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  1. 3rd Qualifying Round Predictions > Aug 14th

    Is someone watching BR's dullers?
  2. which is my favourite team? And btw which is your-CSKA Sofia or CSKA-Sofia ?.... cska-sofia were pathetic in all of their 3 games so far so you might be right about them not being mediocre.
  3. Odds on CSKA-Sofia-Admira are crazy, I must say... CSKA lack consistency and are mediocre at best.They will miss Bodurov (CB, captain) and Malinov(CM) who are one of the most important players in the squad. Karanga, CSKA's top scorer was sold during the summer transfer window.I can say much about Admira but CSKA are nothing special and odds on them to win should really be above evs.I will be all over Admira not to lose @ 1.80 with bet365.
  4. Surbiton Challenger Mens Singles

    Haven't watched him.I saw Roberto Cid beating both Dellien and Ofner and i must say he was pretty solid. Hanfmann is better than both of them and should prevail eventually but no doubt Cid will give it a go.I will be on over 21.5 games @ 1.83 with bet365 as i definetely think this will be a classic
  5. Surbiton Challenger Mens Singles

    Going against Evans again tomorrow?
  6. World Cup 2018 Competition - Prediction Thread

    1 Thursday June 14 4pm Russia v Saudi Arabia (A) 1-0 2 Friday June 15 1pm Egypt v Uruguay (A) 1:1 3 Friday June 15 4pm Morocco v Iran (B) 2:1 4 Friday June 15 7pm Portugal v Spain (B) 1:2 5 Saturday June 16 11am France v Australia (C) 3:0 6 Saturday June 16 2pm Argentina v Iceland (D) 2:0 7 Saturday June 16 5pm Peru v Denmark (C) 1:1 8 Saturday June 16 8pm Croatia v Nigeria (D) 2:1 9 Sunday June 17 1pm Costa Rica v Serbia (E) 1-1 10 Sunday June 17 4pm Germany v Mexico (F) 3:0 11 Sunday June 17 7pm Brazil v Switzerland (E) 2:1 12 Monday June 18 1pm Sweden v South Korea (F) 1-0 13 Monday June 18 4pm Belgium v Panama (G) 4:0 14 Monday June 18 7pm Tunisia v England (G) 0:2 15 Tuesday June 19 1pm Poland v Senegal (H) 1:2 16 Tuesday June 19 4pm Colombia v Japan (H) 0-1 17 Tuesday June 19 7pm Russia v Egypt (A) 1:1 18 Wednesday June 20 1pm Portugal v Morocco (B) 1:1 19 Wednesday June 20 4pm Uruguay v Saudi Arabia (A) 1:0 20 Wednesday June 20 7pm Iran v Spain (B) 0:2 21 Thursday June 21 1pm France v Peru (C) 2-2 22 Thursday June 21 4pm Denmark v Australia (C) 2:1 23 Thursday June 21 7pm Argentina v Croatia (D )1-0 24 Friday June 22 1pm Brazil v Costa Rica (E) 2-0 25 Friday June 22 4pm Nigeria v Iceland (D) 1-1 26 Friday June 22 7pm Serbia v Switzerland (E) 1:1 27 Saturday June 23 1pm Belgium v Tunisia (G) 3:0 28 Saturday June 23 4pm Germany v Sweden (F) 2:0 29 Saturday June 23 7pm South Korea v Mexico (F) 0:1 30 Sunday June 24 1pm England v Panama (G) 2:0 31 Sunday June 24 4pm Japan v Senegal (H) 1-1 32 Sunday June 24 7pm Poland v Colombia (H) 2-2 33 Monday June 25 3pm Uruguay v Russia (A) 1:1 34 Monday June 25 3pm Saudi Arabia v Egypt (A) 0:0 35 Monday June 25 7pm Spain v Morocco (B) 2-0 36 Monday June 25 7pm Iran v Portugal (B) 0:1 37 Tuesday June 26 3pm Denmark v France (C) 1:2 38 Tuesday June 26 3pm Australia v Peru (C) 0-1 39 Tuesday June 26 7pm Nigeria v Argentina (D) 0-2 40 Tuesday June 26 7pm Iceland v Croatia (D) 0-2 41 Wednesday June 27 3pm South Korea v Germany (F) 0-4 42 Wednesday June 27 3pm Mexico v Sweden (F) 1-1 43 Wednesday June 27 7pm Serbia v Brazil (E) 2-2 44 Wednesday June 27 7pm Switzerland v Costa Rica (E) 1:1 45 Thursday June 28 3pm Japan v Poland (H) 1-0 46 Thursday June 28 3pm Senegal v Colombia (H) 2-2 47 Thursday June 28 7pm England v Belgium (G) 2-1 48 Thursday June 28 7pm Panama v Tunisia (G) 1:1 1 Spain 2 Brazil 3 Germany 4 France
  7. French Open 2018

