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  1. I honestly don't know how someone could consider backing Ostapenko to win in her current form. The thought never crossed my mind. She is a fade player, and dissapoints alot of the time. I do believe she has a chance to come back and win the match tho.
  2. Lehecka @4.0 to beat Khachanov. Will be looking to back Khachanov at a good price next, and get a no risk play.
  3. @CzechPunter I know you will find this one strange, but any opinion on the chances of Trevisan today? She is a player that is under-estimated at times. What are the chances she finally learned how to play on hard courts, and cause a huge upset. Well, we can look at her recent results, and she's having some success.. I don't really rate her last win vs Claire Liu much, but she's beaten Hibino in straights, beaten Brengle, and three sets with Muchova at Indian Wells. I have been suspicious of a surprise here. I've seen some film on Trevisan's matches, and her footwork and ball striking looks great to me.. If she is aggressive off the Ostapenko second serve, and can move her around there should be a chance.. Any opinions? I am now considering a Trevisan/Alexandrova 12.53 parlay. I will have fun more fun with this bet, and perhaps do singles also which is undecided. However.. I think the chances of this hitting are relatively similar to my last suggestion in which the estimate could have been high. But ultimately, I am trying to decide if Trevisan will actually get this thing done, and maybe ride her solo to begin today's matches. Update: still searching for a bet to make, and have not found anything reliable.. Good luck!
  4. Well. It doesn't upset me at all. I always like to hear your thoughts, and respect your tennis opinions at the highest level. I completely disagree with you betting that price on Kvitova because her serve is a massive liability. Gracheva has been consistently underrated in recent matches. I watched some of her highlights, and her game seems really nice to me. Kvitova would have more of an advantage in slower hard courts, clay, or grass courts in my opinion. I will admit that I am not following Petra at all in Miami, and could easily be wrong about this. But, I will guess this is going to be a tight match. Update: I have reviewed Petra's last match in Miami briefly, and I agree with Czech Punter that Petra Kvitova is indeed in top form right, and I will most likely be looking for a different bet because I cannot trust Gracheva enough to win this.
  5. Hi. I am curious if there is anyone backing Gracheva today? I am thinking of parlay with Khachanov/Gracheva. The odds are good 4.61. It feels like I'm going to hit this parlay 30% of time or so. This is a 38% ROI overall with this estimate factoring wins and losses. It's going to be big chance to lose of course.
  6. I've already bet Fucsovics.. I think the line is a fraud, and it's a close match.. If Marton serves well he could cause problems. Good luck! .. I don't think he's a trustworthy player, but at those odds.. I figured it was reasonable to try him in "one parlay".
  7. Sofia Kenin to beat Kalinina @ 2.0 odds with William Hill Aliaksandra Sasnovich to beat Barbora Krejcikova @ 4.75 odds with William Hill I am skipping bad analysis this time, and ultimately taking a break after these win or lose. I tried to help but it has become a bit stressful. Regardless, I love these two plays, and very excited about watching the matches. I am fully expecting them both to win, and will be dissapointed with any other result. Good luck gentleman and ladies!
  8. She's going to win Swami, place the bet.. I've never been this hot betting in all my life .. Everything i'm touching is winning.
  9. William Hill: Camila Giorgi to beat Azarenka @ +162 I've been sitting on this pick all day.. I am surprised nobody wrote about it. I placed this bet last night.. Thought it over, and never lost confidence in this bet for the slightest.. It is absolutely insane value because I have this match rated as a dead coinflip on who wins. So the betting line is actually off by 72 points in my opinion. Azarenka's current form has looked terrible if you saw her at Indian Wells, and Giorgi played a phenomenal match vs Kanepi who was playing well, and still managed to advance despite losing a couple leads in the match. I will even admit and take it to the fair where I would line Giorgi as the favorite @ around -145 odds. I think that is a fair price. Azarenka is getting older, and being at poor form in Indian Wells is a very bad sign if you want to back her to win matches. The conditions are very similar. Miami is faster courts tho which could help her, but Giorgi is also good on fast courts sometimes.
  10. never even considered the match.. I usually will back Sonego or stay off the match entirely. Won't be surprised if he wins, but didn't see any value like it was for sure going to come in.. I think he's better indoors, grass, and clay.
  11. I think Kostyuk is going to beat Potapova, but these aren't odds I feel good about, and I've underestimated Potapova before. Anybody else agree with this? I'm actually considering it now because I want action.
  12. William Hill: Christian Garin to beat Giron @ -125 I've spoken about GArin. He is one of my players, and I doubted him last match. He sometimes starts slow, but he quickly grabbed form, and outclased TAbilo. I see similar type of scenario vs Giron who does not have the consistency and spin from the baseline. I also think Garin's serve can sometimes be especially potent, and he could rival Giron in a serving contest on a good day. I imagine that he has adjusted the courts now in Miami, and already has two matches in his belt. For me this is a no brainer.. If you don't like the Garin side.. there is no real way you can bet Giron, and be confident.
  13. In my opinion .. GArin is playing terrible, and I would only consider to back TAbilo now.. GArin looks tired, and the courts are too fast.. He's making alot of errors.. I don't want to back Tabilo particularly.. biggest chance is to just watch and see what happens
  14. Hi - Does anyone here have an opinion on the Schmiedlova - DAvis match ? I thought this line would be a pk or Schmiedlova favored. Why is she +185.. I realize Davis holds a 2-0 h2h record against her. I don't rate Davis at all, but I haven't seen her play recently. Anna won as an underdog in her first match here, and she seems decently competitive to start the season on hard courts. Davis on the other hand is withdrawing in Doha after a long tournament in Hobart and AO. Then is trading wins and demolishing losses since then. I figure Schmiedlova is the more talented athlete, and in better physical shape currently. Main problem is the Schmiedlova serve. For the first two matches. Anna's serve stats are 2 aces and 4 df's, 0 aces and 3 df's. This does not seem horrendous to me. I am not expecting many aces from either player in the match. I guess I'll probably leave this one alone, because I don't realize that Davis is having some nice results earlier this year, and then she had some time to rest now.. Seems too dangerous. @CzechPunter
  15. excellent call on Golubic Czech.. I had a feeling there was something there... I would have hedged out a good amount anyways after Golubic won the first set.. So I don't consider much profit loss from the bet.
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