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  1. 1.30 Good Land 2.10 The Real Wacker 2.50 Fil D'Or 3.30 Editeur Du Gite 4.10 Franco De Port 4.50 Epson Du Houx 5.30 Fun Fun Fun
  2. 1.30 IL Etait Temps 2.10 Dysart Dynamo 2.50 Monbeg Genius 3.30 Constitution Hill 4.10 Love Envoi 4.50 Perseus Way 5.30 Mahler Mission
  3. Which is what I said. The 9/1 was shown as 9 not 10 (I checked this particular price before I posted, though must admit I didn't check every one) Hence when it won it was shown as 9pts won. This is what happened, but the error was not showing the decimal price as 10. He did indeed tip it at 9/1 and it won 9pts. It therefore is the table that is incorrect as I said, not HT's fault. As you can see I'm perfectly able to 'Do the maths'. The lack of availability of prices as the Caan Berry vid is a different kettle of fish, which I completely agree with and was not my point at all.
  4. When do you collate results into a P/L?
  5. Not sure what point the OP or VT are making. In the table the odds are advised as a decimal version of the original fractional odds. Not decimal odds as we know. For example 9/1 is shown as 9 with 9 returned, not 10 with 9 returned. The fault is with ATR for a crap table, not HT. I follow several tipsters and the prices always bomb. Wait til the off and most rebound.
  6. Use a vpn, Then they won't know where you are.
  7. Anyone have an opinion on why Plymouth are around 2.25 to win at MK Dons? I watched Bristol Rovers v MK on Tuesday and MK were abject. I see Argyle will be missing Dan Scarr tomorrow but this can't be the only reason?
  8. Ffos Las 13.55 Acotango 1pt win @ 9/1 Betvictor
  9. Carlisle 16.55 Chinese Whisper 1pt win @ 7/1 Bet365
  10. Wolverhampton 16.30 Contactless 1pt win @ 10/1 WH
  11. Ripon 18.15 Desert Silk 1pt win @ 19/1 Bet365
  12. Haydock 15.50 Queen Of Deauville 1pt win @ 7/1 WH
  13. Beverley 20.55 Desert Dream 1pt win @ 7/1 Coral
  14. Kempton 18.00 Nikki's Girl 1pt win @ 6/1 Coral
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