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  1. Personally, i wouldn't go against Big John in Madrid. He is on a mission there, given the fact that he has a history of achieving good results there. Norrie war rather shaky and unprepared against Kwoon and with Isner serving 30 aces in his previous game, one should expect another solid performance from The American, while Norrie struggled big time to hold his serve against Kwoon.
  2. Given the fact that McGill lets us down twice in a row, makes it clear who reads the forum ?
  3. That is true only if by ,, these days,, you mean the last 15 years...
  4. For tomorrow i definetely think that Lajovic-Dimitrov will see over 21.5 games@ 1.89 and Lajovic to take a set @ 1.69 with efbet. Lajovic is a real fighter and he showed that in the previous round against Krajinovic when he succeeded to make a comeback at 1:4 in the 2nd set. As i said before, Monte Carlo clay is Grigor's favourite clay tournament and he will no doubt give his best. Historically these two usually make tight games and i cannot see a clear favourite once again.
  5. I meant Monte Carlo surface. He has said it multiple times through the years that he enjoys the tournament
  6. It has tobe Harris. Grigor has had good results in Monte Carlo and is arguably one of his favourite surfaces. I expect him to be fully focused here. 2:0
  7. He is a spineless tard. Will always remember that freakshow against Kozlov. Still think it was fixed though
  8. get help, buddy. Clearly you need it!
  9. You realize that if the ethical commission investigates the game, Dimitrov would be convincing them that ,,yes, i am that idiot who was just passing the one legged guy the ball, not making him moving around and just waiting for him to make mistakes on his own, while i was the one acutally making them, and there wasn't anything criminal here i am just like that for years''...
  10. What are you saying? That Dimitrov was the one in difficult position and you complete understand his behaviour there?
  11. It cannot be explained you should watch it. That was humiliating and should not happen again.
  12. After Dimitrov - Kozlov game, let's hope the ethical commission to step in and take the appropriate action.
  13. Any thoughts on Osaka vs Kvitova on Saturday? Kvitova looks like Nadal- flawless so far and yet to drop a set. Osaka on the other hsnd wont't crush mentaly for sure, thats a given so is there going to be a surprise or Petra will just pass through her opponent?
  14. Have to agree on that. Sad story but i think he has lost his mojo and 2019 might be his last on the tour
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