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  1. Parma: Mathilde Paoletti +650 (50% insurance) I am parlaying the above picks, and taking some insurance if I'm wrong about them. Paoletti is not serving great yesterday, but as I mentioned that I have her rated very high talent. She hits heavy ball with alot of spin, and I think Begu could have trouble finding some timing there. I thought the betting line looked off at these odds, and maybe something like +300 is more accurate.
  2. Sofia: Grigor Dimitrov -105 Parma: Elisabetta Cocciaretto +100 I saw glimpse of Ivashka in Sofia yesterday vs Ymer. I thought the guy wasn't moving well or uncoordinated. I couldn't remember the problem, but I'm not seeing a player that I want to back indoors vs former champion, and higher regarded player Dimitrov coming in to this tournament with plenty of rest. Cocciaretto I am rating as the more technical ball striker, and I think both of them dealt with some leg injuries, and Elisabetta had knee surgery, but now she has won two itf events since then, and if you watch her last match.. You wouldn't know she has any problems. I think Paolini took advantage of some easy short balls sitting up in the court from Niemeier. I don't think she's going to see those same balls this match. I would say of the two .. I feel better about Dimitrov now, but initially I was always considering Italian.
  3. I expect Fritz to win and also would never bet Verdasco.. So I'd have to choose NIkoloz , but you're talking two goats of inconsistency.
  4. I am thinking about Cocciaretto, and maybe parlay with Dimitrov.. latter is just a payout booster, but curious if you had a preference in either of these ? @CzechPunter
  5. I won't be able to bet Noskova unless there is additional information.. I'll be forced to pass on this match for now. I"m looking for something else.
  6. I've been very impressed with what I've seen from Linda Noskova on these indoor courts in Tallinn, Estonia. Czech Punter was the first to bring this girl's name to my attention. I guess she is ranked 105 singles right now which is higher than I would expect, but she's only 17 years old turning 18 in November. She really seems adapted to the indoor courts, and is hitting the ball hard with good margin over the net also. I am curious if anyone thinks she pulls the upset over Haddad Maia. From what I saw Parry looked to be in fit form, and she dispatched her? Especially directing that question at Czech if he can offer any info. Haddad Maia is not a indoor player. She has a career 9-8 record, and stuggled with lower ranked player in her last match. I do realize she played close match vs Kudermetova at Tokyo indoor tournament, but I do believe those courts were playing similar to fast outdoor courts.
  7. Mathilde Paoletti -120 Mariusz Copil +225 I don't have big reasons behind these, and explained about copil. I've already placed these bets if my text in bold. I think Paoletti is the bigger talent maybe by alot, and this is home match for her. The other girl I think I saw she's playing doubles also. Paoletti already beat her opponent earlier touranment Palermo 2022 7-5 6-2. maybe she wins in 3 sets this time in closer match.. No idea about it. Anyways the goal of this post is to win 1 out of 2 of these bets, and avoid all big losses. then have chance for medium profit with Copil, and big if they both win. Catch you guys later because as much as I'd like to watch these matches.. I'll probably go to sleep, and I will sweat something else out tomorrow.. These ones got me a bit nervous as you could imagine.
  8. I give him 40% , and the odds is a bit crazy. +225 it shows on my book.. I'd have the betting line closer to +150 if i was being fair or bigger move
  9. I wouldn't bet against Kontaveit to win that.. certainly seems like a good chance. I am pretty tempted with Copil today in Tel Aviv. He's had some results in past indoor tournaments, and I do believe that Rinderkech is vulnerable at this time. I haven't loved what I've seen of him recently.
  10. Nicolas Jarry -200 Seoul Jarry has won his first two matches in straight sets here. He looks to be in same form as usual, and serving well. I don't rate Peniston as much.. Ryan will be consistent and knock balls bock in the court. but I think you will need something more to force errors from Jarry. gl
  11. what's your bet four-leaf ? I know u wagering on something
  12. Do you guys think Jarry will beat Peniston in Seoul? This match starts in 6 hours @CzechPunter @neilovan
  13. Well I guess Kecmanovic gonna dump in Seoul. If anyone out there was betting Kovacevic. You are far craftier than I can dream to be, and I congratulate you. But, sometimes there is also a stroke of luck.. So, lets keep our heads about us. GL Czech on your Noskova play. I don't typically lay those type of odds unless I know the player, but she does have some recent results i rated.
  14. Lorenzo Sonego -105 Metz Jelena Ostapenko +115 Seoul Sonego has proven himself in Metz already as a determined player. I think he can outclass Bublik Jelena just murdering the ball in the tournament. Fans seem to be in awe of how hard she's hitting. Not trusting Alexandrova.
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