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clubelo TILT

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Hi all, I have been following this strategy on clubelo website, its all about the TILT percentage either positive of negative, it works either as upset or confirmation. 

Basically I look at the teams and see what there tilt positions are, if its Negative and the opposition is in positive I take it as a win ( at most DC), then if there Tilt difference is close and also the expected goals difference is also close, I choose it to be a DRAW game.

1) Shakhter Soligorsk=Elo 1371.6, Tilt -10.3%, expected goals 1.02

Bate= Elo 1499.8, Tilt -0.5%, expected goals 1.43

Result 3:0

2) Almeria  Tilt -14.5% Elo 1512.3 expected goal 1.09

Depotivo Tilt +3.9% Elo 1636 expected goal 1.28

Result 1-1

3) Bordeaux Tilt -3.7% Elo 1579.5 goals 1.59

Caen Tilt-9.4% Elo 1462.5 goals 0.85

Result 1-1

Todays Games

Eiber Tilt -3.3% Elo 1780 expected goals 1.02

Real Madrid Tilt+19.5% Elo 1966.4 expected goals 1.99

Result 3-0

Erzurum Tilt -5.7% Elo 1367.0 expected goals 1.26

Antalyaspor Tilt +5.4 Elo 1450.7 expected goals 1.23

Result 1-0

This is just my observation 

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9 hours ago, Rivilearner said:

yesterday's selection wasn't a good selection, let's hope for the best today. 

villareal DNB WON

Espanyol 1 LOST

Gladbach 1 WON

Napoli 1 LOST

Things arent going the way i expected, hoping for the best tomorrow


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Has anyone really taken time to check out this my little "THEORY" if you check out the finished games and compare it with the strategy you will find out that it really works, but the draw back I believe is from the site they don't have a search page where you could filter and compare teams based on their TILT and expected goals, which is the back bone of the strategy, with a day job and limited time it will really be difficult going through all the games looking for teams that fall within the strategy formation

How i wish it could be automated like FILTER ALL teams with teams -TILT% 

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