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  1. Re: It's a long way to a £100k In hindsight I think the loser here was a rather poor bet. If Sunderland were to win it was very likely be by the 1-0 scoreline. Everton have been struggling for goals recently and Sunderland look a little resurgent under new management. Perhaps I got a little slack in that selections this week. I've actually dropped below half my previous bank high so stakes shall be reduced to 20% now. 42.) Sunderland v Everton - LAY 1-0 @ 11.5 -£24.36 43.) QPR v Stoke - BACK Over 0.5 goals @ 1.11 +£2.56 Start Bank: £100.00 Current Bank: £75.89 P/L: -£24.11

  2. Re: It's a long way to a £100k Oh dear that wasn't suppose to happen. Chelsea won 3-0 away at Fulham but to be fair it could have been worse because Wigan had good chances to win against Man City but they squander them. Now I'm operating at a loss for the first time in this GH. Maybe a silly time to start thinking about banking profit but I think it's an important thing to think about. Should I get back upto £150 that shall be my first banking point where I bank 5% of the total bank at the stage and I shall continue to do that every time I reach a new £50 interval (£200, £250, £300, £350, ect.). I do like the idea of this because if I manage to make this work I'll be slowly withdrawing money from the bank but at the same time maintaining the majority of the funds for the challenge. After all the end aim is to make some money and the profit is never really profit until you've banked it and spent it. Results 39.) Barnsley v Derby - LAY 0-0 @ 12 +£2.68 40.) Man City v Wigan - LAY Wigan @ 13 +£2.51 41.) Fulham v Chelsea - BACK Fulham (+2.5) @ 1.14 -£31.65 Start Bank: £100.00 Current Bank: £97.69 P/L: -£2.31

  3. Re: West Ham v Manchester United > Wed 17th April Think the draw offers some value in this game. West Ham are a solid enough mid-table team and Man United are so far clear in the league hat there's no great need for them to go all-out for the win in this one. Both teams would probably consider a draw a decent result and if the scores are level towards the end of the game you could see both team happily play out the game for a point apiece. 3/1 for the draw looks good to me.

  4. Re: It's a long way to a £100k Barnsley will have this marked as a game they really have to win if they want to survive relegation. Derby have a poor away record but more often than not they manage to find a goal or two. 39.) Barnsley v Derby - LAY 0-0 @ 12 Liability: £31.02, Potential Profit: £2.68

  5. Re: It's a long way to a £100k

    Yeah' date=' don't beat yourself up about that red card - it really wasn't a game for rash challenges and loads of cards. Solid selection IMO.[/quote'] I'm glad you came to same conclusion as me. I've all but forget about it already there really is no point in dwelling on losers. Only one of my bets that looked in any danger out of my weekend bets was the Everton/QPR one but thankfully the home side decided to see out the game rather than put QPR further to the sword after going 2-0 up. Everton also hit the post in the game as well so it could have easily been 3-0, although I thought that would have been a little harsh on QPR. Results 36.) Everton v QPR - LAY 3-0 @ 12.5 +£2.34 37.) Millwall v Wigan - BACK Under 4.5 goals @ 1.15 +£4.05 38.) Stoke v Man United - LAY Over 4.5 goals @ 7.8 +£4.19 Start Bank: £100.00 Current Bank: £124.55 P/L: +£24.55
  6. Re: It's a long way to a £100k

    Unlucky mate' date=' it's funny how these things go sometimes.[/quote'] It is indeed. A week's good work wiped out with one silly foul. Can't complain though it was definitely a red card with Vertonghen being the last man. Always seems more damning when it happens so late in the game though. Always worth reminding yourself of "lucky" winners in situations like this. The game turned into quite a frantic affair, although a red card didn't really look in danger at any point up until the actual sending off. Perhaps I did get a little over-confident and shouldn't have gone for a bet at such long odds in comparison to my previous bets, although in some ways I'd much rather lose trying to gain a bigger amount than say if I'd have gone for a 1.05 shot and have it beat. That being said I still think it was a sound bet despite it being a loser. The bank high point would have been surpassed if I'd won with that bet as well, but it was not to be. I'm still in profit overall and I'm be back with more bets soon. Results 34.) Rubin Kazan v Chelsea - LAY 0-0 @ 10.5 +£3.69 35.) FC Basel v Tottenham - BACK Sending Off? No @ 1.33 -£37.82 Start Bank: £100.00 Current Bank: £113.57 P/L: +£13.57
  7. Re: It's a long way to a £100k Bit of a peculiar one here maybe. But having looked through disciplinary records, a red card looks rather unlikely here. Basel have had only one red card all season and knowing the Spurs side I don't think they have any really aggressive players in their side. The lack of Bale & Lennon in the Spurs side surely makes a red card less likely as well since they are usual prime targets for getting fouled and getting opposition players in trouble. Slightly bigger odds than I usually go for here and there's always room for things to go wrong with bets like this, a stupid refereeing decision or one player losing his temper for example. Interestingly enough a rather big chunk as already matched @ 1.22 on this market. First game seemed to be played in good spirit also with just the three yellow cards. 35.) FC Basel v Tottenham - BACK Sending Off? No @ 1.33 Liability: £37.82, Potential Profit: £11.72

