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  1. Tennis - March 11 - March 17

    Hurkacz @ 7.93 with Pinnacle - 10 units (match is starting now) Hurkacz to serve first
  2. Tennis - March 11 - March 17

    good luck @eros - thanks for posting
  3. Tennis - March 11 - March 17

    Also , I seen some video from the match vs Edmund... It looks like Kyle is playing very poorly, and you can see it in the scoreline also.. Muguruza didn't play super bad(similar scores).. just outclassed by a player with better technique in Andreescu
  4. Tennis - March 11 - March 17

    Yo Donnie Darko .. I'm taking a flyer on Hurkacz.. He's producing right now , and if he wins the coin toss, serves first.. I think he can put some pressure on Federer.
  5. Tennis - March 11 - March 17

    Ohh I didn't realize that is a parlay you are doing .. I think it looks better now .. GL @four-leaf
  6. Tennis - March 11 - March 17

    GL Four Leaf. Goffin just slaughtered Baena in his last match.. seems farfetched
  7. Europa League Predictions > Mar 14th

    I liked your post .. but now I have second thoughts.. I see that Rennes has won the first leg 3-1, and this team has been undervalued all tournament.. @i1_principe @StevieDay1983. I was on Rennes when they defeated Betis a couple weeks ago at a big price... They have a quality team, and I don't think overcoming a 2 goal deficit is any easy feat here.. I wish u guys luck, but i'm going to look at another match for a punt.
  8. Tennis - March 11 - March 17

    calm down over there @eros I am still waiting to see your tips for indian wells.. whats the delay.. i love when you post.. please more .. thank u
  9. Tennis - March 11 - March 17

    Vondrousova to beat Svitolina @ 2.52 with Pinnacle - 10 units I will grade some of the other results when the tournament is finished. We can see that Marketa is playing out of her mind in a couple of matches.. Svitolina has played well and tough competition, but she is very worn down.. This is the time where Marketa stops Svitolina right in her tracks, and advances to the semi-finals. I have serious concerns about Svitolina's fitness the past couple matches.
  10. Tennis - March 11 - March 17

    @four-leaf interesting you are on Bencic. I am curious if she's going to win Indian Wells also.. right now her form is impeccable it would seem.. I wonder if her fitness will slip, but she has the best baseline game of all the remaining players I feel. The problem I see is that Pliskova is one of the other top contenders in the field in her next match.. I see the title contenders as Bencic, Pliskova, Kerber, and Muguruza.
  11. Tennis - March 11 - March 17

    I really don't have opinion on it.. I took Bertens to beat Garbine last time... I also had Andreescu to win.. The only advice i can say .. You can't really bet against Muguruza right now because she is very motivated at the moment, and the conditions at Indian Wells suit her nicely.. She can even win the tournament but I don't trust her. She let me down too many times. I don't care much for her playing style, and I think she needs better coaching because its clear how much talent she had for a long time.
  12. Tennis - March 11 - March 17

    Today was the most profitable tennis betting day of the year for underdogs.. It was a ghost town in here for the forum which is unusual.. I almost posted about 5 plays including Hurkacz, Shapovalov, Kohl outright to win, and wawrinka i guess... so maybe only 4 , but the vondrousova line looked fishy, and I also believed Krajinovic had a chance.. it was a really crazy day of betting.. just placed a live bet on Barthel, and she is probably going to win also... This is the type of craziness that I thrive in but unfortunately ... I decided to remain silent today when I would have massive profit with the proper aggression... @CzechPunter @darko08 @South_African_Punter @four-leaf @ogii55 remember this day next year, because there will be many underdogs again .. its a good day to bet ... second week of indian wells. I won't name the entire forum right now , but there is alot of new people here doing a good job... just dropped a few. ok guys -
  13. Tennis - March 11 - March 17

    55-131 +131.55 units 5dimes Parlay: Ashleigh Barty/Hubert Hurkacz +3 games @ 4.5 odds - 2 units I was against Nishikori in Dubai.. I think Hurkacz is still serving well, and should be able to hold his own. Barty is also doing well, and Svitolina has some tape on her leg, and maybe a bit tired .. so its a risky bet.. but in combination with the odds... I think its a decent price.
  14. Tennis - March 11 - March 17

    You could make an exception that rule when that players is facing your best bet of the entire tournament in the next match tho.. seems like a good rule , but that exception to the rule might be crucial for profit in the future if Barthel does indeed win today. Or Tsurenko wins, and I'm wrong again. Because honestly I did consider Tsurenko .. I just preferred the German.
  15. Tennis - March 11 - March 17

    @darko08 I will re-emphasize.. I am surprised that Barthel isn't on your list... I see it as a gift from the bookmakers.. Even though the odds are somewhat fair... They actually are not factoring that Julia is not in her top form, and barthel is.. So I think these odds are just based on paper rankings and reputation. Barthel has been a banker bet so far this tournament, and I also think its possible that she wins in straight sets although I didn't take that option.