is terrible in the cl last few years. Only win was against Malmo in 7 attempts while loosing 5 of them. Dortmund to win medium stakes! Goodluck gents.
  6. Re: Ligue 1 Orange > February 28th - March 1st Wow, insane game. Odds were 81 to win for caen after 2-0 down. And they still somehow managed to win the game!! Good call anyways meatman.
  7. Re: Ligue 2 > February 20th - 23rd Once again, outstanding preview of the game. Cashed a lot on the both to score option and over 2.5 goals! Even the correct score came in, too bad I didn't take it! Anyways, keep up the great work as always mate. Cheers
  8. Re: African Cup of Nations 2015 Thread Great day. Both games went as expected!
  9. Re: African Cup of Nations 2015 Thread Gyan is out due illness. This is their line-up! Ghana starting line up:Razak Brimah, Harrison Afful; Abdul Rahman; Awal Mohammed, Jonathan Mensah, Daniel Amartey; Rabiu Mohammed, Agyemag Badu; Christian Atsu, Andre Ayew; Jordan Ayew. Should be good for goals! Now let's hope Senegal scores too.
  10. Re: African Cup of Nations 2015 Thread I agree here, both games look like they got some goals in it. Ghana plays an attacking style of football with Gyan upfront and the brothers Ayew on the flanks. Pretty deadly tbh! All their games went over or both to score last summer and besides that, they missed a lot of chances too for more goals. Senegal on the other hand looks very promising this year. Great squad in terms of quality and experience. Maybe they even got a better squad overall than Ghana imo especially at the back. Both teams know a win could be crucial here but on the other hand a loss too. But I just can't see how these teams would cancel each other out for 90 minutes. Ghana will always go for the win especially in their first game. Senegal failed the last couple of years but this year I give them a chance to progress and atleast avoid a defeat today. Anyways, main bet in this game is definitely both teams to score around evens and the over also looks tempting. Let's hope for an early goal of Senegal than this game will go crazy :-). I like algeria to win, they really surprised me at the WC in a positive way and I rate them as one of the favorites this year. South africa is always a tough nut to crack but lack quality overall imo. Should be a tight win for algeria and I might cover the 1-1 correct score. Goodluck
  11. Re: Copa Del Rey > January 6th - 8th Real failed to deliver.. Really screwed up about this one. Ronaldo was on the bench but even without him they played a strong first half and also scored a goal, disallowed unfortunately. Atletico did well in the second half and like predicted they also found the net. All in all a close game but the thing that bothers me the most is that real failed to score a legimite goal. Even covered the draw which was worth a lot cause I played valencia and villareal in combos. Real cost me a lot and lost their third game in a row. Didn't see that one coming from such a powerhouse with a great coach. Wrong pick hurts..
  12. Re: Copa Del Rey > January 6th - 8th Totally true, Miranda is out same for Ansaldi. Torres will start, should be a walk in the park for Real defense. This guy rarely played on a decent level last few years, his history at this club is nothing more than a story to me. Obiak will be in goal too so changes will be made for sure in their squad. Real will host almeria at the weekend so they will surely focus on this game. But besides all these facts, Real lost their last two games which is rare.. No way on earth they will loose three times in a row. I really fancy them to win tonight although this has been a tough fixture in the last few seasons. Goals are likely for me cause both teams concede on a regular basis lately. 1-3 is my call for this one! Ronaldo anytime and both teams to score! The league is more important and the game on saturday which I will attend :-) :-) in camp nou will be another cracker for atletico. Since this is a two leg affair I can see Real snatch the points here comfortable. Goodluck! I'm also on valencia and Villareal home wins but no time for previews. Both have a very strong squad available tonight and home advantage in the first leg is key. Rock solid home forms both!
  13. Re: Southampton v Everton > Saturday December 20th Shocking result and display by Everton lmao... Away from home they just looked aphatic.. Bookies made a LOT today in the UK lol.
