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** January Poker League Result : 1st Like2Fish, 2nd avongirl, 3rd Rav **
** Football Tipster Competition Result : 1st mickyftm32, 2nd Tiffy, 3rd Cauncie, 4th Alley Cat Glover, 5th Larkin22 **
** January Naps Competition Result: 1st Craig bluenose, 2nd Gary66, 3rd 1945harry. KO Cup Winner Wanderlust. Most Winners CS 333 **
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  1. ttention fellow punters! Starting tomorrow, I'll be providing daily summaries of our horse racing tips and results right here on Punters Lounge. This way, you can easily keep track of our journey, wins, and insights. Stay tuned for regular updates, and remember, our collective success is built on careful planning and responsible betting. Thank you for being part of this exciting venture. See you tomorrow with fresh tips and insights! 🏇💰 #HorseRacing #BettingTips"
  2. CORRECT SUMMARY Winning Bets: 15:00 Ascot: Lay Mobashr, liability £500, profit £138.88 15:20 Uttoxeter: Lay Mystic Man, liability £500, profit £128.20 15:55 Uttoxeter: Lay Millie Of Mayo, liability £500, profit £58.13 20:50 Chepstow: Lay Straits of Moyle, liability £500, profit £181 19:02 Newmarket: Lay Eton College, liability £500, profit £86 19:15 York: Lay Sparks Fly, liability £500, profit £73.5 19:55 Chepstow: Lay Savalas, liability £500, profit £122 14:10 Perth: Lay Champagne Gift, liability £500, profit £86.20 14:45 Perth: Lay For Jim, liability £500, profit £69.44 16:45 Goodwood: Lay Strlust, liability £500, profit £142.85 Losing Bets: 16:55 Thirsk: Lay Isle of Dreams, liability £500, loss -£500 17:09 Chepstow: Lay Obama Army, liability £500, loss -£500 Summary: Total Bets: 12 Total Wins: 10 Total Losses: 2 Total Profit: 86.10
  3. Another successful pick at Perth! Our decision to LAY For Jim in the 14:45 race has paid off, resulting in a profit of £69.44. Thank you to those following along. Stay tuned for more insights and opportunities. Happy betting, and always remember to gamble responsibly.
  4. Bet Update: 14:10 Perth – Success! ✅ We LAYED Champagne Gift and it led to a solid profit of £86.20. Next Tip: 14:45 Perth – Lay For Jim Odds: 8.2 Liability: £500 Potential Profit: £69.44 Let's continue with a steady approach and aim for consistent results.
  5. Welcome back, fellow punters! 🎉 After a two-day hiatus, we're back on track and ready to share our top tips. Our first pick comes from the 14:10 race at Perth. We're LAYING Champagne Gift! Here are the details: Liability: £500 Potential Profit: £86.20 Get your bets in, and let's kick off the day with a win. 🏇💰 Welcome back, fellow punters! 🎉 After a two-day hiatus, we're back on track and ready to share our top tips. Our first pick comes from the 14:10 race at Perth. We're LAYING Champagne Gift! Here are the details: Liability: £500 Potential Profit: £86.20 Get your bets in, and let's kick off the day with a win. 🏇💰
  6. Our next target is the 19:55 race at Chepstow, and we're LAYING Savalas. The numbers for this bet are: Liability: £500 Potential Profit: £122 As always, please make your betting decisions responsibly. Looking forward to another round of gains! 🏇💰
  7. Thank you for your feedback and good luck wishes. I agree, transparency and tracking results are indeed crucial. I actually take snapshots of my Excel results and post them to the highlights section on my Twitter account @siamorbet This allows followers to view a clear record of the success of my betting strategy over time. Moreover, I'll also provide monthly overviews here in the forum for those who are interested. For anyone who prefers more immediate and detailed tracking, I'd recommend checking out the Twitter highlights. I aim to keep this process as transparent as possible, and your understanding is much appreciated.
  8. "Up next is the 19:15 race at York. We're LAYING Sparks Fly. With a £500 liability, we could see a £73.5 profit. Excited for the race! 🏇💸 #YorkRaces #BettingTips #LayBetting"
  9. Hey, everyone! Time for the next hot tip. We're focusing on the 19:02 race at Newmarket. Our strategy is to LAY Eton College. With a liability of £500, we're looking at a potential profit of £86. Happy betting and let's continue this profitable journey together! 🏇💰
  10. Great news, folks! Our tip at the 20:50 Chepstow race has won us a wonderful profit of £181. We LAYED Straits of Moyle and it's certainly paid off. Let's keep this momentum going! Remember, betting is about consistency and patience. Let's focus on the long-term strategy. The next tips will be coming soon, so stay tuned! 🏇💰
  11. new tip chep 1850 We're LAYING Straits of Moyle with a liability of £500, targeting a potential profit of a hefty £181.
  12. I've been giving these tips for some time now on my Twitter account and have built up a consistent track record there. However, I acknowledge that the members here have no way of verifying this immediately. Regarding the liability, I simply use it as an example based on the flat liability staking plan. This amount can certainly be adjusted to fit each person's own risk tolerance. To address your question about the performance record, yes, I do intend to keep a running record of all the tips I post here, both winning and losing, to provide transparency. The idea behind a dedicated thread is to make it easier for members to follow a specific strategy and see the results in one place. I appreciate the suggestion of posting in the daily thread, and if that's more in line with forum guidelines, I'd be happy to do so. Again, thank you for raising these points. This is a learning process for me as well, and I am committed to respecting the community norms while sharing my betting strategy." : all my bet
  13. 🏇 Next up, we're heading to Chepstow: ⏰ 17:09 race 🐎 We're LAYING Obama Army 💰 With a liability of £500, our potential profit is a nice £128 Betting is a journey, not a race, and we're in it for the long haul. Let's dust ourselves off and get back to winning ways! 💪"
  14. Hello again everyone, Our tip for the 16:55 race at Thirsk unfortunately didn't go as planned. We backed a LAY on Isle of Dreams, and this time it didn't pan out as expected. Remember, betting is about the long-term strategy and it's normal for a few tips not to go our way. It's all part of the game. The important thing is to learn, improve, and focus on the next opportunities. Speaking of which, let's move onto the next one! We have our sights set on the 17:00 race at York. We're going for a LAY on Harstwood. With a liability of £500, we could be looking at a return of £73. Let's get back on track!
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