    Is therr an atp level tennis player serving worse than Verdasco (excluding Gasquet)?...
  8. Australian Open 2018

    Watching Benneteau,he has what it takes to win this GS in terms of quality but his fitness will fail him at some point..
  9. Australian Open 2018

    I will be on over 29.5 games @ 1.9 in the game between Struff and Federer tomorrow.Struff was serving nice in the last round and i for one,think that we are bound to see at least one tie break here.Struff is talented enough to take a set off Roger and given the surprises we've seen so far i am more than happy to giv this bet a go @ odds that generous.Federer to win but not in straightforward fashion. over 29.5 games @ 1.90 over 3.5 sets @ 3.50 both with bet365
  10. Australian Open 2018

    ok,this is too much even for this season-Shapovalov was leading 5;2 in the final set only to throw all away and lose next 5 games
  11. Australian Open 2018

    I am watching Flipkens-Rybarikova.Rybarikova won the 1st set but Flipkens was fired up and raised to the occasion to win 6-0 in the 2nd which crushed her and lost 6-0 in the decider....
  12. Australian Open 2018

    I wasn’t referring to your bets particularly.I just think that’s a common occurrence that this start of the season is crap.My friend tend to do well and add nice + to the budget but are on a massive downfall right now.There were a few nice shots here but generally speaking everyone in the tennis topic is heaving hard time at the moment
  13. Australian Open 2018

    Ok i must say that i find this year's tennis betting awufl.I have a bunch of friends who lost a fortune since the beginning of the season and looking how the things are going here in the forum,it doesn't look any better.80-90% of the bets are losing,especially in the women tennis so fingers crossed the trend changes on wednesday as i am with four-leaf on both Baghdatis and Shapovalov to win their games.
  14. Australian Open 2018

    Does someone else fancy Benneteau to beat Taro Daniels tomorrow?The Frenchman has plenty of experience and finished last season on a positive vibe,He is started the season with a defeat but it was more of a warm up i think rather than poor form.On the other hand we have Daniels who has little to no experience on such tournaments,the start was not inspiring and some would even say that he is hardly talanted.I think Julien should be good for at least one win at AO?
  15. Europa League Predictions > Dec 7th

    Ludogorets to qualify @ 4 with bet365 Ludogorets could only benefit from this game.A big team is coming here and i am positive that Ludogorets will play their hearts out to win.They have a lot of talent in the squad and that's a game they've been waiting for whole season.They had eliminated an Italy based side before in the 1/32 finals-Lazio who were in pretty decent shape back then.Milan on the other hand are going through a rough patch for almost 10 years now.Gattuso doesn't seem to have the much needed effect and the team in struggling.I think this tournament is more of a burden for them and the domestic league could be a priority.Anyway,even if Milan are to give their best i think ''The Eagles'' are the team in form and given the fact that they have been participating in either CL group stages or Europa League they have the required selfesteem and experience to get through this opponent.Odds are terrific and that's where my money goes.