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  1. Re: a couple of micro hands. Hand 1: I would be raising the turn, 2 pair is good HU, but need to shut out the draws - so make it another $ on top of his bet hand 2: pretty much the same - got to be getting your money in on the flop or at least raising substantially with your over pair against a drawing flop Cheers Damian

  2. Re: Starting Again thanks all will see you all on NYE for the PL special if I don't catch up with on the tables sooner off to get my Grosvenor account sorted Cheers Damian

  3. Re: Starting Again Cheers Bart for your advice - I will have a look at the PL links and sign up for Grosvenor (so I get to play in the NYE special!) Am looking forward to getting back 'into the saddle' and playing some poker And many thanks for the warm welcome Cheers Damian

  4. Hello All Have been away for too long, but am back and looking forward to playing a bit of poker and chatting to the great people at PL. I would really appreciate some help in starting out again, so picking a good site to play at, understanding the best deals, and how poker is played now! I have £50 to deposit and play with and am interested in playing low stakes SNG's and micro cash tables, so I am obviously looking for sites that offer a welcome bonus with achievable targets as well as the usual value freerolls with which to play for free and maybe win a few quid. All help and advice is welcome and feel free to suggest anything to get me going again. Kind regards Damian

  5. Re: Raising on the Button (and firing back) I think this is one of the best questions anyone can ask, simply because I don't think anyone can give you any kind of definitive answer except, 'it depends on the situation'. for instance: Is the SB & BB tight, then you can raise any two cards Is the button weak/loose on your BB, then you can resteal with any two cards What happens when that is not the case is pure judgement and skill, something that comes with experience. Excellent question :ok Damo

  6. Re: Another Hand from a focus

    . Ideally you would want Davey to have an equal stack to Hen so that you were getting more than 2/1 on your money.
    If Davey and Hen have the same stack (or thereabouts), I am folding QQ in this position. Otherwise you have to beat two players to win the money. Text results appended to pokerstove.txt 5,935,364,820 games 8.719 secs 680,739,169 games/sec Board: Dead: equity win tie pots won pots tied HORNET 42.921% 41.92% 01.00% 2487907158 59623587.67 { QcQd } DAVEY 23.043% 21.84% 01.20% 1296405064 71309364.67 { 77+, A9s+, KQs, ATo+, KQo } HEN: 34.035% 32.40% 01.63% 1923346308 96773337.67 { TT+, AQs+, AQo+ } Quick result from pokerstove assuming a fairly tight shoving (top 10%) and calling range (top 5%) if they have similar stacks In the actual situation if he beats Hen he is 'freerolling' to beat Davey and gain some more chips and QQ is better against one player than two. equity win tie pots won pots tied HORNET: 55.038% 53.78% 01.26% 45123372 1054936.00 { QcQd } HEN: 44.962% 43.70% 01.26% 36669652 1054936.00 { TT+, AQs+, AQo+ } Just my thoughts Damo
  7. Re: Coolers / End Game / ICM / Stuff

    My KJ was suited. Not sure how much difference that makes to the figures though. After reading here I'm tending towards a fold as the correct choice. Afterwards I researched him and discovered he's a dreadful player, -20% over 1000 games. If I'd known that at the time does it help the decision either way ?
    No, not really (in both cases) suited cards are about 2% better (give or take) regardless of his stats, its still an easy fold for me Damo
  8. Re: Another Hand from a focus

    daveygh went all-in - 1890.00 heniek31 raised to 3580.00 Can I call? Should I? I think I should fold, but Hen can play relatively loose, and I am probably ahead of Davey's range. Any thoughts?
    I am calling here, you only need to win the side pot to get your money back (or as near as), with a chance to win an extra 1890 if you knock Davey out as well. Damo
  9. Re: Coolers / End Game / ICM / Stuff

