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Finland » Veikkausliiga » 19-20 July

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[TR] [TH] [/TH] [TH=class: firstColumn]Saturday 19 July 2014[/TH] [TH]Home[/TH] [TH]Draw[/TH] [TH]Away[/TH] [TH=class: bppWidth]BPP[/TH] [/TR] [TR=class: row0] [TD=align: center]maximize.gif[/TD] [TD=class: firstColumn]HJK Helsinki v SJK (14:00 BST)[/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd, align: center]1.55[/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd, align: center]4.1[/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd, align: center]7[/TD] [TD=class: bppWidth bpp, align: center]103.19 %[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [/TR] [TR] [TH] [/TH] [TH=class: firstColumn]Sunday 20 July 2014[/TH] [TH]Home[/TH] [TH]Draw[/TH] [TH]Away[/TH] [TH=class: bppWidth]BPP[/TH] [/TR] [TR=class: row0] [TD=align: center]maximize.gif[/TD] [TD=class: firstColumn]FC Honka v FF Jaro (16:30 BST)[/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd, align: center]3[/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd, align: center]3.4[/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd, align: center]2.5[/TD] [TD=class: bppWidth bpp, align: center]102.75 %[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [/TR] [TR=class: row1] [TD=align: center]maximize.gif[/TD] [TD=class: firstColumn]FC Lahti v MyPa (16:30 BST)[/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd, align: center]1.7[/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd, align: center]3.7[/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd, align: center]5.75[/TD] [TD=class: bppWidth bpp, align: center]103.24 %[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [/TR] [TR=class: row0] [TD=align: center]maximize.gif[/TD] [TD=class: firstColumn]IFK Mariehamn v RoPS (16:30 BST)[/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd, align: center]1.4[/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd, align: center]5[/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd, align: center]9[/TD] [TD=class: bppWidth bpp, align: center]102.54 %[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [/TR] [TR=class: row1] [TD=align: center]maximize.gif[/TD] [TD=class: firstColumn]KuPS v FC Inter Turku (16:30 BST)[/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd, align: center]2.05[/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd, align: center]3.45[/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd, align: center]3.7[/TD] [TD=class: bppWidth bpp, align: center]104.79 %[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [/TR] [TR=class: row0] [TD=align: center]maximize.gif[/TD] [TD=class: firstColumn]TPS v VPS (16:30 BST)[/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd, align: center]3.75[/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd, align: center]3.5[/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd, align: center]2.1[/TD] [TD=class: bppWidth bpp, align: center]102.86 %[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
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Re: Finland » Veikkausliiga » 19-20 July HJK-SJK Little info about this one: Two teams with superior performance take on today. HJK 6 last games 3-3-0, 13-3 and SJK 4-2-0, 8-2. Both are very organized sides, and their defence works so well now. HJK comes to this match from Macedonia where they played Champions league qualification against Rabotnicki and ended to good result 0-0. They will play the second leg in wednesday and i bet that is far more important than the league for HJK now, their lead in league is 9 points to SJK. They only made one change in Rabotnicki match, and I think they'll use about the same squad today. So I believe it's going to show on this match today. SJK has been so solid, and very tough to beat these days. They have no missing players and able to choos from full fit squad. Now they have their best and maybe last change to chase HJK for the champion. My bet is X2 at 2,14 @Unibet. Also 0-0 is worth a shot.

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Re: Finland » Veikkausliiga » 19-20 July Has anyone else heard about RoPS fielding a youth squad for today's match against Mariehamn? Apparently they are because a lot of players are missing due to the Europa league. Mind games, or legit?

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Re: Finland » Veikkausliiga » 19-20 July I unfortuneatly I do not speak finnish but what i could understand from an translation they same to say that they rest a lot of players from this weeks game. But when I looked into Mariehamns page (swedish) they said that they belived it to be a PR stunt, so its hard to say but i do belive kore in RoPS than Mariehamn. In Mariehamns local media it says that RoPS wills send their reserve team so it is more likely true than not since both media and RoPS says so.

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