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** December Poker League Result : 1st muttley, 2nd LIKE2FISH, 3rd kevsul **
** Football Tipster Competition Result : 1st Like A Roughie, 2nd Paperclip, 3rd Kingdom for, 4th Alastair, 5th Gray306 **
** December Naps Competition Result: 1st BARNSLEYCHOP, 2nd SADDLESORE, 3rd ZIDANE123, 4th ADAMROSS. KO Cup Winner BBBC, Most Winners: JCW **


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    UBET10 reacted to calva decoy in Naps - Sunday 3rd January   
    40/1 winner , well done Lee ūüĎć
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    UBET10 reacted to MCLARKE in Naps - Sunday 3rd January   
    You'll run out of puns eventually !
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    UBET10 reacted to Quinn.myers in 'SIR PUNTALOT' KO CUP (QUALIFYING ROUND) - Deadline Sat 2pm   
    SANDOWN 15.00      POTTERS LEGEND   OR                       Sir Ivan                         IF NON RUNNER
    LINGFIELD  11.30      ELEGANT LOVE        OR                PINK JAZZ                   IF NON RUNNER
    LINGFIELD  15.30     COMEATCHOO         OR                        Arzaak                          IF NON RUNNER
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    UBET10 reacted to andellio in Naps - Friday 1st January 2021   
    Happy New Year All, let us all be in a much better place in 2021, apart from the NAPS Top Spot that is!ūüė̬†
    First of the Year is in 
    1.05 EXETER Time To Move On 22/1 WIN ONLY BET VICTOR
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    UBET10 reacted to BillyHills in NAP'S Competition ~ Rules & Information   
    Monthly Naps Competition Rules 
    If you are a new member or just want to enter for the first time, simply post in the Daily NAPS thread for that day and you'll be included. The competition will be run each calendar month. The winner will be the tipster with the most accumulated profit over the month. Anyone finishing in profit or breaking even will be automatically entered in the following months KO Cup.  If totals are level for any prizes the amount of winners selected takes precedence. (then amount of bets placed)  1pt win or 0.50pts EW each day allowed. (Losses will be incurred for losers)(Win bet taken if not specified) STRICTLY no editing of posts containing tips, if you need to correct something do it in another post, any late edits will result in disqualification from the competition. 1 bet per day, Max. If a member posts twice the latest one will count towards the competition. If a member selects more than one horse in the same post, it will be void (unless a reserve is stated) A minimum of 15 bets is required to qualify for any prizes in that particular month, including qualification for the followings months KO Cup. (NR's at Abandoned meetings do not count towards bet total) Any race can be selected as long as it is covered by the Racing Post / ATR. For races in Hong Kong where there is no SP we will use the Dividend price published in the Racing Post and for EW bets we will use William Hill Industry price on their results service.  As of May 1st 2020, bets will count for the day the meeting started, regardless of the race time but all selections must be posted on the forum on the actual day of the competition. (this satisfies the 1 bet per day rule)  Reserves will be allowed in case of doubts about original selection running. All bets posted must be at least 5 mins before the race time (no exceptions) and include the Time, Course, Price and Selection. Early prices can be taken but must be available at the time of the post in the competition thread, these will be checked and if the price was not available SP will be used. Bookies allowed:
    Bet365, BetVictor, PaddyPower, Betfair, William Hill, Betfred (All BOG for competition purposes) Prices can't be changed once posted and must be in the original post, the first price taken is the only one that will count, all edits can be seen by moderators. Any bets with no price quoted or eligible bookmaker stated will be taken at SP. No Exchange Prices are allowed. R4 5p and 10p will be waived for the purpose of the competition. If a R4 deduction takes the price less than the SP then the bet will revert to the SP. No conditional bets or special offers by any bookmaker will apply to the competition. On the final two days of the month anyone found posting a tactical selection (ie Copying) which gains an unfair advantage (whether that be to decide a prize winning opportunity or a Cup qualification place) will be penalised and that selection will be deemed a loser. SP Bets only for races in USA, Hong Kong and Australia. *Bookies updated Feb 2020.   KO CUP Rules   Rules as follows:
    Top 25 finishers from the NAPS Final table will qualify, minimum required bets will be needed which is 15 All players will play in Qualifying Round and top 8 scorers go forward to next round. Pairings seeded from finishing position after qualifying, 1v8, 2v7 and so on. Matches will be played on each of the Saturdays of that month. 3 Selections required each round, plus reserves if you desire. 1pt Win or 0.50pt EW can be selected, if no stake included a win bet will be awarded. Player with most profit will go forward to the next round, if a tie, a playoff will be played on the following day. From the 2nd Round onwards we operate a First come first served basis, player can not have the same selection as his opponent in his 3 main picks, if this happens it will be regarded as a loser, reserves will not be used in this case. The deadline for bets to be posted is 2pm All 3 selections must be posted at the same time in one post, no 10 minute ruling but before the 2pm deadline. Once in the head to head stages Selections can not be changed once your opponent has posted. Multiple horses from the same race is allowed. Reserves can be added in case of NR's but not if you or your opponents bet has started, so it makes sense to post the reserves in the original post. Horses can be posted after the deadline if a meeting is abandoned for any reason which includes selections. Prices can be taken as per the NAPS Table rules. Winner of the Cup will win £30 via PayPal account. Runner Up will win £10 via PayPal account.
       Prize Money
    £60 to the winner + Punters Lounge Merchandise £30 to the second + Punters Lounge Merchandise £20 to the third + Plus Punters Lounge Merchandise £10 to the fourth £20 Most Winners with a profit of at least £10 £30 KO CUP winner £10 KO Cup Runner Up ALLOW UP TO 14 DAYS FOR PAYMENT (Will be a lot earlier most of the time) 
    Punters Lounge Merchandise

