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Will Chelsea post a threat on Bayern Munich ???!?

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Judging by what Bayern did to Arsenal (oh yeah) and how badly Chelsea played in Turkey - can we assume that as soon as Chelsea and Bayern will meet - Chelsea's story in a Champions League will be over ? Well, I don't think so. And I will explain why : Each season in a Champions League we are presented with a new champion.Time of the dynasties is over. Business wise it doesn't pay to have a same team selling same t-shirts and all the other merchandises. It is not wise and counter productive for the whole European concept. This season it is turn of Real Madrid to take the trophy home. Mark my words on it. Although I am a die hard Chelsea fan - I can tell you that neither Chelsea or Bayern will take the title. It is a turn of a big Spanish market and Real Madrid form wise and business wise is fit to do it. Do you think other wise? Put your money where your mouth is! Because I did take Real Madrid to win out right the Champions League title for 4/1. (bet365)

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Re: Will Chelsea post a threat on Bayern Munich ???!? Long time lurker and now a member. I got Chelsea at 12/1 preseason, excellent value as Mourinho teams are always a force to be reckoned with. Do I think they'll win it, maybe. Do I they've got a chance and do I like my 12/1, definately!

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Re: Will Chelsea post a threat on Bayern Munich ???!?

Mourinho is a loser this is why real madrid did not take the spanish leauge trophy last season. I hope chelsea lands on real madrid in semi finals that will be a closed 3-0 for madrid :D
You are so sure? I am not. I think that the Spanish teams have always problems with British ones and especially when the coach knows too well the players of his ex team
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