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** October Poker League Result : 1st avongirl, 2nd McG, 3rd Rhino_Power **
** October Naps Competition Result: 1st internetmails, 2nd Donnyflyer, 3rd vangovin, 4th Peter York. KO Cup Winner mickyftm32. Most Winners waggy: **


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  1. 46 minutes ago, The Red Devil said:

    Good Luck! :ok

    Have you set any targets to hit???

    Thanks! and I don't have any specific targets just one bet at a time and see where it takes me. I'm sure if I can manage to get it upto a significant amount then I'll withdraw some of the profit along the way.

    1.) QPR v Sunderland - LAY 3-3 @ 110 (Final Score: 1-2)  +£0.91

    New Bank: £100.91

    2.) Wanderers v Junior - LAY 3-3 @ 190

  2. Hello, not been on this forum in quite a while but thought I would start a GH again. Going to be laying 3-3s, full bank each time and see how it goes.

    Welcome aboard the lay 3-3 juggernaut :lol

    Starting Bank: £100.00

    Bet 1.) QPR v Sunderland - LAY 3-3 @ 110


  3. Re: The return of the one bet to €20k challenge

    Another goal for Ings today putting him joint top with Rhodes...
    Yeah good week for you. Two weeks without a Rhdoes goal is something of a drought for him. Although Steele ('Boro keeper) made a cracking save to deny him last week and from reports it sounds like Kuzczask (Brighton keeper) had a good game today to keep him out as well. Don't know if you noticed the news about Blackburn's latest financial reports but it looks very grim indeed (over £50m in debt). There is the possibility that if a good offer comes in for Rhdoes during January the club may find it very difficult to refuse given the financial state. Just thought I'd mention it because this is one of those little factors that could end up influencing the likelihood of your bet winning. Indeed Rhodes is the main danger to your bet at the minute, him leaving the Championship in January would be a major boost for you.
  4. Re: Norwich City v West Ham > Saturday November 9th Under 2.5 goals been on the drift at Betfair. Currently 1.93 there now looks decent enough value for me. West Ham always set-up defensively away from home and again play with no recognised striker. Norwich do play with an attacking line-up but have struggled for goals this season. Two equally matched side as well, would be surprised if this isn't a close encounter.

  5. Re: Capital One Cup > 29th / 30th October Like the look of the price available on Fulham and West Ham tonight. Up against both Burnley & Leicester who's priority has to be getting promotion to the Premier League. Both teams available at decent prices in my opinion. Burnley v West Ham - BACK West Ham @ 2/1 (Skybet) Leicester v Fulham - BACK Fulham @ 11/5 (Various)

  6. Re: The return of the one bet to €20k challenge Very interesting bet you've got again. Nice price on Ings top goalscorer but as you say Rhodes will take some stopping in the goalscoring charts, he scored 28 last season and that was in a struggling Blackburn side. Blackburn look much improved this season so I'll be very surprised if Rhodes isn't around the 30 goals mark against this season. Burnley look real promotion challengers now though and they just can't stop winning at the minute.

  7. Re: Crystal Palace v Arsenal > Saturday October 26th The odds on this game look correct to me. Crystal Palace looked a sorry state during the second half against Fulham and now having lost Holloway it is difficult to see where the inspiration is going to come from to put in a level of performance capable of beating a team like Arsenal. Instead of match odds I think it is best to look elsewhere, I particularly like the look of the anytime goalscorer market in this match. Ozil and Ramsey both in good form and are available at 2/1 (Bet365) to score anytime. In addition I've noticed Palace have conceded penalties in three games this season and they all came against the 'top sides' in Liverpool, Man United & Tottenham. Arteta is Arsenal's penalty taker and is 5/1 (Skybet) to score anytime which seems good value to me as I think there's a good chance of a penalty in this game with the likelihood of Arsenal having a lot of the ball.

  8. Re: Fulham v Stoke City > Saturday October 5th I'd honestly still rate Fulham has being the better team of the two teams here. Stoke have looked decent and hard-working under Hughes but they lack any sort of creativity spark going forward. Fulham have disappointed so far this season but Berbatov is still a class act and Bent a reliable goal-scorer. Fulham look too big available at 2.45 for this game. I was expecting them to be around 5/4 to be honest so I see good value here.

  9. Re: Confederations Cup 2013 To be honest the Nigeria v Tahiti game looks a massive swerve to me. Nigeria without all their best attackers and have struggled for goals in their World Cup qualifying group and nobody knows how Tahiti are going to play (one would presume ultra defensive with everyone back behind the ball).

