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    Xcout reacted to harry_rag in NAPS COMPETITION - Rules Amendment   
    The first part reinforces the bit about the price being available at the time of posting. I agree with that. I don't for one minute suspect that @Zilzalian would cynically be putting up naps where the price was long gone but the rule closes off that loophole for anyone who was cunning enough. The rule doesn't actually stipulate that the race or price has to be on Oddschecker though that may have been the intent.
    To give another good reason to support the change, I looked at one meeting (French or German, I forget) that WAS on ATR, WAS on Oddschecker but the 365 prices weren't displayed.
    As long as it's verifiable that the price was available with an approved bookie at the time of posting it seems fine to me.
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    Xcout got a reaction from LeMale in NAPS COMPETITION - Rules Amendment   
    My bad, clearly the rules state:
    SP Bets only for races in USA, Hong Kong and Australia.
    Yet it also mentions:
    Early prices can be taken but must be available at the time of the post in the competition thread, these will be checked against   Odds-checker and if the price was not available then SP will be used.
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    Xcout reacted to harry_rag in NAPS COMPETITION - Rules Amendment   
    They don't though. It would be fine at price taken subject to being on ATR. This rule change resolves the anomaly that some meetings are on there one day but not the other, which is a bit random.
    I'd suggest that the time IS required to prove that the price was available at the time the bet was posted. You can't have someone posting a price they took hours ago that has since collapsed. Looking at my most recent bet history on 365 it clearly shows the time the bet was posted (though I don't know how to post screenshots without wasting 5 minutes googling to remind myself.)
    Essentially this is a fairly minor change to allow early prices to be taken on these bets regardless of the current ATR stipulation. Provided it can be verified that the price was available at the time of posting. (Oh and the new "curfew" rule of course.)
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    Xcout reacted to harry_rag in NAPS COMPETITION - Rules Amendment   
    As Jane Austen put it, "it is a truth universally acknowledged"! 
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    Xcout reacted to MCLARKE in NAPS COMPETITION - Rules Amendment   
    @harry_ragis correct.
    As an example the night before you could select 5 horses at 20/1, the following day 4 remain at 20/1 but one has been backed into 5/1 so you select this as your nap.
    The screenshot I posted was also from BET365 so @Zilzaliancould just have easily posted this.
    I'm happy to keep the thread open, I find it mildly entertaining !
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    Xcout reacted to harry_rag in NAPS COMPETITION - Rules Amendment   
    Possibly? Otherwise could there be a scenario where someone takes a bet at a juicy price and only posts it when it's been heavily backed in? I think the principle of being able to verify that the price was available at the time of posting is relevant. (I check this for all my bets as half the time I'm not putting them on with the firm I mention as I get get a boost on top elsewhere, but I check on the bookies site that the odds I'm quoting are available at the time I post.)
    If I was @MCLARKE I'd probably feel I'd had enough feedback now, lock the thread and make my decision. I don't think anyone can expect "one man, one vote" unless they're willing to be elected as the person who runs the naps competition from now on! 
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    Xcout reacted to LeMale in NAPS COMPETITION - Rules Amendment   
    Unless someone, somewhere has written something i've not seen, i can't see who this is addressed to. 
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    Xcout reacted to LeMale in NAPS COMPETITION - Rules Amendment   
    There have been some valid questions and valid points made already by my colleges above and i am a little confused on some things. 
    Firstly MClarke, i thought, (though i could be wrong, memory isn't what it used to be) said somewhere through the Zilzalian Problem thread, that a possible change to the rules could happen if everyone agreed and that it would be discussed in the Naps thread. I waited for this to appear to see other peoples views, but alas, it did not appear. If this is that, then i apologise, but your heading would appear to be saying that you ARE changing the rules and it's happening from the 1st September and although you mention at the end about objections, i would have thought that you should have started with this, if in fact, it is not yet a done deal. (My personal understanding was that there would be a vote) 
    Ok, the "Zilzilian Problem". I love the banter on here, lots of us punters all with different views and some like to express it and defend it, while others just get entertained reading it! I think i've only seen a couple that have maybe gone a bit too far, but normally, all good fun and banter. The argument here, imo and reading between the lines, was Zilzalian was asking for the rules to be looked at and possibly amended and some thought he was throwing his dummy out the pram not getting the points in the Nap comp. I am sure Zilzalian was peeved-off but i never read that he wanted it changed so he could have his picks and prices re-instated. The reading between the lines bit comes from the "likes" for his posts and "likes" for the comments under his posts from other people, of which there were a lot. Now i could be wrong, but imo that meant most (myself included) were disagreeing with the "Problem" but it might have just been some were not happy at the way it was worded and got the wrong end of the stick and i don't think he helped himself when he basically called us idiots and told us to read it again and put ourselves in his shoes. Well i did that the first time because i'm not an idiot, i just follow the rules because i've read them and i don't agree or understand why some are in place, but i still follow them. (looks like i'm having a pop at you here mate, sorry not meant to be, but can't be bothered to re-word, maybe it was the same for you) I still see some of us using bookies that are not used on PL and some that say "with most" another Problem waiting to happen. It's a shame this point wasn't raised before the 28-1 winner or even before the other winner.....why didn't you? Also want to make it clear i am NOT speaking on everyones behalf just in case anyone thought that, with my "reading between the lines" theory and no offence was intended to Zilzilian, who i don't always agree with, but do most of the time and always read what he has to write especially when him and The Equalizer are going at it, i love it. 