    Updated 3rd April 2019:

    You can now win unlimited Punters Lounge merchandise, even if you have won them before. It consists of the mug with a wraparound logo, updated to our new 3D logo recently. You'll also win a pack of 10 pens, which have also been upgraded to a much better quality. See below  
    Merchandise can be sent to:
    We deliver to: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, French Guiana, French Polynesia, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Greenland, Guadeloupe, Guam, Hong Kong, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Martinique, Mexico, Monaco, the Netherlands, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Réunion, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States of America and U.S. Virgin Islands.

    Claiming Your Prize
    Prizes will be paid through Paypal

    Email team@punterslounge.com with your Paypal email address, Prize Amount and your PL username. You have 7 days to do so or the prize will be forfeited.
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    UBET10 reacted to BillyHills in NAP'S Competition ~ Rules & Information   
    With the ever changing landscape of the bookmaking industry it it becoming very confusing to some on which bookmakers we can use and which bookmakers allow BOG, and from which time it is allowed.
    We have decided to narrow the choice of bookmakers and to allow BOG with all selections posted in the competition regardless of time. This will make it much easier for both players and me when settling the bets.
    From March 1st the rules regarding bookmakers we use will be as follows;
    The only 5 bookmakers allowed in the competition are;
    Bet365 Paddy Power/Betfair (same prices) Betvictor William Hill Betfred Any selections posted with any other bookmaker will be settled at SP
    Many thanks
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    UBET10 reacted to MCLARKE in CHRISTMAS TIPSTERS COMPETITION - Final Leader-board   
    Congratulations to @Thedirtwaterfox who was well clear at the last and was eased close home to win by 16 points.
    Paint The Dream winning at 16/1 enabled @UBET10 and @Quinn.myers to claim 2nd and 3rd prizes.
    A thanks goes out to the player who saved me the embarrassment of finishing last !
    Can all 3 players PM PayPal e-mail addresses.

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    UBET10 got a reaction from MCLARKE in CHRISTMAS TIPSTERS COMPETITION - Day 4 Selections   
    LEOP 1.50---MONKFISH
    LEOP 3.00---SLIGE DALA
    NEWB 2.05---THE COB
    NEWB 3.15---STAR GATE
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    UBET10 reacted to avongirl in Division 7 - Week 6 Selections   
    Half bank max bet £12.50
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    UBET10 reacted to Thedirtwaterfox in CHRISTMAS TIPSTERS COMPETITION - Day 4 Selections   
    Leopardstown 13.15    My sister Sarah
    Leopardstown 13.50          Latest  Exhibitioin
    Leopardstown  14.25          Beacon Edge ( this is non runner)  r Aspire tower
    Leopardstown  15.00         Millen to one
    NEWbury 13.30                 Equus Dancer
    NEWBury 14.05                  Nordic Combined 
    NEWBury 14.40           Captain Tommy
    NEWBury 15.15                   Does he know
    NEWBury 15.45                   Finnegan's garden
    Will I need a paypal account now? lol
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    UBET10 reacted to Lindsla in BILLY HILLS NAP TABLE - DECEMBER 2020   
    how do you get penalised ?
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    UBET10 reacted to MCLARKE in CHRISTMAS TIPSTERS COMPETITION - Leader-board   
    @Thedirtwaterfox finds his 3rd big priced winner, The Long Mile, at 18/1 and is now well clear with a very impressive 49 points profit. The Long Mile was also selected by @UBET10, @vikki37,  @Queball147, @Quinn.myers, @Zilzalian and @Craig bluenose. @Zilzalian also picks Flooring Potter at 11/1 to post the best profit of the day.

