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  1. UK Weekend > Mar 25th & 26th

    Is that cos Scotland are shite? Only kidding mate England are no better. Gone for the favourites in a 6 fold today, Bristol Rovers, Sheffield United, Bolton, Blackpool, Exeter and Pompey..21's.
  2. UK Weekend > Mar 17th - 19th

    Right onto today, Villa are sticking out like a sore thumb away up at Wigan priced at 6/4. Villa have shown an upsurge in form of late with only defeat at Huddersfield. Wigan have sacked Warren Joyce this week, to be honest, they look a bit clueless and defeat against Bristol City last week hasn't helped matters either. Be interesting to see how they do now but I'm not convinced it'll make much difference they have struggled all season under two different managers, Villa win. Into League 2 now, Stevenage at home to Pompey, they are separated by 1 place and 4 points in the table yet Stevenage are priced at 7/2? Stevenage are in decent form of late and it's a real mystery as to why Stevenage are priced at 7/2 at home, thats just barmy. This Pompey love in from the bookies continues. Fair enough Pompey are in form but think they've priced this up wrong. Lastly, we'll take Allyhibs advice here and back Edinburgh City 5/2, good god one look at Clyde's record and thats bloody awful. Trusting you here Ally mate. To be fair Edinburgh have won their last 2 away games, so that gives us some confidence. Villa 6/4, Stevenage 7/2 and Edinburgh City 7/2 pays a whopping 38/1.  
  3. UK Weekend > Mar 17th - 19th

    God I feel like weeping mate, a big chance to heap some pressure on both you and Newcastle, make you win both win today but god, we were just rubbish all over the park, just so poor it's untrue. To be honest I think that hammers the nail in our automatic promotion coffin and it's yours and Newcastle's now from here on in. Going to have a study and come back with some bets after my lay off.
  4. UK Weekend > Feb 18th - 20th

    If we all pulled each other every week on our tips we'do be falling out all over the place. Let's just enjoy our punting and if we nail the bookies then all the better. No one is right and no one is wrong. Anyone trying to make a living out of this game is in for rough ride.
  5. UK Weekend > Feb 18th - 20th

    Forest have won their last 3 home games but they beat Bristol City, Rotherham United and Villa....all 3 of them are a total bag of spanners and most team would fancy their chances against them 3.
  6. UK Weekend > Feb 18th - 20th

    Right onto today, first off Sheffield Wednesday 13/10 against Forest. Forest have won their last 3 home games but Wednesday will be looking to consolidate their play off place and keep the chasers at arms length. Next selection the ever reliable Plymouth Argyle evs  away from home at Hartlepool. Pools are gash, 3 points for Plymouth. Norwich 11/10 at Burton, say no more. That treble pays 8/1.
  7. Weekend > Feb 10th - 12th

    Even when i back all the favourites.....i still can't win lol. That Scunthorpe result is a real coupon wrecker.
  8. Weekend > Feb 10th - 12th

    Not much to go on today, nothing is standing out. Quick word on my team Huddersfield Town, we are top of the form table in the Championship and we are on cracking form, full of confidence and are priced at 23/20 at QPR. Believe it or not, we have never ever won a league game at Loftus Road and QPR have picked up a little under the odious country bumpkin Holloway, who tipped us for relegation pre-season (lol). i'm hoping we can correct our never winning in that part of West London today and carry on or charge on the top 2. Think we are worth taking at that price today, think we might scrape a one niller. In the absence in the lack of real value on anyone think I it has to be form favourites this week, so I'm going to take the following, Reading 17/20 against Barnsley who have sold all their best players. Mansfield 4/6 they are in form and Hartlepool are no great shakes on the road. Fulham 3/5 at home to Wigan, I'm struggling to see why Fulham aren't in the play offs, they should take care of Wigan today. Scunthorpe 4/6 against Shrewsbury who are in decentish form of late but it's hard to see them getting anything at Glandular Fever Park. Norwich 4/6 at home to Forest, Norwich seem back to form of late. Pays a respectable 12/1 Going to have a speculative punt on 3 aways too Exeter 13/8, Blackburn 7/5 and Charlton 9/4 at 19/1.  
  9. Weekend > Feb 10th - 12th

    Having seen Leeds in the flesh last week they are a pretty physical side who rely on set plays a lot and superior fitness. If you can not let their physicality knock you out of your stride you might have a chance of getting something from the game....I won't be backing you though lol.
  10. Weekend > Feb 3rd - 5th

    I'm fancying Wolves here too, Sky Bet have them at 6/5, despite Burton's shock win at QPR, I think Wolves will have too much for them. Norwich have recently picked up a little and travel to Cardiff, sorry Stevie mate, but at 7/5 think they might win this one. Into League One for my next selection, Scunthorpe being offered away at Southend at 6/4, we'll take that. Norwich 7/5, Scunthorpe 6/4 and Wolves 6/5 pays 12/1    
  11. Midweek > Jan 31st - Feb 2nd

    We were electric in the first half, god knows what he said to them before hand, best performance of the season. My only complaint is that we didn't get anymore, don't think Brighton could have complained if we had won 6-1.
  12. Midweek > Jan 31st - Feb 2nd

    To be fair you would know I guess...did someone get sent off for Brighton, I'm sure someone was red carded?
  13. UK Weekend > Jan 27th - 29th

    Peed off with Leeds took a 6 team account today, all favourites, Fulham, Man Utd/Wigan over 2.5, Leeds, Celtic, Ghana and Egypt.....bloody Leeds with their youth team. It was more just to have a bit of interest.......grrrrr. 
  14. Midweek > Jan 31st - Feb 2nd

    Tough game for us but at least Murray is suspended for his red card at Lincoln. I do have a sneaky feeling for us though. We won at a canter on Saturday at Rochdale with a team made up of fairly second string players, although Rochdale kept handing us goals on a plate. I'll pass my opinion on the games later on when I've had a study.
  15. UK Weekend > Jan 27th - 29th

    I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself after this one.