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  1. Going to look into changing my staking approach over the next couple of days as others have suggested but for tomorrow will stay the same as need more time. Thank you for the suggestions and information though. 1pt e/w (2pts total) 1020 Senonnes-Pouance French Charmer 11/1 e/w 3pt win single 1340 Beverley Tippy Toes 15/8 5pts staked total. Will be a few more up in the morning.
  2. Sorry about today guys. 15pts staked and 15pts returned with the drift to 4/1 on the winner. Really glad I stuck with my bet on Forca, I was extremely confident with it and couldn't understand why the other was backed so strongly. End the day level. Have another debutant going up shortly in tomorrow's thread. Hope you've all had good days.
  3. I've still got it mate yes. I know it's drifted but they all have because one has been smashed in. Now that's clearly fancied to go well but it's a 5f 2yo race which as I previously mentioned I don't like to bet on. All it takes is that red hot fav to miss the break and it's race over. They're risky affiars these races so I'm happy to keep my bet on and trust my assumption that they're expecting a big run is correct, but I couldn't advise others on whether to keep the bet or cash out sorry.
  4. Two more doubles and done for the day.... 2pt win double 1400 Southwell First Class Return 1420 Newton Abbot Whiskey Lullaby 5/1 2pt win double 1410 Newmarket Noble Dynasty 1930 Newcastle Victorious Night 6/1 15pts staked in total (1.5pts lost already of that 15pts due to French double)
  5. Sorry mate, been very busy and only just read this properly. Will explain how I do my pts staking later on but I'm always open to suggestions and not stubborn enough to ignore good advice so will definitely have a rethink. Basically if I start with a pot of say £100 as I did. I staked £5 per pt as that gave me 20pts and I was confident I wouldn't lose 20pts. Then when I hit £200 I went to £10 stakes per pt. But then I stopped upping my stakes as I didn't feel comfortable staking more than that. I work on a system of 1-3pts. 1pt being a normal selection I like, 2pts confident and 3p
  6. Couple in France today but both short. Going to have a small play on the double but not as confident as other days. 1050 Tarbes Ethnic Type 8/15 1420 Chantilly Soldier Rising 11/8
  7. 3pt win single 1335 Newmarket Forca Brasil 9/4 (Put this one up the other week and it was pulled due to the vets recommendation. Trainer has come out since and was very unhappy it was pulled. I think they were expecting a big run. Jumps off the paper on breeding and has been backed in from opening price. I don't like 5f 2yo races at all as they're so unpredictable but I'm willing to take a chance on this one tomorrow). 2pt win single 1555 Newmarket Riot 5/1 4.5pt win single 1630 Newmarket Rewaayat 5/2 (Was sent this at 7/2 but missed t
  8. Multitude of things mate to be honest and it's very time consuming. Last winning mark, current mark, record at the track, trainer form, trainer course record, distance travelled, watch their last race if I really like them and few other things. Then after all of that I look at my horses and if a few places like Timeform etc all agree, and I mean all agree and the movement is right in the betting, then I will back it. Don't get it right every time but doing pretty well currently.
  9. Been a good day so going to put another up.... 2pt win 1640 Windsor Sycamore 3/1
  10. 2.5pt Getthepot lost 2pt win double lost Actually messed up and in fact had 3pts on Edraak. Very impressive performance. But with a R4 it returned 12pts. 3pt win Tides Of War incredibly impressive and returned 9pts with a drift to 2/1. 2.5pt win Rukwa wins returning 6.5pts. 13pts staked. 27.5pts returned. Profit = 14.5pts
  11. One last addition.... 2.5pt win 1300 Huntingdon Rukwa 13/8 On my list last night at 4/1 and been backed into 13/8 so I've missed value but happy to bet on it. Will be two more later if I do well today. Not willing to risk anymore until I know if anything is coming back.
  12. 2.5pt win 1330 Huntingdon Getthepot 2/1 (NAP) 2pt win double 1330 Getthepot 1440 Pleasant Man 5/1 2.5pt win 1540 Windsor Edraak 7/2 (Was given this as info to back e/w yesterday afternoon at 7/1. When I looked it had been backed into 7/2 so I've had to back it straight win) 3pt win 1505 Le Croise-Laroche Tides Of War 7/4 10pts staked. Will be a couple more late morning.
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