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** July Naps Competition Result: 1st Gary66, 2nd BBBC, 3rd kenisbusy, 4th Johnrobertson. KO Cup Winner tonythepaint. Most Winners Budgie65: **


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    Quick System

    ‘I think your meticulous record keeping is a excellent example for many on this site’. I could not agree more. Keep going, ralphie and thanks for all the hard work. It is appreciated.
  2. Thank you both so much. Greatly appreciated, and the Dunces cap has now been removed from my head. It’s how we learn.
  3. This is an interesting and fascinating post. I have been using the RaceAdvisor site for some time and believe that when combined with At The Races it’s the best free online information there is. I am puzzled, though. You obviously do extensive research and I try to do that too, what with spreadsheets and other daily betting chores but I am wondering how you calculate the ‘price differential’ to such precision as 267%. Would you be prepared to show us how as I don’t think I have come across it before. Anyway, MCCLARKE good luck with your odds on venture and thanks for your post which I always find balanced and interesting. Yalwen
  4. Ha, ha! You’re a very funny person. You make me smile, anyway. Good luck with your selections. May they all be winners.
  5. If you're sharp enough the value can be had with the bookmakers. The trouble then is with keeping your Accounts. These guys are constantly looking for anyone who may be a shrewd backer and if you take the value you'll soon be banned. Their sophisticated software flags up winners and even losers who constantly take value. Look at the profits made by the leading bookmakers - that tells its own story. They only want and encourage losers. Unfortunately they have made it impossible for clever backers to hold on to regular accounts so, it's obvious, the exchanges, who only want your commission, is the way we are all being forced to go.
  6. Harry, Clive Holt's staking plan is extremely logical. I've used it for years and the sense is apparent.
  7. I've been involved in gambling, on and off course, for even longer than McLarke and I would wholeheartedly agree with him. The problem that the originator is facing is not his profit - he is already making a level stake profit of +16 points, which is good - it is his expectations. His strike rate is ok, but could be better and he needs to focus on the number of losers that he backs. and the stakes that they carry. If he can do that, and I can, then he will see that level stakes or considered stakes is the only way to go. Money management is crucial and you only get grey hairs and problems with most, probably all, forms of staking plans especially those that depend on any form of retrieval. Of course, it goes without saying, that a solid and realistic bank roll is required and your betting pattern should never put the bank under severe pressure.
  8. I couldn’t agree more with your views Quartu. Watching any of the sports presenters on any of the TV programmes is like being addressed by unqualified Social working geography teachers. Comparisons with these people and the real ‘experts’ of recent years is impossible. The great voices and knowledge of people such as O’Sullivan, Francome, Lord Oaksey, McCririck were voices of wisdom, information and authority. Todays so called ‘presenters’ comprise box-tickers and loud mouthed buffoons with, of course, the important inclusivity agenda regardless of the ability of those ‘included’. I’ve taken to recording the races, fast forwarding through the drivel and, apart from the actual commentary, the mute button is pressed.
  9. I'll do that VT, but I used to enjoy sitting down with a coffee and a pen and going through the runners and riders, marking the paper and making notes before I made a selection. Can't do that on T'internet. Plus, of course, at his peak Nigel Taylor was the very best. Some of his ratings, especially in the lower grade non handicaps were almost a licence to print money. So, this is what we call progress, I suppose.
  10. That's a terrific post, Harry. I don't think that you are asking for anything that is too onerous and it would certainly show much greater clarity. Let's hope that the response is positive.
  11. I have similar results on my spreadsheet. The 'staking plan' is ridiculous.
  12. On Saturday the Daily Mail announced, in a very low key manner, that Nigel Taylor’s FORMCAST would be ending after 43 years. Now, I know that there have been many systems and methods based around the Top Rated 78 horse and also that some of them were quite successful, particularly in the non-handicap races. So, this morning I opened the paper to see what the replacement ‘private handicap ratings’ would be like. Unbelievably, in this day and age, there was no replacement. Just a list of runners for each race together with the usual betting forecast and they haven’t even printed the number of declarations per race. What a shambles! What used to be one of the country’s leading formcards now becomes a shadow of its former self. Talk about back to the drawing board. A very disappointing start to the week and my subscription to the rag will cease at the end of the month.
  13. Some anomalies there, unless I'm cracking up, mate. Beryl Burton was a selection on Saturday at a BFSP of 3.10 and finished 4th of 5, and, as MCLARKE noticed, you didn't post anything yesterday. By the way, my bank since 6th August stands at £784.20 - in theory anyway, and after paying the commission at 2%.
  14. If commission is not taken then that impacts on the daily profit/loss figures, which impacts on the bank, which impacts on the next days stake. It also means that the final figure for the cycle is incorrect.
  15. Has commission been taken from your figures? They differ from mine to the tune of Betfair commission of 2%.
  16. Is commission being deducted from your figures? If so, at what rate? Cheers
  17. Good to have you back. We've missed you! Good luck with the thread. Regards Yal
  18. Hi there XTC. What's going on here? I hope all is ok with you. I notice that you've not posted since Brother Pat's victory on Monday last. I have enjoyed reading your posts and especially your pre race summaries. I hope you are just having a break and 'normal service' will soon be resumed. Regards Yal
  19. This is good advice. After all, anyone can publish after the event results which muddies the water. Today's results were not good. I think that we would all welcome a resumption of your tips if they were posted in advance of racing, and periodically updated as suggested by Harry. Losses happen but the management of those losses against winnings would be beneficial.
  20. Yeah, it would be interesting to see the P/L (I believe Loss) since, say January 1st of this year. Thanks
  21. Very unlucky yesterday with Graystown. Was going well enough with every chance when he fell. Thanks for posting your selections and, if you can maintain the strike rate and SPs, this must be a winner. Do you have any previous years’ P/L figures? Thanks again and good luck.
  22. Nice double up today. Good luck with the treble tomorrow and thanks for posting these in a very interesting thread.
  23. Hi, mate. Thanks for these. What’s the name of the selection in the 13.45 at Redcar today, please.
  24. I have the results since January 1 for this system and, to be honest, they don't make pretty reading. The originator of the thread has posted regularly here and I don't think it would be fair of me to pre-empt him by answering your question.. Seven losers today, though does not help. I made the decision at the end of May to stop backing these, not solely because of the long losing runs, but because I found it uncomfortable for me to keep laying money down when I didn't know the reasons that I was backing the horse. Maybe now that I have stopped backing them they will start to win again. Here's hoping and thanks for the regular input Accountant.
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