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  1. Re: Coolers - lets discuss strategy

    NLHE STTs are pretty much a "solved" game. Coolers are just a slight variation of the standard STTs - someone who has live access to ICM information in coolers should crush these :unsure
    if you can understand all that stuff. GaF any chance you can do a step-by-step guide to understanding what those fancy tables mean - a real idiots guide please?. I know that it is a ball-ache, but it would be very helpful Cheers Damo
  2. Re: Coolers - lets discuss strategy

    This is an invented situation, but similar to something that came up yesterday. Six players left. You're UTG with 630 chips. The button is also short-stacked with 900 chips. The other four players are all somewhere in the 3000-4000 range. Blinds are 150/300, but will be going up to 200/400 next hand (when it's your BB). You're dealt AQs. What do you do?
    I have been giving this some serious thought to winning this "type of hand and chip stack" against as few people as possible (apart from the min raise or shove). I am wondering if limping is a better play for the following reasons. It's the unexpected move, especially if the players are perceptive/know the strategy, What does limping suggest to folks? (answer quick before carrying on reading :loon) That you have a premium hand and want more than one caller (the BB) to get as many chips as possible perhaps?. So what would you do as a mid-biggish stack call or fold? What would you do if you are the SB with a mid stack, make up the BB? Scenario one: everyone else folds and the BB checks - you then bet/call the flop regardless of the cards. Flops miss 2/3rds of the time so against only the BB you have a good chance of taking it down unopposed. Scenario Two: the SB makes up and the BB checks, you again bet if checked to you, or play against one of them (taking your chances). If the SB bets and the BB calls, then fold your hand and let them play against each other. Scenario 3: You are raised by a bigger stack PF and everyone else folds - you call and take your chances Scenario 4: more than one other bigger stack limps after you creating a family pot of 4 or more, three things might happen:- a) You hit the flop hard, bet out and get called (hopefully). b) You miss the flop but hopefully at least 2 of the others have some thing, bet and get too embroiled in the flop/turn/river to lay their hands down and either cripple themselves/get knocked out c) everyone checks it down, well you still have some chips left to pay for your BB so :hope Is this another viable strategy? Against one player you are AI PF if they raise you after limping, or AI on the flop against 1 or 2 players if they check it to you regardless of the cards. Essentially you are committing yourself to the cards and being AI at some point but possibly not pre-flop. Just wondering Damo
  3. Re: Coolers - lets discuss strategy

    This is an invented situation, but similar to something that came up yesterday. Six players left. You're UTG with 630 chips. The button is also short-stacked with 900 chips. The other four players are all somewhere in the 3000-4000 range. Blinds are 150/300, but will be going up to 200/400 next hand (when it's your BB). You're dealt AQs. What do you do?
    BAH thats an awful question :lol you shove and get at least one caller (the BB), but probably more as another large stack might just call as well, or you fold and hope to survive your BB when one of the big stacks is probably likely to put you AI. If I had this hand right now in the game I would shove instantly, but I believe this is the wrong play and you should fold instead. Very nice question :ok Damo
  4. Re: 20081114 - Cooler Analysis - Hand 35

    20081411 - Cooler Analysis - Summary Obvious place to start is with the hand that knocked me out ..... though I suspect my big errors were before this.....
    I would fold this, the blinds have gone through you and are now threatening a smaller stack and two other similar sized stacks to yours. I would rather wait and call to someone elses shove with a much better hand, or just call ATC on my next BB if its shoved to me. Shipping it now against a stack with 3K+ who only needs another 700 to call is not a good play, unless the BB has shown themselves to be a tight player and folding their BB to small stack shoves. Just my thoughts Damo
  5. Re: Coolers - lets discuss strategy The minimum raise from 100/200 onwards. Have noticed that lots of folks are employing this at the 5.5 and 11's when blinds are 100/200 + - they often have about 2K in chips with the blinds having similar amounts. Does anyone here play this tactic? if so what range of cards would you raise this with? Would be interested to hear what folks think of the min raise at those blind levels and card ranges employed (assume the raiser is generally proficient at this level). Cheers Damo

  6. Re: Coolers - lets discuss strategy So whats my play here? I am comfortably beating them, raising 2 hands out of three and winning the blinds as they are all tight as a gnats knacker and folding waiting for someone else to make the 'mistake' and call. So do I give it up and keep doing what I am doing or call and hope to bust the bubble? Damo ***** Hand 1319534811 ***** 200.00/400.00 Texas Hold'em (No Limit ) - 13 November 2008 21:42:01 Cooler (Real /Tournament ) Seat 1: fulllhouse (2020.00) Seat 2: Unknown (0.00) Seat 3: Unknown (0.00) Seat 4: tabone (1190.00) Seat 5: Unknown (0.00) Seat 6: hoopy67 (1900.00) Seat 8: robilaruk (5770.00) Seat 7: Unknown (0.00) Seat 9: gamatos_5 (1130.00) Seat 10: anjena (2990.00) hoopy67 post SB 200.00 robilaruk post BB 400.00 ** Deal ** fulllhouse [N/A, N/A] tabone [N/A, N/A] hoopy67 [N/A, N/A] robilaruk [Jc, 8h] gamatos_5 [N/A, N/A] anjena [N/A, N/A] *** Bet Round 1 *** gamatos_5 All-in 1130.00 anjena Fold fulllhouse Fold tabone Fold hoopy67 Fold