    Would llike to ICM it, but am really struggle to put him on a hand range
    Re ICM: start with top 50%, then top 30%, then top 20% and see what results you get. I would discount ATC as I don't think he is that desperate (just yet). Damo
  10. Re: Cooler KK in the BB - re-shove from a tight player

    and more importantly what formula are you using to ascertain your equity in a tournament? clearly the result describes your chance of finishing inside the bubble based on the ratios between your stack, opp stacks and the blinds and the pot odds of a decision will play a roll but i was wondering what other variables there may be and how you do the calculation?
    How to do ICM Calculations Damo
  11. Re: Cooler KK in the BB - re-shove from a tight player

    Thus it's all Damo's fault for getting a poor read on the player:lol I can't wait to find out what cards he actually had - I bet we're miles away, it will be 86o
    I stick to my read, based on what I saw at the table :lol:lol:lol Anyhoo, you all know what happened next :puke Damo
  12. Re: Cooler KK in the BB - re-shove from a tight player

    what range of cards do you feel it is reasonable to assume that the villain could have made this limp/reraise move with?
    Exactly right, without out we are pissing in the wind IMHO, yes I have KK, but I am desperae enough to call? Thats my real question, can I fold and still cash? or do i need to call here? Am really pleased with all the input, has made this a very interesting thread :clap Damo
  13. Re: Cooler KK in the BB - re-shove from a tight player

    Me too :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol But it's when the post game analysis differs from our in game view that we need to really think about it and understand the difference - that's when we can learn the most :nana :cow :nana :cow
    spot on - by posting and discussing hands like this should all make us better players :ok Damo
  14. Re: Cooler KK in the BB - re-shove from a tight player

    I You really don't want a bigger stack making a move on you, or mores to the point making a move, you calling and them getting lucky. Chip gathering is less important as we know, you don't need action here.
    Cheers Billy So now that he has 'made a move' I am calling or folding? Damo
  15. Re: David Benyamine

    In the last series of High Stakes Poker, Guy la Liberte’s statement to Benyamine, “ I know that is a lot of money for you,” just reveals the illusion, (that has been deliberately built up, around these individuals), even more.
    This explains it more for me - about 24 secs into the video, just listen to what Doyle says. Doyle's Words of Widom Damo
  16. Re: Coolers - lets discuss strategy

    Just to make some points regarding the understand of coolers and how other understand them. Most don't really understand them, they either play too loose (like a normal sng) or too tight. In order to maximize profit you MUST know how your opponents treat these games. Now it's folded around to me in the SB and I make up the SB with KK, I wouldn't have done thing against a lesser opponent. But Ooohmatron is different - he knows the "correct" way to play these. Therefore I knew he would push with ANY TWO CARDS in the BB. He is correct to, he is smallish (4th) stack and I'm in 3rd pos. The plan worked a treat and it's a clear example of knowing your opponent, or more importantly knowing how he thinks.
    Seems like a standard play - look weak and hope for the shove and get them to put their chips in the middle for you nice one:ok Damo
  17. Re: Cooler, xx on Button

    Then it depends on my cards :lol The BB isn't that small. Almost certain fold. Push with JJ or above
    Okay, heres a few hands you might raise with A2 to A-10 KQ - K 10 22-77 Now what?:ok Damo
  18. Re: Had a bad beat ? Come and have a moan here

    Can someone show me the dictionary definition? Admittedly those flips aren't too bad a beat but surely by definition a bad beat is when you lose when you're ahead? Where is the rule that says you have to be a certain % behind? Not moaning- just may be an interesting discussion! Is a bad beat when you're dominating another hand say AK vs AQ and the AQ wins?
    I think most folks consider a bad beat to be particularly rough (like more than 70/30 Preflop/flop), the 'BAD' suggests something more than just getting beaten. So AK vs AQ is a beat if you lose, AA vs 96 is a bead beat if you lose on a A37 rainbow flop and only get your chips in on the flop. Just my thoughts Damo
  19. Re: Cooler, xx on Button

    I've posted again revising my answer to a push with any two cards to take that decision away
    I saw it having read the rest of the thread after my post. I always post my answer first, without reading the rest of the posts so it doesn't cloud my judgment etc. BTW, what would you do if you did raise as 1st posted and the BB shoved? Call for pot odds or fold? Damo
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