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** December Poker League Result : 1st Elliott Sutcliffe, 2nd McG, 3rd juanmoment **
** December Naps Competition Result: 1st mick33, 2nd Sugardaddyken, 3rd kenisbusy, 4th Johnrobertson. KO Cup Winner: Kingdom for, Most Winners: Johnrobertson **


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  1. Good to have you back. We've missed you! Good luck with the thread. Regards Yal
  2. Hi there XTC. What's going on here? I hope all is ok with you. I notice that you've not posted since Brother Pat's victory on Monday last. I have enjoyed reading your posts and especially your pre race summaries. I hope you are just having a break and 'normal service' will soon be resumed. Regards Yal
  3. This is good advice. After all, anyone can publish after the event results which muddies the water. Today's results were not good. I think that we would all welcome a resumption of your tips if they were posted in advance of racing, and periodically updated as suggested by Harry. Losses happen but the management of those losses against winnings would be beneficial.
  4. Yeah, it would be interesting to see the P/L (I believe Loss) since, say January 1st of this year. Thanks
  5. Very unlucky yesterday with Graystown. Was going well enough with every chance when he fell. Thanks for posting your selections and, if you can maintain the strike rate and SPs, this must be a winner. Do you have any previous years’ P/L figures? Thanks again and good luck.
  6. Nice double up today. Good luck with the treble tomorrow and thanks for posting these in a very interesting thread.
  7. Hi, mate. Thanks for these. What’s the name of the selection in the 13.45 at Redcar today, please.
  8. I have the results since January 1 for this system and, to be honest, they don't make pretty reading. The originator of the thread has posted regularly here and I don't think it would be fair of me to pre-empt him by answering your question.. Seven losers today, though does not help. I made the decision at the end of May to stop backing these, not solely because of the long losing runs, but because I found it uncomfortable for me to keep laying money down when I didn't know the reasons that I was backing the horse. Maybe now that I have stopped backing them they will start to win again. Here's hoping and thanks for the regular input Accountant.
  9. Thank you Xtc for a very comprehensive reply. I understand things a lot better now.
  10. If you are missing something, Peanut, then so am I. I couldn’t find yesterday’s selections either, so I presumed that there were none. To be honest, as I am currently on the back of 21 consecutive losers at suggested prices since Jaisalmer on 22nd April, I could have done with two winners at yesterday’s returned odds. Regards Yal
  11. I'm confused, mate. Are these the regular win selections or the place ones that usually go out by email?
  12. David, mate. Very sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I’ll miss your input and, like happysan, I look forward to your safe return and future postings. Stay safe, do the isolation and I look forward to your swift, healthy return.
  13. Well, Dak, can’t argue with that. Congratulations on a great day and thanks for your posting. Onwards and upwards and looking forward to the next batch of selections.
  14. Thanks for that, Freddie. It does make life easier.
  15. Hya Freddie, glad you’re still doing this. I’ve been following it with interest. Just one thing, mate. It was easier to track the results when you just numbered the games and then gave us a synopsis of the results. You know, Bet 123 Won, etc. Any chance of reverting to the previous format, please? Cheers, Yal
  16. It was a very poor day, but you’ve had lots of very good days. Days like yesterday happen. Ride it out. Your selection procedure seems sound. Stick with it.
  17. Freddie boy, these are amazing results. Are they the product of a system or form study? Whatever, thanks for the thread and keep ‘em coming. Yalwen
  18. Thanks for the posts. It’s been an interesting ride. See you next time.
  19. Thanks for your reply Pirate. As always, good to hear from you. This conundrum is still confusing me. What I don’t understand is that if a horse is backed to place in a 6 horse race, ignoring form for the moment, then it has 2 chances to get you the money, in the 3TBP market it has 3 chances to get you the money albeit at reduced odds. I was just thinking that there maybe a formula to determine the fair odds vis a vis each other. However, your reply makes sense. I’ll put this on one side and move on. Back to the drawing board, looking for an edge - again. Monty.
  20. The Dail Mail’s Formcast top rating is always 78, but aren’t the SF and F annotations from the Daily Mirror?
  21. Thanks for your replies. skylark2009, I am still trying to get my head round your detailed explanation which I appreciate, thank you. Billy, I have not tried this particular angle as last year I had my knuckles rapped by Betfair and it took me some time to restore the status quo in my account. I don’t really want to go down that path again without the certainty that I know what I am doing and it's ok with Betfair. Regards Yalwen
  22. I am confused and wonder if someone could assist, please. My question is regarding laying to a liability on Betfair and what is the minimum stake required. Suppose I want to lay a horse at 100 for a liability of £100, winning me the princely sum of £1.00 if the horse loses, less commission of course. Is this bet acceptable to Betfair as my ‘winnings’ of £1.00 would be below the Betfair minimum stake of £2.00 or would I need to lay for a liability of £200 to win the Betfair minimum stake of £2.00, again less commission. I’ve been trying to get my head round this for days, because I have read such conflicting advice. I have heard that I could lay the £100.00 liability but Betfair wouldn’t like it and I would get my fingers rapped because the person taking the bet would have to bet below the Betfair minimum of £2.00. Others have said that I would be ok because the liability is what matters and, if I am incorrect and the horse wins the race I will lose the liability of £100 using the original example. All in all, my head hurts as I try to get my brain round the problem, so I thought I would ask on here and see if anyone can help. Thanks for reading, Yalwen
  23. Hello F.A.B. Well, you'll find no bigger sceptic than me when it comes to horse racing systems - been burnt far too many times. However, looking at today's results - I make it 5 winning races out of 7. That's a 71% strike rate - you suggested 50%. Betting at BOG bookies I get a return of 245 points against an outlay of 221 points. A profit of 24 points - not to be sneezed at. I hope the figures I have produced are correct - I've had a busy day! Once again thank you, well done and let's hope it continues. With your 50+ years experience I'm sure you've learned plenty. Regards Yal
  24. F.A.B. Thanks for your system idea and credit to you for putting your selections up here before racing. This is an area that I have explored before without success and I must say that to take money off the bookies you are going to need a far higher strike rate than 50% as the selections are all at the front end of the market and at least two of them must lose. I am confused where you get your prices from. Is it from a newspaper betting forecast or from the bookies, in this case Paddypower? Anyway, thanks once again for opening up on your system rules and also the qualifiers for today. Regards Yal
  25. I appreciate your spread sheets, too, Bubbles. There's a lot of work gone into collecting and presenting the data and I thank you. Should give me an interesting day or two looking through the stats. Cheers.
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