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  1. Re: Coolers - lets discuss strategy

    I'm not sure anyone has suggested open folding have they? :unsure I think you may be "just" 75% against some hands wont you? And against 2 opponents you can go down to not far over 50-60% (a coin flip) :unsure Against 3 opponents, you can probably be an underdog :unsure
    Slap mentioned limping and rerasing with Aces early levels as he is unsure how best to play them :) As I said villian, not villians - I would agree with what you previously posted; if I am up against one caller on a non threatening board I am probably not letting Aces go on the flop - against 2 or more then I would seriously consider it. getting max value for your aces? - I agree that is the tricky part - if the board is really uncoordinated and I am first to act I will check to trap, if there looks like something might have hit the villian (K,Q or J) I will probably bet 2/3 pot, if the board looks even more scary (2 flush or 2 straight draw) I am pot betting and then having to make my decision if villian shoves/raises. If I have position with Aces, even better! though I am more likely to bet 1/2 - 2/3 pot as an 'obvious' continuation bet. These are not hard and fast rules, but often played by ear as some flops seem to be more scarey than others (even though the percentages are close to each other!) Damo
  2. Re: Coolers - lets discuss strategy

    On AA early doors' date=' why not play it as you would in a tourney? 3xBB raise and if you get a caller, great. You are unlikely to get too many callers and then be outdrawn.[/quote'] I would always raise with AA early levels - I can't see why anyone wouldn't and am suprised there have been comments about this:unsure? It is the best starting hand in the game and you are going to be at least an 80% Fav if called (assuming villian hasn't got AA as well), so why not pick up a few hundred chips now, rather than relying on blind knicking later when you win the same amount but for (potentially) more risk? Just wondering Damo
  3. Re: Coolers - lets discuss strategy

    Pretty good going there dodger :ok What would you all have done in this situation? I didn't need to go all-in at when I did and folding QQ would take a bit of getting used to but in theory I should probably have let them go?
    easy call for me - you are next to act after the first shove have QQ and only 5BB left Damo
  4. Re: Cooler Hand History - Talk Me Through!

    I think I agree that trying to play poker has far too much potential to get me into deep trouble (and that's nothing to do with what type of game or the blinds level, just generally!) but I did ere... what should I go for on this turn?
    reboot your computer and start again? :eyes (;)) Just check and fold the river when he bets. This seems to be a very poorly played hand JJ, though it makes good reading on not what to do so thanks for posting as hopefully it generates discussion on a better strategy for playing this type of hand in this situation :ok Damo
  5. Re: Cooler Hand History - Talk Me Through!

    Thanks guys... I actually called; looking back I think it was too loose. What to do now, though? *** FLOP *** [3c 3h 3d] fee6 is connected Elden1982: checks
    shove and hope that when he calls with AJ/55 he doesn't suck out Damo
  6. Re: Cooler Hand History - Talk Me Through!

    Should I try to steal the big blind' date=' limp, or throw the hand away?[/quote'] I would raise here - you have folded hand after hand and if the BB has paid any amount of interest he will see that - make it 300-350 to go. Damo
  7. Re: Cooler Hand History - Talk Me Through!

    Hi all, am determined to get to grips with these bloody games - *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to JadedJ [Kc Ah] dutch-n00b: raises 60 to 90
    FOLD - yes I know this sounds silly but you are OOP with one more person to act PF and withouting hitting the nuts you have no idea how strong your hand is on the flop. Damo
  8. Re: Coolers - lets discuss strategy

    Were those calculations correct? And it is an easy shove' date=' isn't it?[/quote'] I am unsure as to position as the HH has the seating in the wrong order? Did everyone else fold before it got to you? if so easy call - if more than one person called the other shortie shove before you then I might fold? If you are next to act then call and :hope no more than one more person also calls. Damo
  9. Re: Coolers - lets discuss strategy

    Another contrived situation.... First hand in a €3 cooler. I'm UTG with AKs. What do I do?
    From my experience there are alot of family pots at this level of buy-in at levels 1&2, so limping might not be a bad idea as long as you are prepared to lay your single pair down on the flop if you encounter strong resistance. If I had 6 tables running I would probably fold, if this was the first/2nd of a new set I would limp and watch the table to see what happens. WHat is more interesting is what you do if you have 88-JJ UTG 1st hand - these are a lot harder to play pre and post flop IMO if you get lots of calls/rearised or don't flop a set and have folks calling bets on the flop. Damo
  10. Re: Nuts on River - how much to bet?

