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  1. Australian Open 2019

    Federer is practically unbeatable On fast indoors I hope that the roof is not closed because it’s raining partially right now
  2. Australian Open 2019

    Forewarn. There is a good chance I'm due to hit something because I've been on a massive losing streak since Atp World Tour Finals 36-73 +18.02 units(All picks are valued at one unit risked) Taylor Fritz to beat Roger Federer@ 11/1 with William Hill Molcahnov/Zelenay to beat Herbert/Mahut@ 5.5 with 5dimes Adamczak/Moore to beat Krejcikova/Siniakova@ 6 with 5dimes Sevastova 1.71, Svitolina 1.23, Nishikori 1.12, Klepac/Martinez Sanchez 1.41, Peschke/Melichar 1.33 parlay 5dimes@ 4.42 Fair plays.. I'll do some analysis again when my picks start winning
  3. Australian Open 2019

    I like your bet a lot here. can you please tell me who you think has the better chance between Taylor Fritz and shapavolov.. All the best
  4. Australian Open 2019

    Sportsbook: 5dimes This is my first parlay on here, and I won't be doing them alot if ever again. We'll see if it pays off. I just happen to really like this parlay alot, and this is my preferred way of betting for massive profit with double dog action. Official play "Double" risking one unit Krunic to beat Wang @ 4.1, Bolt to beat Simon @ 6 parlay odds = 24.6
  5. Australian Open 2019

    sportsbook: Heritage Krunic to beat Wang @ 4 Sharapova to beat Wozniacki @ 1.87 Based on the video I seen of Wang in Shengzen.. she is still taped and also not moving great.. nice shotmaker, but Krunic tracks all balls down. She fought to win in 3 sets last match, and cleared as a mid size dog. She should be able to take wang out if she is healthy.. I have no reason to believe she isn't. Don't think she played a ton of tennis last year.. But, the results is impressive. She had 20 breakpoints vs Diyas, and converted 8 of them. gl Krunic also holds 1-0 h2h from 2012 ancient times 6-4 6-3
  6. Australian Open 2019

    @kingstarbr I played your ticket also with my doubles match Vosko.. I subbed out Raonic for Tsitsipas because I think Greek is a banker bet vs Nikoloz.. Lot of greek fans have been supporting, and Stefanos also from what I seen has been moving and serving well. gl man
  7. Australian Open 2019

    Its really hard to say whats going on .. She just hits some awful slice backhands and too many errors. I want to believe that she is just nervous or being overpowered by Maria who has been playing at a top level this tournament maybe for her career as her competition has gotten stiffer these days.. Seems like every woman in the top 30 is a potential grandslam champion.. not exactly but maybe u get the analogy. I believe Maria has made a racquet switch or adjustment, and she is having more controlled shots now. So Peterson looks slow also.. framing forehands, and just the worst slice backhand on tour..
  8. Australian Open 2019

    I will warn .. Peterson does not look good in her match vs Sharapova.. I have legitimate concerns about her doubles match that I have tip earlier. I am looking for a couple other matches to add right now because I might drop another unit on that one .. Sharapova looks fine, but I'm just very dissapointed with some of Rebecca's shots .
  9. Australian Open 2019

    Good luck four leaf .. thanks for the analysis
  10. Australian Open 2019

    @CzechPunter I mentioned Olaru before , but I just now seen .. Voskoboeva has actually won her R1 doubles match in the last nine Australian opens that she entered. Pretty crazy statistic considering the odds, and the possible poor form of Babos team. Having said that .. still not super confident with the bet.. but we'll see anything can always happen
  11. Australian Open 2019

    lol .. good luck on the bet .. I can see you winning atleast 3/4 and maybe 4/4 for completion .. be eazy and on fire with betting
  12. Australian Open 2019

    I am surprised you can get odds 5 with those 4 players.. If that is the case.. not too bad as far as the odds with the chances to complete it .. Because it looks certainly possible.. I would have guessed odds is closer to 4 or so.. might be a worth short.. I might try it with one Vosko doubles match i posted 5 way for odds of about 20 or so
  13. Australian Open 2019

    I've seen it now .. ty Kingstar .. i can see the 4 player parlay
  14. Australian Open 2019

    @kingstarbr I will love to see who you are betting .. maybe I already missed that information
  15. Australian Open 2019

    Good luck with your bet.. I think its going to be an epic match to watch. Raonic has beaten Stan the last three times they played.. Both players look to be playing pretty well, and especially Raonic. I agree that it looks like Stan is struggling.. I just don't know how much, or if that will improve match by match.