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  1. Last pick of the month at the very minimum for me win or Lose without exception I'll record the final pick when I come back next month or year. GL guys. 28-38 +36.37 units Goncalo Oliveira to beat Ugo Humbert @ 3.6 with Heritage
  2. looking at the Humbert matchup in Italy. Any thoughts ?
  3. @four-leaf what do you think of the humbert - Oliveira match in Andria. Humbert has lost first round last three matches indoors.. Oliveira was playing well in japan. He got derailed by Watanuki who was playing out his mind early in that tournament.. but Oliveira hits the ball well.. He's not really an indoor player, but it just feels like something is wrong with Humbert, and the odds look really fishy
  4. It will be a nice close to the season for Bradley Klahn whether he wins or loses the final of Houston but we’ll see what happens I am not feeling super comfortable with my bet but it sure is going to be fun to watch if we ever get to see it
  5. Actually we both could have lost if home player covered games but didnt' win the match.. but I really like your change of your mind, and obviously anytime you bet , we can lose.. but i hope that i helped you get on the right side of this one. I feel pretty good about the match especially if we get to serve first.
  6. Yeah the rain is bothersome to me also. We'll see.. especially if Klahn doesnt' get to serve first.. It would be almost impossible to cover that 5 game handicap.
  7. Good luck brother.. one of us will win.. Klahn will have a tough time breaking Roy on the fast surface of Houston tho.. serves are much more powerful. Laying 5 games is way more risky.. We already discussed these courts earlier this week
  8. And also I like the aspect of buying Smith at this price prematch for larger stakes, and then you can play the other side of Klahn if you think he's going to win the match at a better price in play.. and you could potentially win money if either player wins.
  9. @four-leaf Klahn is playing good, but this Roy Smith is an incredible ball striker, and I don't remember Klahn winning a bunch of titles. Roy has a good crosscourt backhand, massive forehand and very good serve.. He can probably get to the Klahn backhand better than Koepfer or some of his previous opponents. I suggest hedging your Klahn minus 5 games bet on the Smith moneyline.. You only have to risk a fraction of the amount
  10. Not much need to be said about young phenom and the bet placed. We are talking about a player who has won at these odds the last 3 matches, and has massive potential on the tour. We could surely see another surprise if Roy finds a way to attack the Klahn backhand, who has been playing well, but a couple mixed results losing easy straight sets to Paul recently, and some other straight set losses I saw.
  11. TY Four Leaf. I know to probably finish the year with this good result, but I have another match to be listed with very good odds worth a try updated stats 28-37 +37.37 units Roy Smith to beat Bradley Klahn @ 5.92 with Pinnacle
  12. I guess you were one of the other 900 people watching the live stream .. never even crossed my mind u might be watching
  13. CP , I wasn't on the forum much today. I was on Ito also- just saw your post after the match finished.. Really a nerve wracking match even in the third set after he dumped the 3-0 lead, and went down multiple break points.. As to the Zverev match.. well Djokovic is playing amazing its true.. but I won't be surprised if Zverev sneaksa set either.. but i'm probably biased because I want him to win the match.. cya !
  14. 27-37 +28.37 units Bastian Malla to beat Kuzmanov @ 2.83 pinnacle Hiroki Moriya to beat Uchiyama @ 2.44 pinnacle Hope to ride a good run, cash both of these. time for a huge comeback after the past couple days. I've seen Moriya's last match vs Oliveira. His technique was incredible at the net. I hope that his legs are ready, Because, if they are.. It's going to be a long day for for Uchiyama. I am a big fan of Moriya's ball striking.
  15. I'm with you 100% on that .. I will probably post it later .. take care