  7. Re: Worst play you've seen in a cooler

    I played a hand? :tongue2
    you certainly did - you limped on the button Level 2 and then promptly folded on the turn to a smallish bet on a rag board! (and there I was thinking you have limped a small PP after a few other limpers and hit trips! :lol) Damo
  8. Re: Paradise Poker & Windows Vista - Log-in issues

    Hi Damo, I have Vista on my PC and run Paradise no problem. The "asking for permission to run " is part of Vista's built in security system, so I don,t think that is your problem. Might be worth contacting support in case they know of any Vista specific problems.
    Thank you :ok Damo
  9. Hello We have a new laptop with windows vista. I have d/l Paradise to it (fine) however when I log-in, Paradise keeps running the update.exe program and then it closes taking me back to the log in screen. Anyone else have this problem? is this a Vista issue as it keeps asking for permission to run the update.exe? (i keep allowing it, but after 7 or 8 times I am wondering:unsure) Just want to play some poker:( Any help most appreciated:ok cheers Damo

  10. Re: Coolers - lets discuss strategy

    I would like to riase this to about 1k. that covers all the small stacks if they call but leaves you enough if the big stack goes over the top and you decide to fold. It would still leave you with more than enough to survuve and make the money.
    I'm not sure you do have enough to make the money if you fold to the big stack shove - it only leaves you 1600 - similar amounts to the other shorties - and if they are AI on their BB and double up - you have to do the same. I would be tempted to m/r here and hope to get the BB HU - however I am guessing that regbull is likely to shove if he is that aggressive, so it is probably better to fold Damo
  11. Re: Very Interesting Situation

    I see what you're saying Rob as the blinds still allow for plenty of play but with KK I'm at least reraising so I prefer to get it allin preflop.
    I would agree that if you are going to re-re-raise then shoving here is the best option - if you make it 2K to go (another 3 times the re-raise) it's 2/3 of your stack so you might as well ship it all in. It would be very silly to reriase to 2K and then fold! :lol:eyes:lol I would just be wary of a tight player reraising me and committing my whole stack PF in this situation. Cheers Damo
  12. Re: Very Interesting Situation

    It's not really relevant what the blind levels are' date=' is it? What's more relevant is how much is in the pot.[/quote'] Blind Levels: of course it is, you call and don't improve on the flop and can get away from the hand and still have 40+BB left - that lots of play to get back you 'lost' chips and increase your stack further. Just my thoughts Damo
  13. Re: Very Interesting Situation

    Well there's 900 in the pot Rob and you have a stack of 2760 after the original bet of 200. By shoving you can take take it down and increase your stack by over 30%. I see it no different to if you had a stack of say 1500 with blinds at 50/100 tight player rasies to 300 and you shove for 1500.
    If you just call the reraise for another 425 it leaves you 2325 to play with at 25/50, thats 40+ BB if you fold later in the hand. 40+BB is a nice stack to play with and increase your stack by 30% with potentially less risk than shoving now. I would not favour shoving my whole stack in PF at this stage with a chance to increase my stack by 30% (assuming villian folds). Given the chip stack and blinds I would prefer to call and re-assess on the flop - YMMV of course. Damo
  14. Re: Very Interesting Situation

    I would have rereaised allin in preflop as there's 900 in the pot that's plenty enough to take down. Did you flat call as you were afraid he had aces?
    interesting - can I ask why you would be shoving all your 3K in chips in at 25/50 blind stage PF? Seems a large risk to take when you can play the hand on the flop and see what comes. Cheers Damo
  15. Re: Coolers - lets discuss strategy

    Well, Ichno certainly helped me cash in that game :ok Does that mean i've played against you a few times? I don't know your username on boss.
    Robilaruk - don't think we played each other last night? Damo
  16. Re: Coolers - lets discuss strategy

    Interesting hand from tonight... Is this how to play 22?! This is a 10 Euro Cooler. ichno [2c, 2s] Full house Win: 2750.00
    This is interesting have played ichno a few times tonight and I would say he played 'generally correctly' in the all those games. Tight early and shoving when he needed to. Noticed a few other names on there as well (mixdtc, ladadol and ina scot) who seem regular on the 5.5 and 11 euro games Hmmm, need to have a rethink about ichno perhaps? Damo
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