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  1. 3:30 Longchamp: Imperial Charm 14/1 Bet365 Yes Billy.. Next door lottery, but still very impressive to pick the wide open race where 125 cashed. 👽
  2. In the race Internet Mails picked today .. 125/1 horse won first place.. Lady Monica.. Mails had one of 2 other 100/1 horses in the race
  3. I've poisoned the chat room long enough here with my garbage opinions. I'll be taking a year absence at the minimum when maybe things are going better.. Win lots of money on your bets !
  4. Garin Analysis seems sound BlackRoses but: The issue I have with Garin is he can't be trusted firstly but after that.. I thought he was going to destroy Baena in Barcelona, and the he gets drug in 2 sets.. Now, next match all of a sudden Maden takes six games off him, and I don't rate Maden as a good player in this moment at all. Garin is not a mentally strong player at all.. Schwartzman is on the other hand.. If Diego wants to win this match and is healthy enough to do so.. He will win the match.. pretty simple as that to me.. Because all that great serving from Christian Garin will probably not be there tomorrow in Munich.. Just as it probably wasn't there in Barcelona vs Baena.
  5. I'd hate to talk to you out of Monfils if he wins, but you can probably find something better, and also you are laying some sizable juice with that bet.. The best way to make money even though I have not done it myself yet in the long run.. Make the Sportsbook pay you juice everytime you bet instead of charging us. Because alot of the time.. Nobody knows who the heck is going to win the matches, and do you really want to go up against Opelka. He's a dangerous player.. Just doesn't seem sharp to me.. I'd like to hear some more of your thoughts tho on a different match.
  6. There is 5 ATP players ranked from Brazil between 600-700, and not a single player ranked behind them .. This is either a glitch in the Atp rankings page or an incredibly strange phenomenon.
  7. @Blackroses you should post more also. Opole is doing a fine job here, and he's going to post when he can to help out. I suggest you give more opinions, and tell us what your best play is also if you like. Garin looks good to me by the way.. I'm a sucker for betting on him tho. Schwartzman doesn't seem to have it together yet.. I'm not sold with him. Opelka has won alot of matches this year including last match as an underdog, and an Atp 250 tournmanent in New York. He hits massive shots off both forehand and backhand wings.. Monfils is coming off an injury, and will be happy just to be playing tennis again.. In my opinion , this is not a good spot to expect Monfils to just come back to perfect form all of a sudden. Also this is his first match on clay for the entire year.. So I know that logic is sound, but doesn't mean I'm right.. gl
  8. will be pretty hard for me to bet Ehrat to start the day cuz i have no videos on him .. i just seen he looks real competitive but this match is not until mid day tomorrow anways .. so no worries
  9. @four-leaf whats the story with Sandro Ehrat.. He just double bageled Cuevas, and now he's a huge underdog vs Tommy Paul.. I don't think Paul can beat him.. whats your guys opinion?
  10. I've analyzed the quarterfinals of Barcelona. There is some interesting matchups for sure, and there was quite a few surprises in particular with Struff who does tend to do this quite a bit, and the notorious grinder Carballes Baena who found some way to beat the ferocious clay talent of Garin. Nonetheless, Nishikori is hitting screamers up the backhand line, and seems a bit farfetched to me for Baena to win this match.. It's a nice story, but Roberto has let me down too many times already, and he could be tired in this one. I have a feeling that Garin was not playing his best tennis in his defeat even though I did not see the match or videos. Now we are off to Struff - Nadal. Well, It's clear that Jan Lenard is capable of many things guarding an enormous serve, powerful baseline shots, and speedy movement around the court. Beating Tsitsipas is very good, but Nadal is on a different level to win.. It will have to be another debauchery such as Fognini murdering the ball to each wing of the baseline. This is another pride match, and Nadal has already too many letdowns.. I cannot see this magic happen in Barcelona, but I have placed small stake on Struff to insure the action in case I'm wrong. Yesterday I'm winning with Jarry in another scary one, but Dimitrov played reasonably well; as maybe Zverev also did in the match prior. There is some magic going on in the Jarry camp right now, and he does have some Chilean supporters at the tournament. He's covering all aspects of the defense, and hitting beautiful shots. Medvedev Winning vs Mcdonald doesn't impress me for some reason.. I do respect McDonald tho..Rating 45% completion Nicolas Jarry to beat Daniil Medvedev @ 4.0 with Pinnacle
  11. gl vikki , starfighter can do 1,2,3 maybe
  12. I noticed @four-leaf Lose one pick that is not insured by some other bet in combination or losing two picks in a row, and the whole empire can come crashing down if you bet aggressively. Its not like regular gambling at a casino.. You lose two bets in a row , and you win the next 3 bets after that just as easily... For me, when I start losing I will force the issue on the impossible, and then i'm a dummy in a crash course.. Well, I am trying to maintain control and get my bankroll to optimum level so I can buy into high stakes poker games which I usually do well.. All my money is constantly lost on these crazy tennis bets lol.