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  1. I was debating between Popyrin and Pospisil today as bets, and I could not decide.. Now I can see that Popyrin has taken the lead on Kukushkin, and I will be off of the Pospisil bet now for superstitious reasons mostly. I believe that there is a good chance he won 1st round vs Khachanov based on poor serving alone from Karen.
  2. also @CzechPunter just be aware , Jabeur is an in form player.. I'm not sure whether she will beat Pliskova next round.. But this is potentially a huge banker player in the future and maybe some tournaments later this year in Asia.
  3. I also agree Medvedev is not playing with 100% fitness but he finds way to win with his serve anyways.. I think some saw him as a dark horse to win the tournament.. I couldn't get in on that because I also believed was not fully healthy to do it.. But, also usually bites when if u underestimate Daniil. Dimtrov bet is another coin flip for me vs Majchrzak.. I'm thinking Cuevas will win also pre-match but since I don't trust Cuevas.. I stayed away from the match entirely no bet.. This one is same type of thing.. Sure Dimitrov probably going to win but covering the 5 games.. Well who knows with that.. This is not informed opinion. I have not watched either player anytime in the last months. Also you can factor outright loss for Dimitrov.. Machrzak with 20 % chance atleast for me. Again, have not seen the form.
  4. both Cuevas and Linette are dealing with Leg/Back injury related concerns this year.. Linette only more recently during her phenomenal run at New York.. But, she's taking medical timeouts there. I'm looking at the Pospisil - Sandgren match tonight.. Pospisil holds 2-0 h2h, and seems to be in form .. I am not sold that Sandgren will win because I think he's going to have some trouble returning Vasek serve, and its not a good matchup for him.. Seems there is a good chance that Canadian is fitter because he's played less grueling matches over his career, and seems to be rested and in shape right now.
  5. If Kuznetsova wins then I'm off Venus Williams, and looking to bet Osaka vs young phenom Kenin.. Its tough matches .. Because i believe either Osaka or Venus will win .. have to choose one
  6. There was many opportunities to make money on the Sakkari - Barty match.. I loved the value of Sakkari pre-match but I couldn't quite get involved then, and decided to try in play.. Barty looked fitter than previous day, so I didn't feel comfortable backing Sakkari, and then just decided to opt out entirely after Sakkari won first set even tho Barty was probably available at odds of 2.8 or so as the second set began.. Good pick from Czech Punter.. Alot of times he takes those set handicaps and the player just wins outright instead which is always good. So now we have a couple of remaining matches wta.. I may watch Pliskova up next.. Hard to say what will happen here.. If Kenin wins vs Osaka - then I might take a shot with Venus Williams.. She's playing well, and I took her @ 3/1 yesterday in play.. pretty convincing win although it was more of a lay against Vekic.. Luck
  7. Really good price on Kontaveit right now after taking the first set .. I have her winning this.. She looks physically fitter than Barty, and she's serving better also. .. i was going to post live on this first set but I'm really on a bad run here.. Anyways.. Hope that she wins.. I've taken her @ +250.. Obviously u can't get those odds now, but she looks really confident, and Barty is making alot of errors .. I guess really good price is inaccurate description, but I still believe she can do it after watching almost the entire first set.. Main reason is because of Barty's fitness level this match.. She looks slow
  8. Sabalenka looks on fire from highlight i saw.. massive serving and adequate moving. I disagree with Czech about Gasquet.. Looks like a 50/50 match to me. Have not seen videos of either player recent matches.. I smell something with Rebecca Peterson.. She is hitting the ball well from the baseline, and these courts really exxagerate the spin of the ball.
