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  1. Re: Australian Open 2015 @1moregamedad, nice points you have made. Firstly, when I include Berdych in a top 5 it is taken for granted that you would know what I mean give or take fluctuations in rankings. It was a point that I could still have applied in a much wider scope where I could have mentioned Berdych in the top 10 and thus maintained the same point. In the same way I would not have referred to Andy as anything else even after he drifted to no 9. My initia responsel was really based on a belief that there was no real obvious reason for Murray to be favourite. I never really focused on the specifics that you now seem to want to hold me to ransom for. There is no doubt that Murray is the better player on clay, but it still does not negate the fact that Murray is an all surface player. Berdych is a more complete player than Murray in his collective adaptation to all four surfaces. I will disagree with any statistical evidence that you might bring forward to say that Murray has won more on hard court and as a reason he should be favourite. In my opinion, it just so happens that Murray has won more on hard court as at the time of this discussion. However, it is not indicative of clear proof that he is the better player on a hard court or even the better player as a whole. I recall the way you started responding to Czech initial write up. You said on a hard court it is Murray who leads the h2h. I just felt there was no basis for that comparison. It not like we are talking about two contrasting styles here like Ferrer and Murray or perhaps talking about one using his moonballs or topspun shots to negate the other. We are talking about two guys with similar styles with one having a better h2h over the other. Hypothesis is a word I remember that depicts that basis for which any conclusion can be drawn. The statiscal report on the h2h reads 6-5 Berdych regardless of the components of the report. It also says beat his majesty, the undisputed king of clay 3-0, and finally it concludes with a caveat......has still not dropped a set! As I have stated earlier on, it does not matter whether nadal was dancing, eating, or sleeping. A winning streak is a winning streak. If those credentials cannot make a man favourite, I do not know what else can. Still good luck whichever way you go!! cheers!

  2. Re: Australian Open 2015 @imoregamedad, you may just be on a bit of an adrenaline rush here and I can see how that can be so. Sometime when we so believe something, we can just make the mistake of getting locked in to the belief that nothing else would ever make sense. You just pointed out that Czech has got it terribly wrong over a match that has not been played yet? "Terribly wrong" would be more appropriate if say he was suggesting a player outside the top 10 to beat Murray. And what is this insignificant reference to clay or hard courts all about? The top 5 play equally well on all surfaces with the exception of Nadal who stands out exceptionally well on clay. If a spade was to be called a spade, then as Czech has pointed out, I too cannot see any reason fathomable why Murray should be favourite. This really should be 5/6 each way. Having said that, we know clearly who is playing the better tennis right now.....and it is Berdych by a street. Let me also point out to you that the Berdych game is taylor-made for the hard courts with that all-out power flat hitting style of his. We have all known for long what Berdych possess, it is just that he has not being able to present it in one decent package at anytime over the years. Murray played well and beat Dimitrov perhaps courtesy of Dimitrov playing a 5 setter before. Here is my conclusion. Anyone in the semifinal that has gone past Nadal(regardless of Nadal's physical, mental or spiritual condition) and still has not dropped a set, is well worthy of being fav esp when he has the better h2h. Someone mentioned the possibility of wind affecting the Berdych game. Other than that, I only see one winner with a feeling that victory might be comprehensive.

  3. Re: Australian Open 2015 A bit of late support for Brengle, and Muguruza. Even though Mugu has suddenly become alarmingly popular in the last hour, I still like her to Stun Serena in two. I believe more controlled aggression and belief in her ability. Her only negative is having played a bit too much tennis worsened by losing a few unnecessary sets in the early rounds. Fingers crossed she is fresh enough. I worry about keys with Brengle really appearing to be mentally tougher. I should imagine a close 3 setter with a toss of the coin concluding that one. Gl everyone!

  4. Re: Australian Open 2015 Peng Shuai to beat Maria Sharapova Peng Shuai to win a set Like a well bred race horse who has run his race under a lot of cover thus far, I strongly believe Peng looks prepared to be switched out wide for a winning run, and there are many positive vibes behind this suggestion. One only has to look back to her 2014 US Open form where she unfortunately had to pull out injured. For anyone who had the chance to see her play then, there would have been no doubt in your mind that it certainly was grand slam winning form on display. She looks like she has continued here where she left off and is yet to drop a set so far. Whilst her record against Sharapova may not look encouraging, I still have to feel super confident about her chances of winning considering that Sharapova herself is seemingly struggling and there to be shot at. The consistency and weight behind the refurbished ground strokes of Peng will surely give Sharapova all sorts of problems. All my analysis is based on the belief that Peng has a realistic chance of winning. I am more than happy to take it for granted that she will win a set. Good luck all!!!

  5. Re: Australian Open 2015

    Anyone knows what happened to the odd between Vasek Pospisil and Garcia-Lopez? Pospisil was orignially priced as the favoriate around 1.53 yesterday but now the Garcia-Lopez becomes the favorite with only 1.57 @ bet365. Is there any physical problem for Pospisil?
    In the last round against Lorenzi, Pospisil received treatment for a back or hip injury (I am not too certain which exactly) He also recently resigned from doubles in relation to that. We will just have to see how that affects the outcome of his next match.
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