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  1. The price on Kidderminster has really shortened greatly now to 10/11.
  2. Not sure how we are going to get on, Huddersfield but it could go either way, we get off to a good start and build some momentum and we could be in the mix but if not, who knows. Seiwert is hell bent on 443 which I'm no fan off and I don't think our squad is good enough. I do think we'll Derby though.
  3. Should Luxembourg be 7/1 against Ukraine? Be interesting to see how this one plays out, think Luxembourg are worth a double chance here.
  4. You had no losers in there, did you perm that bet or have it as a straight acca?
  5. Lincoln are a crazy 2/1 at Forest Green, nothing to suggest Forest Green are any great shakes on recent form. Unless Lincoln have an injury crisis I'm baffled at the price.
  6. That's some come back from Dagenham. I'm hoping for something similar from Leyton Orient.
  7. Now we know why Salford started to drift. Salford 1-2 Braintree latest.
  8. You do know that Barnet drew? Although the Maidenhead tip was a belter.
  9. Out of the 3 times I've backed you this season, you've lost twice, don't do it again.
  10. The worst thing about it is I picked out the other two away winners, who are both winning comfortable but Wrexham are having a chuffing horror show.
  11. Just as Leyton Orient go 2 up, Wrexham go 2 down...for god's sake.
  12. Just with Wrexham I think it's worth coupling them up with Hartlepool and Leyton Orient. Hartlepool are at the fast fading Halifax, Pool's, although not scoring many don't concede many either and have been picking up wins lately so at 13/8 they are worth it. Leyton Orient are at Harrogate who have been all conquering but I reckon that Orient could well get 3 points here today, they'll be quietly confident I would have thought. Wrexham 12/5, Hartlepool 13/8, Leyton Orient 17/10 pays 24/1.
  13. Park Avenue too. The Wrexham and the Leyton Orient results were as good as it got for me. The Conference National is looking increasingly like it could be a 3 horsed race, even this early, Wrexham and Leyton Orient making statements today with big important wins. Harrogate keep getting the results though be interesting to see if they can keep the pace.
  14. Taken a five fold Wrexham 7/5 against Ebbsfleet, Wrexham seem to be fairly water tight defence wise and keep a lot clean sheets, always enables you a chance to in games. Ebbsfleet are decent away from home but extremely in and out in general. Leyton Orient evs, Barnet have picked up of late but at home Orient all the way. Bradford PA 13/10 and Eastbourne 9/5 because Darran says so that's good enough for me. Wealdstone 13/10 against Chelmsford both teams seem very evenly matched but Wealdstone have the better form in the last two games. Pays 71/1.
  15. Good to see the Tamplin Circus is continuing at Billericay, the club's up for sale, no it's not, he's in charge of the team, the club's not for sale I'm staying, come back Wheeler, no I'm off Maidstone, new manager dismissed after 2 hours for something he said last year!! Jeez you couldn't make it up.
  16. Well @Darran you've had a shocker today, uncharacteristically so. Just two winners. Ebbsfleet concede a comedy own goal too. Must say in the last two rounds of National League games there has been a right dearth of goals about.
  17. Are countries going to take these games more seriously now there is a competitive competition to it? I'll be honest bit confused about the format but from what I can tell there appears to be a mini 4 team finals next summer from the group A league, which contains England and somekind of qualification for the next European Championships.
  18. When I said 'easily' I didn't mean win the game at a canter, I meant they could easily win as in win the game.
  19. Salford concede a lot of goals mate, far too many for a team that potentially should be challenging at the top end of the table. Fylde bagged their first away win on Saturday so I do have to agree, they could easily win this tonight. It's a brave man that backs Chesterfield who have lost 5 on the bounce @Darran, especially away from home. They need to improve before they can be backed with any confidence but you know your stuff mate. Barnet are starting to turn it round, as expected so I've taken them in a 4 fold along with Hartlepool, Ebbsfleet and Sutton, pays 22's.
  20. Some good picks today @Darran but the Salford result is a disappointment being reduced to 10 men. Think Concord best be avoided for the minute conceding 9 in two games. The Ebbsfleet is especially disappointing given Fylde had picked up nothing on the road but it mattered not a jot. One team that has picked up recently is Hartlepool, 3 consecutive victories, 2 on the road beating Havant today. Harrogate continue to excel too.
  21. Covered a 4 fold here of Salford, Leyton Orient, Concord and Alfreton. Also a more ambitious of the 4 above plus Ebbsfleet and Wrexham.
  22. Anyone thinking of back my team Huddersfield, don't, our record in this competition is lousy and we've had a woeful start to the season. I genuinely think we'll probably lose to Stoke, although I hope we don't, we're desperate for somekind of positive result. Back Stoke.
  23. Yeah but they didn't beat Solihull today @Darran
  24. Managed to get Wrexham at 19/10 at Solihull, am I missing something here? Wrexham are top and have won every away game so far, that's a big price on someone so in form.
  25. 4 out of 6 there @Darran, the Hartlepool one was a good spot. Although the Havant/Salford result was just typical after it was expected to be a goal fest. Disappointed in the Maidstone result too after leading 2-1 then going on to lose.
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