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*** York Ebor Competition: Well done to 1st daveg, 2nd glavintobuy & 3rd Donnyflyer ***
** August Poker League Result : 1st kevsul, 2nd ian309, 3rd Manc **
** August Naps Competition Result: 1st Zidane123, 2nd Adamross, 3rd Wanderlust, 4th Rainbow. KO Cup Winner: Peter York, Most Winners: Alastair **


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  1. Would have been another poor day. Will get picking well again soon. Typically the 1pt horse wins and the 2pt horses lose. Staked 5pts today and got back 2.6pts back so a loss of 2.4pts today. Only doing it for a bit of fun currently so pretending to stake £1 a pt whilst I try and get my eye back in so from the first few days I would be -8.4pts overall.
  2. 1300 Leicester Round Acre 11/4 2pt win 1330 Leicester Mythical Dancer 6/5 2pt win 1435 Leicester Jammrah 11/8 1pt win
  3. Would have been a terrible start. -6pts down total.
  4. 1420 Hamilton Voice Of Wisdom 9/4 1pt win 1640 Plumpton Air Hair Lair 9/4 1pt win Will add anymore that I see. -4pts overall. 2pts staked so far today.
  5. Would have been a cracking start at -4pts 🤦🏼‍♂️
  6. Still not backing any but a few that interest me today.... 1340 Newbury Tom Collins 11/2 available everywhere 1pt win 1525 Newbury Aramaic 3/1 available everywhere 1pt win 1530 Navan Bardenstown Lad 15/8 available @ bet365 2pt win As I said, not backing but I will put pts next to each and track for the next month or so to see what the P/L would have been 👍🏼 So 4pts staked today!
  7. How are we all? Still not betting but once the house move is completed which will be soon, I'll be back for a bet now and again when I have the time. What's happened to this thread? Was booming when I finished with different people's systems.
  8. Sorry it's been a crazy few months with a new addition to the family and house move etc. Is it too late to be added into the group now? Thank you
  9. Not sure what's going on here as I keep getting tagged in posts. Yes I had issues where I feel I was unfairly targeted by a certain member but I stopped posting as I had my 2nd child and I just didn't have the time to contribute or do the required studying on races. Was I annoyed by a poster and some of the comments?! Yes I was, but I wouldn't let that stop me contributing to a site I was thoroughly enjoying. I'll be back at some point but for now in enjoying the long break and I have plenty on my plate with my two children, getting married and moving into our new house. Hope everyone is ok and I look forward to coming back and contributing (hopefully effectively) once I have some more time on my hands. Stay safe everyone :)
  10. Sorry everyone, haven't meant to just abandon the site or this thread. It's been a mad time with the arrival of our 2nd child and preparing to move to my new job soon. I decided to take a break as I just can't commit time to studying etc but hopefully in a few months or so when it's calmed down I'll be able to. Hope you're all doing well.
  11. Saturday.... 0950 Chateaubriant Dame De Paris 5/4 2pt win 1050 Chameaubriant Sub Sahara 6/5 2pt win 1pt double on them also. 5pts staked.
  12. Friday selections.... 1405 La Teste De Buch Belharra 15/8 1pt win (available on PaddyPower) 6/4 & 5/4 elsewhere on other main sites.
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