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  1. Darko probably saved me on Alexandrova.. I don't have anything wagered on her... either way .. she's not playing well, and ferro looks really good to me.. super young talented player. I guess she's the top female prospect in france.
  2. Pliskova/Vekic double @ 1.82 with Pinnacle. I think Paolini is a more dangerous player than Errani, and in this case for some reason I'm trusting Krystyna more. I've seen she is moving well, and ball striking good enough.. I'm not sure how Errani is going to contend with the serving disadvantage, and Pliskova forehand is very powerful.
  3. I really don't like this bet .. but I won't be on the other side of the handicap .. good luck .. I think Vekic wins in straight sets quite easily.. something like 6-2 6-2
  4. I agree ... I'm not super confident with Alexandrova... Ferro is a wildcard, but I'm sure Ekaterina's serve is 100 times better, and also she is playing well enough form what I saw.. I did watch some of the end Giorgi and Peterson.. I was leaning Giorgi.. but i saw no evidence of her current form, and I've lost on her too many times in the past to feel comfortable.. I did see some of the Juvan - Vondrousova match as I mentioned earlier.. I am thinking Marketa going to win that match, and i missed most of the second half of it.. I think Marketa's form was probably bad, and slipping.. Javan really looked slow and hobbling around.. To sum things up.. Giorgi seemed with incredible shape, and Italy is supporting her here.. I think she wants to advance in her country.. and I'm dialing her up as the winner in the next round.. I think the odds are going to slightly favor Giorgi around -125, but I'm hoping for a better price than that.. Nonetheless .. I feel more comfortable with this bet than Alexandrova, but I will still consider Ekaterina, and have some thinking to do about that because I don't believe she should be the underdog.. If Ferro beats Podoroska .. thats fine but Nadia was coming off two tough three set matches, and she's not comparable to the talent she'll be facing in the next round.
  5. Well Gentleman.. the zombies have risen today.. Ferro has opened up as the favorite against the most underrated player on tour Ekaterina Alexandrova. Having said that.. I"m still not confident Alexandrova wins , but she looked good in the highlights I saw from her match. Probably will have to auto-bet this tomorrow, and i'm already a little bit excited about it .. the problem is I have other matches that I'm much more confident such as Vekic.. Italians might be on thin ice soon as Giorgi seems to be in some trouble vs Peterson. So fading all the italians tomorrow makes perfect sense to me.. I think Errani has some chances and maybe Paolini, but as I've said Sasnovich played quite well, and she seems healthy enough.. I have no idea how well Paolini is playing but certainly this girl is some future clay court specialist with alot of potential.
  6. @darko08 1. Javan looks slow and worn down to me -- I think Peterson or Giorgi can win that match in the next round 2. Yastremska should beat Dodin who also is not impressing me, but less confident with that one 3. Sasnovich should be able to beat Paolini.. She looked good form to me today beating Mertens 4. Samsonova is a very talented player.. I don't know what her status is physically.. have not seen her recent matches. 5. Alexandrova should advance past Ferro or Podoroska in the next round. 6. Siegemund has potential for an upset in the next round.. I'm uncertain with this matchup, and her opponent is still unknown.
  7. The little bit that I've seen from Donna Vekic practice.. She's hitting the ball clean, and in primo form for Palermo.. Dusting Rus in the first round is another good sign, but I have no idea how Cocciaretto is going to compete with the firepower and experience of Vekic.. I'd be pretty shocked if there was n upset with this match. Home Italians have made their waves already.. Path is now paved for Vekic, and certainly one of the top four contenders to win the tournament alongside Mertens, Vondrousova, and Kontaveit. Krystyna Pliskova is a dark horse.. I'm not sure how good she is playing.. The win over Sakkari hasn't sold me yet. The tournament feels pretty wide open, so there could be a chance for someone to sneak in there and grab the trophy, but out of those four players I prefer Vekic. So, this makes me believe that she'll make quick work of the young italian in straight sets. I actually completely forgot about Alexandrova and Yastremska as Title contenders... whom i might rate as greater chances than Vekic or atleast the same level.. Donna Vekic -286 to beat Cocciaretto with Pinnacle
  8. Pliskova was a banker bet.. Good pick on that +1.5 sets.. I wish i pulled that trigger.. I seen Sakkari didn't look in form especially for a clay court match vs a big hitter.. Great call though Czech.. Just another tally on a outright win for your handicap pick. Pure gold... Then Errani was the other value play.. They'll matchup against each other, and Pliskova is a good size favorite.. I feel its warranted, and won't be betting on Errani. I'm giving czech player 75% chances.
  9. @freeyourself84 .. I agree with czech.. try and keep the forum clean with good attitudes, and discussion of tennis.. Otherwise these places can get too toxic. Good luck !
  10. GL top .. I have no faith in Kiki at this price vs a top player.. I like the activity here though man .. Stay strong amigo
  11. I'd have to rate Paar as the better bet because I think they both have nearly an equal chance to win for some reason.. Now with Paar we are getting far better odds than Begu. As I mentioned I don't know this Paar player or seen tape on her, but feels like a clay specialist grinder coming in with good form here late in her career.
  12. There is quite a few Romanians in the draw. I do believe we're going to see some sort of surprise with this.. For me I'm thinking Begu or this Loana Paar player I'm unfamiliar with.. One of them has the chance to advance, and they are both live dogs in my mind.. Not an official play or anything. I'm not offered betting lines yet, and also not super confident with it.. Just throwing some opinions out there to be heard or discussed. 😇
  13. Holy Palermo.. Wow CP .. You are right on top of this hungry for some real matches.. I just came across this tournament on 5dimes.. Hoping my local bookie is going to offer also. I'm trying to come up with something that feels solid..