    I've waffled on a bit here but, my main problem comes with this screenshot. Surprised you didn't say that it should be posted when putting the nap on in the first place as mentioned above and PercyP about that delaying the evening table point. Also, there is No Time on these that i can see and surely that's a problem. Many a time when putting up my Nap after putting on my bets as i go and deciding what to put up (can take hours, a bit like this message) i find i've lost the price of my bet and have to put it up at lesser odds, but now are you saying i can just screenshot my bet from earlier and use that? (not that i know how to do that, but you would have to allow it because you are for the overseas races) Most importantly is the extra work and hassle it will cause you, which will get worse if more people start doing it. I don't know where you confirm everyones odds (oddschecker?) but if it's on there, then fair enough, but i'm assuming some are not and that's where we are. If MClarke says he doesn't want the extra work then that's it, no rule change. If however he says he doesn't mind (which is what it looks like) then imo there should be a vote (not that my opinion counts for anything, it's not my site!) and what ever the outcome i will follow. I will also say that i have brought up these points because i have the time and i don't mind if people think i'm just talking out my back-side, i'm speaking on behalf of people who haven't the time and/or are a bit shy to say something. Anyway, hope it all gets resolved soon, hope i have not offended any one and if i have i'm sorry it wasn't my intention to do so. 
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    Xcout reacted to harry_rag in NAPS COMPETITION - Rules Amendment   
    Presumably the early price can only be taken from the currently specified bookmakers allowed for early prices generally?
    Why not require the screenshot to be provided when posting the selection as opposed to on an “if it wins” basis? Otherwise you might find yourself updating the table with the evidence yet to come.
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    Xcout reacted to MCLARKE in YORK TIPSTERS COMPETITION - Leaderboard   
    4 winners today sees @thebesttherewinning the daily prize and finishing 2nd overall.
    Despite a blank day @Zilzalianhangs on to win the overall competition. Congratulations.
    Well done to @Quartu SEwho finishes 3rd.
    Could the prize winners please PM pay-pal details.
    Allow 21 days for payment.
    Next competition will be over the jumps.

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    Xcout reacted to avongirl in Division 7 - Season 1 Week 1 Selections   
    @BBBC @ivan356 @Alex Bird @helderjma @Deauville @Peter York @Chris P @Marek76 @Xcout @nawoo @Squirrel Nutkin @YAMe @Fire and Ice @Procalc @catman123 @AdriaN92 @monty63 @DanPUP @AdSki16
    Good luck Division 7
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    Xcout got a reaction from MCLARKE in York Ebor - Day 2 Selections   
    1.50 - Queen Me    
    2.25 - Remarkable Force
    3.00 - Boosala
    3.35 - La Petite Coco
    4.10 - Luna Dorada
    4.45 - One Nation
    5.20 - Adaay in Asia
    1.50 - Sweet Harmony
    2.25 - Secret Angel
    3.00 - Saga
    3.35 - Poptronic
    4.10 - Pearl Beach
    4.45 - Rock of England
    5.20 - Espresso
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    Xcout reacted to avongirl in Tipsters Challenge Football Competition - NEW PLAYERS APPLY HERE   
    You 5 are all back in.  Please try to last the distance this time!
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    Xcout reacted to avongirl in Tipsters Challenge Football Competition Season 2022/23   
    We have the Green light for go go go,  so will get the new details up this weekend
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    Xcout reacted to avongirl in Tipsters Challenge Football Competition Season 2022/23   
    Going to have to defer the start of this another week, we will probably almost definitely   start up with next weekend's matches.  I'm just waiting for  sign off on the structure and prizes, otherwise we might be playing for no money or 10p from my Paypal account.  It does mean we'll hopefully finish nearer to the end of the actual football season as 3 lots of 10 plus admin week and WC break brings us to May.  And now Prem league followers get to study both home and away form
    In the meantime, if you're a new player wishing to join please post your interest in last year's thread which I'll keep running on for now until new details go up https://forum.punterslounge.com/topic/177992-tipsters-challenge-football-competition-season-202122-new-players-apply-here/
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    Xcout got a reaction from avongirl in Tipsters Challenge Football Competition - NEW PLAYERS APPLY HERE   
    count me in please! wiill do my best!
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    Xcout reacted to avongirl in Tipsters Challenge Football Competition - NEW PLAYERS APPLY HERE   
    Just a quick message on this for 2022/23 season.  I intended to get going for Prem league start this week but haven't had chance to get it sorted so rather than rush and potentially catch people out we'll look to start weekend of 13th.  This also coincides with the Spanish La Liga restart so we should have the full complement of matches for then.
    I'm intending to hold just 3 seasons this time so we can do the full 10 week run with a week off in between.  We'll also need to take a break mid-season when the World Cup break starts.
