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  1. Nishikori is just awful in this second set. Unbelievably how many break points he throw away.
  2. It's getting even more strange when you realize that neither of them was seeded in the draw.
  3. But,just a few days ago,Djokovic said (after practice with Shapovalov) they've both agreed that surface is 15% faster than last year and it will be even 15% faster in second week of the tournament. Ok,those are their impressions but still..i don't think that conditions will be that slow..
  4. I'm not suprised at all. He always choke in Olympics.
  5. I forgot to mention. He has a very good record on grass so far in his career. (i apologise for my English..it's not very correct)
  6. Berrettini is enjoying a very good season so far. Except of Bublik and Fokina,his defeats are coming from better ranked players: Medvedev,Tsitsipas,Zverev and Djokovic. His record is 26-5 which is pretty decent,i would say. So far,he didn't show any sign of injury,fatigue problems.. But above all this - he've improved his game. Particulary on backhand side. Before,his bh was very vulnerable. Not even average,but poor. These days his bh is solid. Not solid as his forehand,but it's no longer poor..he is now able not just to hit cross-court bh,but also down the line..also his slice is decent enough..so plenty shots to mix with.. of course his serve and fh are stil his "trademark" shots,very powerful shots.. His footwork is nice, which is very important on grass surface especially His return shots are no more than average,but i believe that he could 'live' with it..like i said - tough nutt to crack and don't believe anyone will fancy him in draw.
  7. I think that Berrettini will be a very tough nutt to crack at Wimbledon.
  8. Medvedev - Opelka 1.25 3.25 There has to be value on Opelka,doesn't? Either final outcome or set/game handicap.
  9. Thank you so very much on this one,Darko. Cheers
  10. Medvedev tested positive to COVID and yesterday he had a practice with Nadal.
  11. I'll bet on Serbia for sure. I have to decide precisely what kind of bet it's gonna be.
  12. Serbia - Portugal over 3.5 @3.70 (local bookie) Serbian starting line-up suggest lot of goals. It's stuffed with offensive players,while our defense it's very shaky and not convincing at all.
  13. Just how pathetic player is Davidovich-Fokina,incredible. Krajinovic was literally locked in his hotel room for 5,6 days..no words to explain. On plus side,he's serving ridiculously good. Obviously,I have to apologize to everyone here,especially to Czech. I wanted to put some good,quality information on thread,but sometimes in terms of betting is better to know less.
  14. Krajinovic was in lockdown in Doha until last night. Last five days he even couldn't leave his room. So,no practice of whatsoever. He even joined a show on Serbian television via Zoom,complaining about the treatment and the situation with the quarantine rules. He said that all this does make sense and that upon his return to Belgrade ,he will sit down with his team and see what next. He flew last nihgt to Dubai,and already today he's playing a match. I wouldn't be too optimistic about his performance. https://www.b92.net/sport/tenis/vesti.php?yyyy=2021&mm=03&dd=15&nav_id=1827084
  15. Am I the only one who thinks that Dimitrov can reach the final here? It's paid around 5.50 in my local bookies. Karatsev run surely has to come to a end..he's lacking both routine and experience at this stage,and conditions are very favorable to Grigor's game. He's obviously enjoying them a lot. Plus,he was already in this stage of the Grand Slam,so probably won't be nervous as his opponent. And also,by the look of things,neither Zverev nor Djokovic are playing best tennis at the moment,plus they both have similar stomach muscle injuries.. Any opinion?
  16. Did you mean over 3.5 goals? Because there's no chance at all to find that odds on 2.5 margin.
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