  8. Re: It's a long way to a £100k Odds seems a little slim for a 0-0 here, given Rubin are 3-1 behind from the first leg and need to score two or more goals to have any chance of progression. Chelsea will probably set-up a little defensively but they've still got an abundance of attacking talent and an away goal for them here would be big help as well. Even if the game does turn into a dull 0-0 until late in the game, there's surely got to be the incentive there from Rubin to throw caution to the wind and attack which should lead to a more open finish to the game if it does indeed begin a cagey game. I like opposing the 0-0 in games like these. 34.) Rubin Kazan v Chelsea - LAY 0-0 @ 10.5 Liability: £36.86, Potential Profit: £3.69

  9. Re: It's a long way to a £100k Man City won the derby 2-1 with a hat-trick never looking likely. Barnsley got a point against Cardiff in a 1-1 draw. Lisowski went onto win his match comfortably, finishing a 10-4 victor. The Barcelona/PSG game was an interesting one tonight the 1-0 lay looked in slight danger I thought with it staying 0-0 for longer than expected. But PSG scoring made the bet a winner and in the some regards the may feel themselves unlucky to get knocked out. Nearly back up to my previous 'bank high point' but still just under five quid away, hopefully a couple more bets and I should be there. Results 30.) Man United v Man City - LAY Hat-trick scored? Yes @ 17.5 +£1.97 31.) Cardiff v Barnsley - BACK Over 0.5 goals @ 1.08 +£2.64 32.) Barcelona v PSG - LAY 1-0 @ 11.5 +£3.20 33.) Jack Lisowski v James Wattana - BACK Jack Lisowski @ 1.09 (IP) +£2.93 Start Bank: £100.00 Current Bank: £147.70 P/L: +£47.70

  10. Re: It's a long way to a £100k Picked out this other one. Lisowski is currently 7-2 up in this best of 19 frames World Championship qualifier, game not in-progress presently but shall conclude this evening with the second session. Think 1.09 is a cracking price here to be fair. 33.) Jack Lisowski v James Wattana - BACK Jack Lisowski @ 1.09 (IP) Liability: £35.38, Potential Profit: £2.93

  11. Re: It's a long way to a £100k Nicely set-up after the first leg this one. Expect an attacking game therefore making 1-0 Barcelona unlikely. PSG have to win or get a high-scoring draw to qualify. Therefore there seems little sense in them sitting back if they do go 1-0 down, only real worry is if it stays 0-0 for a long time. 32.) Barcelona v PSG - LAY 1-0 @ 11.5 Liability: £35.38, Potential Profit: £3.20

  12. Re: It's a long way to a £100k Perhaps slightly risky given the striking talents of both teams. But conversely you could say both teams have good defenses as well. Not entirely convinced both Van Persie and Rooney will start for United, plus City tend to switch and change their strikers aroundand very rarely does Mancini not substitute strikers during games. 30.) Man United v Man City - LAY Hat-trick scored? Yes @ 17.5 Liability: £34.15, Potential Profit: £1.97

  13. Re: It's a long way to a £100k Heading back in the right direction with these results. Norwich/Swansea had a lot more goals than I was expecting but thankfully not enough to make my bet a loser. Sunderland had the audacity to go ahead against Chelsea, but they ultimately lost 2-1. Results 24.) Joe Swail v Stephen Rowlings - BACK Joe Swail @ 1.11 (IP) +£3.18 25.) Reading v Southampton - LAY 0-0 @ 15.5 +£2.05 26.) Norwich v Swansea - BACK Under 5.5 goals @ 1.05 +£1.48 27.) Galatarsary v Mersin Idman Yurdu - BACK Over 1.5 goals @ 1.14 (IP) +£4.27 28.) Liverpool v West Ham - LAY 2-2 @ 26 +£1.26 29.) Chelsea v Sunderland - LAY Sunderland @ 11.5 +£3.00 Start Bank: £100.00 Current Bank: £136.84 P/L: +£36.84 Screenshot [ATTACH]4594[/ATTACH]


  14. Re: It's a long way to a £100k Realise Liverpool game has already kicked-off I placed bet pre-kick off shall post screenshot when I update result later. 28.) Liverpool v West Ham - LAY 2-2 @ 26 Liability: £33.00, Potential Profit: £1.26 29.) Chelsea v Sunderland - LAY Sunderland @ 11.5 Liability: £33.07, Potential Profit: £3.00

  15. Re: It's a long way to a £100k In-play this score 0-1, Galatarsary down to ten men. Quite a frantic game. '36 minutes in. 27.) Galatarsary v Mersin Idman Yurdu - BACK Over 1.5 goals @ 1.14 (IP) Liability: £32.04, Potential Profit: £4.27

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