    Everyone who completed season 4 last year will be allocated a place and new players are also invited to join in.  I will put up a new thread as soon as possible with confirmation of the Divisions and for new players to show their interest.
    In the meantime, study the form!
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    Xcout got a reaction from StevieDay1983 in 2022/23 Punters Lounge Fantasy Football League Sign Up Thread   
    Manager: Jorge Mancebo
    Team: Antimasys FC
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    Xcout reacted to StevieDay1983 in 2022/23 Punters Lounge Fantasy Football League Sign Up Thread   
    Hi everyone! OK, so the time has come for us to get the 2022/23 Punters Lounge Fantasy Football League sign ups underway!
    A couple of simple rules...
    1. Sign up using the link above.
    2. Confirm in a post in this thread your manager name and team name so we know who to contact for any prizes. Failure to do so will mean you are ineligible to win the prizes.
    Speaking of the prizes, these will be confirmed in the coming weeks before the competition starts. There will be prizes for the best placed overall finishers in the classic league table with a prize structure as follows...
    1. £100
    2. £50
    3. £20
    We will also be looking to offer out monthly prizes so every month you will have an opportunity to win something. We will only be running a single classic league this year with no head-to-head paid entry league. This will hopefully keep it simpler, more enjoyable, and allow us to offer better prizes.
    Does @Team Sagga have what it takes to retain his title from last season? Will @Sebastiannsimmy go one better and take the throne this season? Can we expect to see the likes of @jarvisla, @u1905068, and @DLL carry their success from the H2H league into the classic league this time around? Or will our winners be one of you?
    Here is the link to get involved...
    Get involved! 
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    Xcout reacted to avongirl in Punters Lounge Exclusive £150 added Poker League - July Leg 4 - Wednesday 27th July - NLHE   
    Elliott gets a great start to the month with a win in leg 1
    We have leg 2 tonight, same format as last week with a NLHE 3000 chip tourney.  Game set up and open for registration now, starts at 8.10pm with 20 minutes added late registration period.  No problem if you missed last week as it's 3 weeks scores to count over the month so please jump in if you're available. 
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    Xcout got a reaction from LIKE2FISH in Punters Lounge Exclusive £150 added Poker League - July Leg 4 - Wednesday 27th July - NLHE   
    In the end I find it. They move it from the more... section to under all Games in Home Games...yet I was late..
    Good luck all...
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    Xcout reacted to avongirl in Punters Lounge Exclusive £150 added Poker League - June Fun Week - Weds 29th June - NLHE Bounty/Winner Takes All   
    We have gone with a Winner Takes All ($3+30c NLHE 3000 chips) but I've set it up also as a Knockout (Bounty) so half the buy ins go to the bounty fund and the other half will go to the tournament winner.  It will probably not make the first break
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    Xcout reacted to avongirl in Punters Lounge Exclusive £150 added Poker League - June Fun Week - Weds 29th June - NLHE Bounty/Winner Takes All   
    What a fight between the 2 June super powers, with 2 wins a piece for McG and muttley.  In the end a next best 4th beat a 6th/7th and it's @McG who is crowned our June champion.  The final leg multiplier didn't actually change this result although it would have been even closer between them without it.  The 3rd podium spot is taken by Rivrd who appropriately had 3 third place finishes this month.  Well done to all 3 of you, I'm sure I have your Paypal details already so I'll send those off for payment.
    We have a spare week this week so if @McG would like to choose a game for us to play I'll set that up.  There are all the variants, or bounty games.  There's also now an option to do a game with web cam enabled if you fancy a go!
    1st  @McG  £75 + PL Mug and Pens
    2nd  @muttley  £45
    3rd  @Rivrd  £30
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    Xcout reacted to avongirl in FINAL LEAGUE TABLES (2021/22 Season 4 Week 8)   
    Well here we are at the end of the whole football year after a very enjoyable 10 months of competitons.  Thank you to everyone who has taken part over the 4 seasons, your participation and contributions are much appreciated. ⚽
    Our final week of the season produced a healthy weekly profit although only 18 winning bets, and there are some movers at the top of most of the Divisions.  Overall we are in deficit, but 34 players ended up with an individual profit, well done to you all. 
    Bet of the week and also biggest profit goes to @Budgie 65 with an 11.5/1 treble followed by @MacPhisto's 8.5/1 treble and then @BARNSLEYCHOP and @PercyP both around 8/1.
    Congratulations to all our Division winners and to our worthy overall leader @andellio who extended his lead with another winning bet making it 7 out of 8 winning weeks
    Not sure if we have anything in the pipeline for the Summer but I will see you for the new season in August
    Tables coming up in the next post 
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    Xcout reacted to The Equaliser in BILLY HILLS NAP TABLE - May 2022   
    Yes indeed.  But people do follow other members on the forum.  This can be a problem when one is following a member and they have a strategy in play.  Alistair is very successful at what he does and no one can deny him of this.  However, for anyone following his selections I would suggest that they do so early in the month whilst he is trying to achieve the magic £10 profit.  I do hope that this advice helps some members 
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