  9. Ok black rose.. I don’t recommend but good luck thanks for reading
  10. Parlay: Heather Watson 2.3 + Feliciano Lopez -170 with Local Books. Total payback is similar to standard two team parlay with odds 1.9 each. Watson has a very good record in Eastbourne, and I've seen her recent footage vs Strycova.. she is coming back into form, and I think she will be more motivated to win here than Cornet who might have plans for Wimbledon and some other things.. Always can be wrong of course, and Heather save for grandslam.. Lopez is playing brilliant tennis.. I've written analysis on him above..Watson also is serving, striking the ball well, and moving exceptionally well.. She hasn't played a ton of matches this year, and just love here in this spot.. First meeting on grass is perfect time to get a first win vs Cornet who holds h2h ad 3-0 vs Heather.. Rating parlay as 48% chance for completion minimum. 🤑
  11. Also I guess I’ll probably wait on hammering until I hear what you guys think the bet looks too easy which could be a problem but Feliciano’s in the doubles as well I think it’s more likely that he loses that match
  12. Well turns out I was right one of the two underdogs came in... Feliciano really good on grass.. Next match might be a gift... I'm going to hammer Feliciano Vs Simon.. Just waiting on the line , and Goffin might take Halle.. No idea on the second pick... Hope you guys can confirm on Feliciano.. I will hammer as soon as line becomes available because I think it's going to move pretty big .. I'm hoping I can get something decent like -160 , but opening line for Feliciano basically should be at -230 if I'm the oddsmaker. I almost never bet favorites but he's really in his purest form right now, and has a huge serving advantage in the match. After Pierre lost.. I was pondering whether to take Lopez or not just based on superstitions I like the pic all the way my other pic was in Schoofs from the Netherlands.. When I saw that she lost two sets to zero I knew I had to take a chance on Lopez so I went double stake on Feliciano.. You probably could’ve got a crazy price on him after he lost the first set and was down to break points in the second set something like almost 10 to 1 I would guess something Crazy
  13. I'm making a follow up post to my initial one regarding the Herbert - Federer match.. I'm having second thoughts about this for particular superstition reasons, and I'm not going to place any amount larger than the initial sample bet I took with Pierre.. I may end up trying to buy my way out of this bet.. We'll see.. Just fair warning , I'm looking at other options instead and hope everybody has a winning day tomorrow... Should be atleast one highly profitable wager available.
  14. I am following you guys a little bit here but I'm not trying to post plays for one year like I mentioned before until I get the train moving properly.. I have a sizable bankroll right now, and I been really impressed with alot of tips I seen here recently... I haven't checked all days over th past months, won't mention names, but it's some of the regular bunch of guys. Also I think Four Leaf is right about Pierre Hughes Herbert .. he's really playing some of the best singles in his career, and he's also getting a ton of support from french fans. I did not see the match vs Coric today, and I nearly bet Coric for large stakes.. Fortunately the odds just weren't tempting enough to take because I thought it was almost a sure bet.. and then Hughes Herbert surprised again.. I think its less about Coric's injury and more about the rise to prominence of who I believe is the most capable France player at the moment. I feel that Monfils will be dealing with a downswing after the best tennis of his career. Lucas Pouille maybe is coming off an injury as well but he doesn't look as fit in the legs as Herbert. Also it would seem that Federer is having a bit of a slide currently struggling in his last two matches against elite players but I can't really see this match being a whole lot easier for him.. Long story short I see Herbert or Feli Lopez with the upset tomorrow, and I'm still digging around to see which one I prefer but based on the odds .. its not really a tough decision. I may insure the second player for similar for 40% stakes or so of the original bet. 😎 additonal note: I have placed sample size bet on Herbert because the value of the odds.. I'm thinking they will drop to around 6.5/1 before match.. Really don't have a good feel for it , but I could lose all my other bets for tomorrow and make a huge profit if i'm right about this.. so the odds I took was 9.05. pretty exciting, and feel like I'm due to score some big odds such as these. There has been many underdogs winning across all the tournaments, but its grass season before Wimbledon, and this is to be expected.. I don't think its reason to believe there won't be more coming because the crazy odds errors have not went full throttle yet, and most we have seen of upsets is small outsiders ranging from 2.0 - 3.5 mainly and a couple sitting around 5.0.
  15. 3:30 Longchamp: Imperial Charm 14/1 Bet365 Yes Billy.. Next door lottery, but still very impressive to pick the wide open race where 125 cashed. 👽