    Cheers guys - I bet 240 or so and he folded. Sounds like I might have made it a bit too steep. :(
    I would suspect that he missed his draw entirely - not sure any bet would make him call/CRAI bluff. Damo
  11. Re: Nuts on River - how much to bet?

    PokerStars Game #21562973610: Tournament Any way to get some chips here?
    Bet a similar amount to your turn bet - c.300 or so - he might just be curious enough to call if he has A9 or even bluff with a CRAI. Damo
  12. Re: Coolers - lets discuss strategy

    However, does this mean that I should also fold AA in the same position? Mathematically I will lose with AA more than 15% of the time against 2 random cards.
    LOL well in theory yes it might be right to fold But it would take exceptional circumstances for me to fold AA......... They would be (as an 'off the top of my head' example): its the bubble, I have 3500 chips and raise to 600 (100/200blinds) and the 'shover over the top' has 10000 chips - everyone else at the table has <2BB left and they are all going to be in the BB/SB before I do - in which I case I fold, because one of them is more likely to bust first and I cash. That help? :lol Damo ps if you asking specifically about the situation above (replacing JJ with AA) then no, folding is not the correct choice, its an insta-call for me. All of you have similar stacks, there are no real shorties and you are unlikely to find a better position to double up in the next orbit. If you call and win my gut feeling is that you are probably close to 80% chance to cash, about the same chance of your Aces holding up - so its probably a good bet. (I'll let JJ or Slap correct me on the maths;)).
  13. Re: Coolers - lets discuss strategy

    Why is it OK to shove with 85o but wrong to call with JJ? Maybe I need to read a poker book about positive and negative ev?
    Its not wrong to call with JJ, but some situations are a lot better than others to call with. This was one of those situations when folding is (IMHO) a better play given what all the players have in front of them compared to the blinds that are in play. You are risking too much when you don't have too. Make it the next level 100/200 and its an insta-call, just not here. However well done for cashing:ok and a nice post, its certainly generated some good discussion :) Cheers Damo
  14. Re: Coolers - lets discuss strategy

    Following on from my earlier question about JJ v an All in shove in the early stages of a tournament, this hand occured tonight for me: Despite it being only level 2 we've already lost 4 players and so it's bubble time. Fold & Survive or call and hope?
    Its an easy fold for me - you still have a playable stack so why risk bubbling when you can put your money in the middle in (hopefully) a better position. Just my thoughts Damo
  15. Re: Coolers - lets discuss strategy

    Just to give some idea: If you started with 10 buy-ins, had a 60% ITM rate, and never dropped down, you'd have a little more than a 10% chance of going broke.
    In that case I am stepping up from the 3.30's to the 5.50 euro's - have been playing the 'usual' 20-30 buy-ins at least for STT's and whilst multitabling makes it less boring, it is a very slow climb to increase the BR. I'll give the 5.50's a decent run and then make a decision to step up to the 11's after I see what my ITM is. Cheers :ok Damo
  16. Re: Coolers - lets discuss strategy

    Definitely :ok I thought this was quite an interesting situation - as it is, I view it as a pretty straightforward fold - all 3 players to act after me could quite reasonably call.......however.......had we been playing anticlockwise instead I think it was a quite straightforward shove - none of the 3 players to act could reasonably call. So same cards, same situation, different stacks give totally different scenarios.
    I agree, either of the two shorties might gamble to double up with ATC (especially the BB) - though I think you have enough that the biggie will only call with a 'more than' reasonable hand. Just my thoughts Damo
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