  14. Re: Southampton v Everton > Saturday December 20th I can see where you coming from neil but I really disagree here. Yes, if we purely look at stats you would say a draw is more likely than an away win but there are many important factors today that demolish that Insight. Southampton is on a terrible run lately, confidence is low, their coach is complaining about a thin squad, players are tired cause they are walking on their toes for many weeks now playing better than everyone expected but that takes a lot of energy. I really think their bad run continues here. They are heavily weakened today especially in midfield which is a key element in your team. There will be a lot more pressure on their defense than normally and if often has a negative affect on the other players in your team when u miss 4-5 key players. I just don't see Southampton scoring easily here so that only leaves Everton to nick one in. This game is atleast a 50-50 under currect circumstances so anything around 3.00 odds is a pure gift no matter the outcome of the game imo. Goodluck anyways!
  15. Re: West Ham v Leicester City > Saturday December 20th I smell goals here. Leicester always plays for the wkn cause they have nothing to loose. That's probably one of the main reasons why they are ranked so low in the table. They just go for it, great tl watch but for a Leicester fan these are hard days. Especially when you need to visit one of the best home teams in the league. West ham is on a great run and at home theh always score goals. Injured players slowly returning so they will even have bigger threat upfront now. West ham over 1.5 goals is a banker for me. Leicester conceded 2 or more goals in 4 of their last 5 games while West Ham scored more in 3 of their last 5 home games. I think it will be an open game and the over 1.5 goals in the first half is tempting to be honest. The home win is quite safe for me while West Ham to win and over 2.5 goals is also pretty likely. Leicester is an offensive side and they almost always score a goal. H2H also favors the home side btw so I staked some on West Ham to lead at half-time and medium stakes on the home win. Small stakes on West Ham to win and over 2.5 goals scored. Likely result 2-1, 3-1!
  16. Re: Southampton v Everton > Saturday December 20th This is by far one of the best bets this weekend even if it fails. Got Everton this afternoon around 3.25 what looks to me as pure value. I was shocked to see the opening odds around 3.75. Hate myself for missing the early train but the price still is great. Fatigue is a huge problem for the home side. They started this season in a terrific way and even held the 3th spot in the table but like every year the "smaller" clubs can't keep it up. With a few injury casualties they fall apart unfortunately. Same thing with Southampton and it even gets worse now. Their entire midfield is out for this clash which is a massive blow. Key striker Pelle is a big doubt while Jay is definitely out. Pelle's form dropped and without the creativity behind him of Tadic and Schneiderlin I expect him to sink like a ship. Defensively they are still a decent side but I just don't think they can handle Everton's pressure for the whole 90 minutes. Everton know this is the time to face Southampton and they certainly have the abbility and players to do so. If you just look at stats this one is a game to skip pre-game cause Everton are far from convincing away from home but with a full week rest and a good game against QPR in their bag they will bring home 3 points tomorrow afternoon. I expect the odds to drop even more so I'm happy with the price I got and I fully expect Everton to be the dominant side. Southampton No goal is priced around 3.50 which is interesting giving the fact they only scored one goal in their last 5. I took that one too for some stakes cause like I wrote earlier Pelle needs balls in the box, he's not a player who can create something for himself. I think the home side will be happy with a point here and that's the way they are gonna approach this game. Everton smells blood and will seek for a first half goal for sure. I must admit Southampton deserved more in a few games lately but they still end up loosing it. Confidence can't be great anymore and Ronald Koeman is already complaining about a thin squad etc. The DNB line is safer but I consider this as a rare chance so I'm taking the risky bet. Medium stakes on the away win and a few stakes on everton to keep a cleansheet. Goodluck boys!
  17. Re: Ligue 2 > December 18th - 20th I'm here guys, just really busy. Will be back more often in january. Ligue 1 and 2! Glad I've skipped this week cause a few shockers lol. Cu soon boys
  18. Re: Capital One Cup > December 16th & 17th True, but what he means is, if rodgers risks his best players and they are not fit on sunday or someone gets injured the damage could be enormous also fatigue could play a role here if they need more than 90 minutes tonight. And that could easily happen here. Home side on a great 12 game unbeaten run and they know Liverpool is there for the taking. Not saying Liverpool can't win but they surely need a great squad and game to win here. That's why you get almost evens for Liverpool against a medium championship side. Bit generious ofcourse and it keeps me off backing them.