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    UBET10 got a reaction from MCLARKE in CHRISTMAS TIPSTERS COMPETITION - Day 3 Selections   
    LEOP 1.15----FURY ROAD
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    UBET10 reacted to MCLARKE in CHRISTMAS TIPSTERS COMPETITION - Day 4 Selections   
    The races being covered are :-
    LEOP 1.15
    LEOP 1.50
    LEOP 2.25
    LEOP 3.00
    NEWB 1.30
    NEWB 2.05
    NEWB 2.40
    NEWB 3.15
    NEWB 3.45
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    UBET10 reacted to MCLARKE in CHRISTMAS TIPSTERS COMPETITION - Leader-board   
    @Thedirtwaterfox finds another 20/1 winner, NUBE NIGRA, to go to the top of the table. NUBE NIGRA is also picked by @Offramp, @roger2256 and @Queball147.

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    UBET10 got a reaction from MCLARKE in CHRISTMAS TIPSTERS COMPETITION - Day 1 Selections   
    1.50----SHAN BLUE
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    As last year there will be a Christmas Tipsters competition.
    There is racing on terrestrial TV for 4 days from boxing day onwards so I suggest we use these for the competition. At the moment this gives us 30 races.
    1 selection per race throughout the competition Bets settled to £1 level stakes - WIN Only Bets settled at SP Highest accumulative total over the competition wins £60 cash (via PayPal) Runner Up wins £25 and the third place wins £15, all prizes via your PayPal account No edits allowed in selection posts Losses incurred for losers - this is a change to the previous rule which I believe gave an unfair advantage to those picking long odds Replacement selections for NRs can be posted but must be before the first race deadline All Bets must be posted prior to the first race each day (no exceptions) Not compulsory to enter everyday or every race (so if you miss the first day or two you can still take part) Leader-board posted each evening All welcome, good luck.
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    UBET10 reacted to Quinn.myers in Naps - Tuesday 22nd December   
    Remington Park win  I'mthebossrightnow 18.00 hours
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    @adamross extends his lead at the top with a 9/2 winner after @BARNSLEYCHOP's selection is headed close home to lose by a head at 11/1.
    Bet of the day goes to @UBET10 with a 66/1 placed effort.
    @jcw joins @Astleavista with 7 out of 9 winners.

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    UBET10 got a reaction from Jnmarc in Naps - Wednesday 9th December   
    PORTO FERRO-------12.45---LINGFIELD
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    UBET10 reacted to avongirl in Division 7 - Week 3 Selections   
    Half bank maximum 25 pts
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    UBET10 reacted to StevieDay1983 in Clampdown on Use of External Site Promotion   
    Good morning all!
    Just a quick message to say that we have seen a rise in cases recently of members using this forum as an excuse to promote their own ventures, businesses, websites, and blogs. Punters Lounge has never been about pushing promotional material onto its members and it's reached a stage now where we feel action needs to be taken.
    It has been decided that from now on the use of promoting external sites (mainstream ones such as BBC, Sky Sports, and bookmakers such as Bet365, Betfair, Betfred etc are exempt obviously!) either in a username, avatar, or posts will no longer be tolerated.
    We accept that a number of members contribute positively to this forum and are involved in their own projects so we will still allow members to have a single link with a single line of promotional blurb maximum in their signature. That way, any members that do wish to find out more about that member can click on the link but it's not something that is rammed down their throats.
    The Punters Lounge staff team will spend the next few weeks looking to address this issue by contacting those we feel need to make changes to their usernames, avatars, or posts. We encourage you to save us time and hassle by either changing these yourself if you feel you are one of those individuals or giving one of us a PM if you spot a member that you feel needs to change these details. Any members that fail to make the necessary changes or continue to flaunt these new guidelines will be warned and, if required, be banned.
    Punters Lounge remains a place where we encourage discussion and laughs about the various sports and topics at hand. We hope that by clamping down on promotional material that can come across as spam posting we will generate a more positive, welcoming, and enjoyable forum experience for all that post here.
    Thank you! 
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    An excellent start to the new competition with 21 winners. 
    PERCYP leads the way with a cracking 22/1 winner.
    Kingdom For starts a gamble with a 12/1 shot backed in to 5/2.
    This is my first bash at this so any errors / omissions please let me know.

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    UBET10 reacted to jcw in 'Sir Puntalot' KO Cup FINAL - Deadline Sat 2pm   
    Thanks Donny. Not¬†a single placed effort in 6 races for me ūüėě. Congratulations on winning ūü•≥ And Fader thanks for your efforts too. Not sure how to PM but will try tomorrow. If you do read this, my PayPal is jcw1879@live.co.uk
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    UBET10 reacted to Donnyflyer in 'Sir Puntalot' KO Cup FINAL - Deadline Sat 2pm   
    Thanks mate it was a tough weekend for winners.
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