  10. Re: Where there's life there's hope It's good to see you back in action. That was a stroke of luck in the cricket, still can't quite believe Kieran Pollard lopped one up in the air like that knowing the situation with the threat of rain looming large and the knowledge they were ahead of D/L if they hadn't lost another wicket. A lot of people were writing off South Africa pre-tournament and I admit they weren't my fancy either but they've got through to the last four, given the fairly equal quality of all the teams involved it is a difficult one to call. I actually backed Italy (6/1) and Netherlands (8/1) pre-tournament for the European U21 championship. Out of the two I actually do favour Italy slightly although I expect a close game between the two today. Spain are the obvious favourites although I think they are beatable and perhaps still slightly over-rated hence why I opposed them at the start of the tournament.

  11. Re: Confederations Cup 2013 People always seem to get very excited at opposing teams of dubious quality in any sort of market. In a sense the involvement of Tahiti in this tournament is one of the main reasons behind my following bet. Top Goalscorer - Luis Suarez @ 9/1 (Ladbrokes) May be a bold statement but for me Suarez us the best player at this tournament above all the stars that Spain, Brazil and Italy possess. Uruguay are a difficult team to gauge they've impressed at World Cups and won the latest Copa America tournament yet their recent form in World Cup qualifying as seen them come under scrutiny. Looking at the groups, Group B is clearly the easiest one with it looking like a straight shoot-out between Uruguay and Nigeria to see who progresses from that group alongside Spain. Now onto Tahiti which people seem to love to discuss. They are very much an unknown and the only real yardstick upon which they can be measured is against New Zealand, whom they played twice last year and lost twice. Looking at their world rankings at the comparable European teams it seems that they are slightly better than Luxembourg but not as good as Moldova although these ratings are very vague and not to be fully trusted it does give some idea to how much quality this team may possess. The conclusion I suppose is that they are not very good and nothing but a group of amateur footballers that all but one ply the trade in Tahiti (can't really blame them for it). As a result you could expect them to ship a fair few goals in this tournament. For me Suarez is therefore the obvious choice for a top goalscorer bet, Nigeria have brought a weakened squad to this tournament leaving out a lot of the stars of their African Cup Of Nations wins therefore Uruguay for me have a really good chance of making the semi-finals at least. Given Suarez's determination and the fact he works just as hard against a Oldham or a Tahiti as he would against a Barcelona or a Spain I'd be very surprised if he doesn't at least score a couple of goals in this tournament. You may say Spain have the opportunity to reveal in the goals against Tahiti as well but it's difficult to pick out who their number one goalscorer since they do have the tendency to share the goals about and have been known for rotating their lone striker or even play with six midfielders like they did at Euro 2012. Overall there's too many positives not to take this bet for me. Added in is the fact that Suarez will be fresh and raring to go for this tournament having been banned for his club side Liverpool for that infamous bite. He is Uruguay's star man and he should play every minute of every game and I think there's an outstanding chance of him scoring at least a couple of goals which should be enough to give you profitable return if you take this bet E/W. To win this bet overall the game against Tahiti will be crucial, it is the sort of game you could easily see Suarez running riot and getting a hat-trick.

  12. Re: One bet to £20,000 challenge Good luck for tomorrow, can't imagine what it would feel like having so much riding on one game, at most I've had a couple of hundred pounds on a few games and my nerves were shot to pieces afterwards. I shall be cheering for Benfica.

  13. Re: One bet to £20,000 challenge Technically speaking if you think the price should be around evens the pair (I tend to agree with you here, they looked two well-matched sides to me maybe Chelsea deserve slight favoritism) then laying off your bet in the long-run would be the wrong thing to do because it is better to have a 50% chance of winning £20k than it is to have a certain £8k in your pocket. Although it could be argued that this sort of opportunity doesn't come around every day and therefore you should guarantee yourself the nice profit. It may also be important to remember that you only actually started with the £50. Whilst if you let it run and it loses it will probably feel like you've lost £20k but in fact you've only ever lost the opportunity to win £20k albeit a better opportunity than the one you had at the beginning of the bet. The question really is if somebody came up to you in the street and said I'll toss this coin and if you chose the correct side I'll give you £20k straight up but if your wrong you get nothing alternative I can give just you £8k here and now and not bother with the coin. I just hope the decision isn't taken out of your hands, I'm sure there must some way to guarantee yourself the profit by borrowing some money. Perhaps get somebody you trust to take out a loan or a credit card if you don't want to do it in your own name. Whatever your final decision is please be sure you are comfortable with it, that is for sure the most important thing.

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