  19. Re: Netherlands > Eredivisie > 2014/15 A top clash tonight in the Eredivisie! PSV hosting Feyenoord. The league leaders are big favorites at home tonight to shake feyenoord off for good this season. With a win the gap on the rankings will be 12 points. That's huge.. But with a win for the travellers things can become pretty exciting after the winter break. So quite a crucial games although both coaches stated that there will be another 18 games left to play but believe me, this game is crucial. Feyenoord won this tie last season 0-2. They are doing great lately only the draw against AZ was a bit dissapointing but they showed their great fighting spirit to avoid a shocking defeat at home. They only conceded 11 goals so far this year which is quite remarkable giving the fact their defense consists of many young talents. I think this game will be underish again. Both teams will surely want to win but the most important thing is avoiding defeat especially for Feyenoord. Their coach Rutten is not a fool, the game against az was the perfect timing to see that his team is vulnerable against fast counter attacking play. Psv is even better in the final third than az so he will surely tell his men to keep things tight and don't go blindly for a win. Only a quick goal could ruin the under 2.5 goals pretty quickly. I'm sure psv will look for the early goal just like they did against twente last weekend. If so feyenoord has to go all out and goals will come then without a doubt. But Feyenoord showed they have a decent back line and their midfield works really hard. A tight unit with a strong striker and fast wingers upfront. Toornstra is out which is a blow but they have decent replacements on the bench. El ahmadi will likely take toornstra's role on the right and Vilhena will come in in midfield. He played almost every game last year so they should be ok. Overall I'll give psv the edge but these kind of games stand alone and small details often decide the final result. Psv will use the same 11 like last weekend. Their fullback Arias and Willems are good players especially going forward but can be caught quite well on the break so will be interesting to see how both teams start. Their midfield is pretty balanced right now and their attack always deadly especially on the break. Depay is a bit out of form good for the unders. ;-) Thing to point out is that PSV plays a lot of underish games against strog opponents same as feyenoord. Both coaches are also defensive minded. At home feyenoord is a powerhouse but away they approach games differently. Psv at home will attack but with cautions. I feel this game could well be a draw at half-time and that is one of my bets tonight for some stakes. Also some stakes on under 2.5 goals! Gun on my head I would say a tight win for psv something like 1-0 but I can't exclude an upset here. Both teams in great form and I must say the odds on Feyenoord are tempting too but I'll keep it to these bets pre-game. Goodluck boys!
  20. Re: Netherlands > Eredivisie > 2014/15 Went pretty straight forward today. Groningen missed 2 one on one situations with the goalkeeper within 11 minutes.. Should've atleast scored a goal or two in the first half. Vitesse scored one of their few chances over 1.5 goals in the first half was a great bet but failed very unlucky. Same for the over bet. Ajax delivered very well as expected same for PSV they dominated the game and Twente really struggled in front of goal. Feyenoord conceded twice in the first half, something rarely happens. They were playing too high up in the pitch and AZ played on the counter as expected ans punished them twice. In the second half Feyenoord dominated and scored a goal pretty quickly. The next 35 minutes were great, huge chances for both sides but it took a while before the goal game. 93th minute clasie saved a point for them and the over 1.5 goals bet. :p Deserved imo but AZ could have won it too. Cu in midweek!
