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  1. Zhu was also playing Terrible and moving slow vs Riske.. Georges is an enormous leap In class.
  2. I took Rus to back up my Garin play as insurance for about 12% of the Garin bet.
  3. Christian Garin to beat Milos Raonic @ 3.5 with William Hill Garin is getting a ton of support in Australia and from his country. He's also playing very well from what I saw.. If Milos struggles on serve at all like i mentioned.. This is going to be a sweet kiss goodnight. match is scheduled to start in about 10 minutes.. should be exciting also.. can't wait.
  4. Well - its super windy in Melbourne right now.. This affecting the matches alot i think.. In my opinion there is a very good chance this is gonna throw off Milos serve, and Garin might make quick work of him.. We got a few minutes to discuss this one to anyone who wants to give an opinion
  5. News Bulletin fresh off the press.. Sabalenka loses again... this time to world power Suarez.. Future of tennis is in great hands with the Lioness.
  6. nope .. I don't think it's worth it if you have supreme patience, but I am trying new strategy to follow my instincts even if odds are not that great because these type of small profits can stack in the long run.
  7. @vvararu I'm rating Cilic to win. 85%. I'm preparing to unload on it.. scared odds will go down . Implied odds suggest reasonable value would start at around 77%.
  8. call the coast guard for @DrO also.. I guess this round of picks is pretty tough.. Last round was a bettors lottery dream.. there was so many good bets... it was hard to choose one.. that can be a problem sometimes.. It happens alot.. I can't decide which option to take, and then everything wins.. Really not a good feeling, but i got a bit lucky in the first round.
  9. I think its a close match.. Again, have no idea with this one.. too scared to bet either side.. Muchova does look like smart money though.. I'd like to try a backup parlay, and build it with Muchova.. will do that now just for fun.. @South_African_Punter whats going on over there man.. who are you betting ? LOL - you guys were dead right about Simon, but watch out for Cuevas come clay court season.. I think he's got a decent run in him on the dirt this year, but thats about it.. I don't see him having too much success on grass or hard.
  10. Sorry Czech for the previous post.. I swear I'm not on drugs or even alcohol right now .. just did too much many years ago.. Ok so in regards to the above posting... Here is the parlay I'm trying with Cilic, and I quite like the odds.. The water polo caps are funny hahahaha. Evans, Zhang, Cilic, Dimitrov, Zhu, Rybakina, Kudermetova 7 ways.. odds is about 30.0 exactly i think with 10 cents extra. Maybe you look at this and question Zhu.. I do as well, but I liked her in the last round to win, and she came through.. I believe that Riske might be vulnerable, and the only reason the payout is good on this parlay is with the addition of Zhu.
  11. Ok Folks .. It's time to rock and roll.. no drama tho .. CzechPunter likes these threads clean and robotic.. 😀 But, I do appreciate that CP does actually read all of these posts.. no idea how, like some brain implant i think. 🤐 Marin Cilic to beat Benoit Paire @ -230 with William Hill So here's the catch.. odds are not good with this one.. so you'll probably want to build a parlay with it .. if you're that type of bettor, but to each their own.. Thats what i'm doing, and it's not my top ranked bet.. Cilic is getting alot of support from Croatian fans in Australia from what I've seen, and his game seems to be in good enough form from what I saw.. He looks relatively confident.. I don't believe he's a threat to win the title however.. I could be wrong about that last part.. Now we have Benoit Paire. I have noticed that his movement looks atleast slightly more hampered than usual, and he is coming off long tournament in Auckland.. This also gives Cilic the advantage because he is the fresher player, and has the more technical game. << for luck " you caught me I'm superstitious "
  12. Darko interesting picks .. I had zero idea about the Goerges - Martic match.. The only thing I can say about taking big minus handicaps this year at the open... Players are holding their serve easier than in most tournaments because the courts are playing super fast. I think you have a chance to win with Barty.. But Hercog I thought was known for having atleast an average serve.. I could be wrong about that.. But I just think its dangerous to lay that many games especially with Barty struggling in her first round match for 3 sets.. I hope you win, and I will not be betting Hercog handi or even have the option ot bet that... As for Jabeur-Garcia.. looks good on paper.. I am concerned if garcia steps her game up for the grandslam, and her serve will be a notch better than Jabeur's at their peak level.. good luck my friend, and hope you don't mind the breakdown of those pics. No comment on the Fognini play because I have no opinion there really.. Hope you win that one also. 😎
  13. I picked him to win also... yes it was bad because there was many better options to choose from if u took the bet on a single.. A lot of the Australians were dogs at home I liked quite a bit of them I didn't realize they were all basically going to win.. The courts are playing really fast this year and Praj struggled at the end of last year so he can't really be trusted can make a bet like that.
  14. @darko08 @ all forum.. What's your opinion on the Georgian in the next round facing Verdasco. I had the odds in my head for what i"m thinking they will list.. 2.25 for the Georgian.. probably the public will bet Verdasco a little bit.. tough match to call because last time I saw Verdasco.. he is in pretty good shape.. I'm not sure Nikoloz will want to use all his energy in this tournament because he has a very promising year ahead of him, and Kwon made him work moderately hard in the first round. Still I wouldn't pick Verdasco to win if I had to choose.. but I don't like the odds as they lay now. Gael Monfils currently in medical timeout.