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EL Greco's over 0.5 goals

EL Greco

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Hello everybody! 

New member and I am excited to share with you my glory(hopefully) journey!

This is the first time I ever post my journey online.

I'll start with a bank of 14.50E because that's the amount I have right now in my bookie.

(Already went from 10E to 14.50E with over 0.5 goals but of course I'm not going to count it here)

So 14.50E starting bank and let's go to the first bet:

Champions League

Shakhtar Don-Real Madrid over 0.5 goals

14.50 @ 1.03

Wish me good luck!?

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Just now, Skittle said:

Nice steady start. Try not to edit your bets, it might look like they are being changed. If you need to alter anything just do it in another post below the one that needs changing.

Thank you very much for your comment!

You're absolutely right about the edit.

I did it few seconds later & I won't do it again...

This edit doesn't look good I get it?

Thank you again?

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Bet 2 WON

Bank 15.62€*

*Note: The bookie I chose for my bets doesn't allow bets with 1-9 cents amounts in the end. 

This means that there will always be 0.01-0.09 cents more or less according the bet.

For example, next bet will be 15.60€.

That's why you may notice a 0.01-0.09 cents gap.

I hope that's okay and I don't break any rules here guys.

Thank you✌

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