  21. Re: Netherlands > Eredivisie > 2014/15 Quick thought about today's games! Yes, groningen - vitesse is by far the best game to bet on goals. Both are attacking minded especially at home Groningen will be fired up by their fanatic crowd. Vitesse simply can't defend so they always go out and look for goals. Their coach always plays a dominant attack style no matter who they play. Over 1.5 goals in the first half might be a good bet too. Over 3.5 goals is likely aswell. Both to score a banker imo! I think the other game between Ajax and Utrecht is also likely to go over. Ajax is a diesel like every year. They play their best games in mid/late season and I'm sure they will find the net a few times today. Key striker Booymans is out for Utrecht but since the defense of ajax concedes on a regular basis they still might nick one in. Likely score 3-1, 4-1. Psv wil probably dominate the game against Twente. Full squad and they rested regulars last week. Twente's only capable striker is still out so they will struggle for goals. They are a counter-attacking team and defense is priority number one. Psv is in potential the best team but they often fail at the end. I do fancy them to win today by small margin 1-0 or 2-0. Under 2.5 goals around 2.70 is really high and playable also psv to win is quite safe for me since Castaignos is out. Fey is on fire lately and are red hot! At home they are a real powerhouse and likely winners today. But AZ are no push-overs and also in good form. Defensively they look solid and will surely play on the counter and trying to hold feyenoord off as long as possible. They have some skilled and fast players so they are surely capable of scoring. But defensively feyenoord is a rock lately and I expect a small win here also 1-0,2-0 maybe 2-1. Under 2.5 goals is 2.60 quite high. A bit risky maybe feyenoord over 1.5 goals is more safe. Feyenoord won the last 4 games with 2-0 at home. So it's surely playable but for the cover correct score 2-1 or feyenoord over 1.5 goals is good since az always score goals away from home except against psv. 2-0 is my guess here! Both full squad except for AZ who will miss regular fullback Johansson. Goodluck
  22. Re: UEFA Europa League > Thursday December 11th Feyenoord delivered well indeed. Totally deserved victory for them! Everton failed but obviously when I saw those line-ups. Krasnodar suddenly played with a very strong squad while the Everton line-up was even weaker than I thought. Young boys won 2-0 good profit there, pretty equal game though. Sevilla failed to cover the handicap, unreal it was one way traffic all game and they even got a goal dissalowed. So unlucky there.. Gladbach also won convincingly as expected 3-0! Overal a decent night. Cheers guys cu next round
  23. Re: UEFA Europa League > Thursday December 11th I normally do but when I'm out on the road I write things through my iphone and there is no enter button to divide texts. Really annoying I know ;-)
  24. Re: UEFA Europa League > Thursday December 11th I also took Everton to win this morning around 1.85! Martinez stated that he will use a couple of young 'diamonds' for this game along with experienced subs like Pienaar, Barry Kone Alcarez etc. They only play for pride and money ofcourse but I like English teams at home. Atmosphere is often great at european nights and Everton did very well so far. Krasnodar is out of this competition and they travelled with a very young squad. They obviously gave up and I think they will have a tough night in Liverpool. Not much to say here, expect a solid victory for the home side. I also took Gladbach to win around 1.50. They are through with a draw but a late goal could ruin their campaign. So they will surely look for the opening goal. Things are not going great lately so a european win could give them the right confidence ahead. M.Kruse is one of the few who probably will be rested but Stranzl is back from injury. Zurich face a tough test away in Gladbach cause they will miss a couple of important regulars for this game. Gavranovic key striker last season, Midfielder Rikan also one of their best players last season and key defender Djimsiti is out. Gladbach had some ups and downs lately but they are the superior side here and should get the job done. Likely over game for me too. Let's say 3-1. Sevilla -1.5 is a real no brainer for me even if they only need a draw to qualify. Reijka is a lot weaker away from home and they got hammered this weekend by Zagreb in the league 4-0. They face one of the best teams in this competition especially at home. On a night like this the home side can really destroy a team like Reijka who also loves to play attacking football, they need a win to qualify after all. Odds around 1.90 were good enough for me. Sevilla can still top this group if Feyenoord fails to win so there should be enough motivation anyways. 3-1 is my call here. Young boys is another possible value bet took it early around 2.55 and they really surprised me in a positive way this season. Full squad available tonight and their crowd will go crazy. They've beaten Napoli here with 2-0 so a lack of confidence shouldn't be the Problem here. They are on a great run winning 6 on the bounce and also in Europe they are a strong side. Winning all of their last 6 home games with 17 goals scored. Praag are no push-overs and are doing well this season but I think home advantage will be key here. Sparta also has a few missings ; Regular midfielder Vacha and regular goalie Bicik while their best player and topscorer Lafata is doubtful. Coach said it will be a 50-50 chance be will start. Back problems are causing him serious pain. Home win for me 2-1! The odds are dropping for all these bets but I was at work so couldnt write it down yet. Hope it's helpful anyways! Goodluck boys