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FC København v Real Madrid > Tuesday December 10th


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Re: FC København v Real Madrid > Tuesday December 10th From UEFA.com

Group B FC København (4) v Real Madrid CF (13) Galatasaray AŞ (4) v Juventus (6) • Madrid are qualified as group winners. • Juve will be through with a draw courtesy of their head-to-head superiority over FCK. • Galatasaray will be through with a win due to their head-to-head superiority over FCK. • FCK cannot finish in the top two because of their head-to-head inferiority to Juve and Galatasaray. FCK will come third if they win or if they draw and Galatasaray lose.
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Re: FC København v Real Madrid > Tuesday December 10th Copenhaguen still have chances to qualify for EL and they will certainly fight for that. They are undefeated at home in this group stage drawing against Juventus and grabbing the 3 points with Galatasaray. They have a good home record in the CL with Chelsea (trained by Ancelotti) being the only team able to win there in the last 9 games. They show a much poorer record away and this CL season went pretty much as expected losing in Istambul, Turin and Madrid quite clearly. I don’t expect to see Copenhaguen just sit back and defend as a victory would send them directly in the EL regardless of the result in the other match. If they draw and Galatasaray loses they are qualified for EL also. However they seem depleted in the offensive front with the absences of Braaten and Gislason while Jorgensen is doubtful. Carlo Ancelotti fielded a mixed squad last weekend in Xativa for the Spanish King’s cup and things didn’t work well. More than the goalless draw there was the sensation that the replacements used were several levels below the regular. However the situation will be much different in Copenhaguen as playes such as Pepe, Marcelo, Modric, Xabi Alonso, Cristiano Ronaldo, Bale and Benzema will take part in the starting XI. Apart from the usual suspects Bale and Ronaldo, I think that Xabi Alonso is the key player for Madrid right now. He is the responsible for balancing the team and he does so with the added value of being the first one to start the offensive process by playing long or short balls depending on what the game is requesting at a particular moment. The recent improvement in Madrid’s form had a lot to do with his comeback after a long absence. Also Ronaldo has a chance here to beat another record as if he scores he will be the first player scoring 9 goals in a CL group stage. So far he has 8 the same as Crespo, Ibra, Inzaghi and Van Nistelrooy once did. For such a competitive player this is an extra motivation. The same thing happens at the club level as Madrid has scored 18 goals in this group so far, only 2 short of Barcelona’s and Machester United all-time record. Apart from the long term Coentrao, Khedira and Varane, Madrid will also miss Ramos d ue to suspension which will force Ancelotti to field youngster Nacho in the centre of the defence along with Pepe. Even though Madrid is already qualified I don’t expect lack of motivation from the players. In the recent years Real experienced the same situation several times and this is what happened in the last game of the group: 2008 RM 3 Zenit 0 2009 Marseille 1 RM 3 2010 RM 4 Auxerre 0 2011 Ajax 0 RM 3 2012 RM 4 Ajax 1 Apart from these revealing stats, after the disappointing draw in Xativa the club, coaches and players need to bounce back and nothing better than a convincing win to show that what happened was just a small bump in the road. In spite of the fact that I think Copenhaguen is better than what they are given credit for, they should have nothing to do against the well-oiled attacking machine Real is when all the important players are on the field which will be the case. I believe this handicap can be beaten with some easiness especially given the quality difference between both as we witnessed in Madrid in the first match. Real Madrid (-1.5) AH [email protected]

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