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  1. RADWANSKA VS KVITOVA This on paper looks a very close match to call with the h2h standing at 6-3 in Petra's favor. Radwanska is currently in prime nick winning six of her last seven matches. Aggy is also one of the best front runner's in the game, extra quick around the court with a die-hard will to win. Petra has been shaky but looks like she is now beginning to make real progress. I tend to think that there will be heavy pendulum swings in this encounter especially considering that Petra has played 5 three setters of her last 6 matches. Astounding!! Rather than backing another three setter which very much looks on, I will spread my seeds well and forcast over 21.5 games 8/11 paddypower. GL 

  2. 13 minutes ago, Fader said:

    Liquid, that quoting is awful. I'm not going to quote that. 

    Everyone has there own reason for coming on the site Id imagine? For me, yes. to help is one of the reasons. You say it like by following me they are losing money? I'm pretty sure over the last months they'd be making money? so, by all means you can critique the 6/1 one point tips, but Id say a 7/8 point tip of evens that loses is far worse a tip than someone that tips a 1 pointer that loses 7-5 7-5. I know that by the end of the thread/tournament/month whatever I'll be in profit most of the time. I'm not sure everyone can say that... Id also like to know how you define "credible" ...

    You may not suggest a tip that you wouldn't bet at high stakes but I WOULD. I don't know what right you think you have of thinking your way is the only way to bet? ... I bet low stakes with high value. It's a low risk, high reward. I'm not changing that for nobody as it is a system that has worked for me for years and bears fruit. I'll just stop posting. 

    A doctor knows about Panadol though, and only gives it to someone when he knows they need it.... you CAN be too cautious.

    You talk about accountable like I'm a loser on this forum Liquid. Shall we tally up the profit/loss for this year?

    Firstly, forget about where I quoted from, as I did not deem it relevant to what I intended to talk about. I just chose a random place to begin to make my point from what was a topic already in motion. So pardon me. I have not implied that you make people lose money from whatever angle you may have viewed it from. Whether or not you end up making profits at the end of the season cannot eclipse the point of accountability that I am trying to establish. Your approach to this indulgence would seem to be an all out no frills approach. In other words, it is alright to dispense tips at whatever risk and price as long as you remain ahead in the end or stay in profits as the case may be. The only problem with that school of thought is that the only winners will be those who follow you to the end which cannot be realistic. Accountability and credibility demands that I put my tips out for today in all conscientiousness knowing that my readers will not always follow me to the end. The aim should be to try to be ahead on a daily basis by any means possible. A well established about gambling or punting is that it is mainly a game of chasing one's losses. It follows that even if a person followed you to the end to see profits, they probably will not see such profits as they would already most certainly have fallen victim to other vices along the way. The main idea is to try not to lose money by any iota of reasoning while giving a tip. People miss the point entirely when they say they do not back odds on favs. They forget that there is a huge gulf of alternatives between the odds on fav and the outsider. It is within this framework that we try to see how our application of reasoning can end in profit - daily profit. Remember the idea was to rub minds in conversation. You are free to do what you like as well as anybody else. There is nothing wrong in maintaining a pattern that you believe it as you have pointed out which is what i do. Good luck matie!!!

  3. 22 hours ago, WinningTipster said:


    ATP INDIAN WELLS: NISHIKORI -4 GAMES OVER JOHNSON @ 1.71 on pinnaclesports
    Expect it to be an easy win for Nishikori over struggling Johnson.

    ATP KAZAN CHALLENGER: SIDORENKO-KIUAMOV 2:0 SETS @ 1.4 on stanjames / 1.35 betfair / 1.34 sbobet
    Sidorenko has a good serve and good game for fast indoors playing against a local wild-card player.

    Good recent form for Azarenka who has very good game and head-to-head record against Stosur.

    1 hour ago, Fader said:

    not my kind of bet atall. Even if it did win.


    1 hour ago, Fader said:

    Yeah, most of the time it's around evens for the handicap but I just don't like them bets because alot of the time I see the underdog lose one set by alot and then grind out the second or vice versa so if you bet on say kohl and he loses 6-1 7-6 6-7 you feel gutted where as at 6-1 7-6 6-6 Id be thinking great 6/1 shot on a tie break... just the way I bet I guess.

    I just thought perhaps that it might be interesting to come back in again at this point to ask some questions which I deem fundamental after reading your last reply. (Remember that we are just trying to rub minds here under the canopy of a healthy conversation. lol!!) Firstly, why do we do what we do on here? Perhaps to help fellow readers or forumers (If the etymology of the word has any credence) unravel various match-ups with a view to guiding them expertly. it is therefore assumed that a great number of people, as the case may be, will follow our tips on a daily basis and will consequently either invest little or large according to the faith they have in the tip. It is for that same reason that I have always tried to tip with a view to remaining credible.

    I believe that we act as shepherds and guides here by what we say, with incredible power to influence, so It should not be about our style or our normal way of doing things, but about consideration for the readers and forumers in a very big way. I will never ever suggest a tip that I could not whole-heartedly back at high stakes. That is why you will always notice that when I tip in favor of big odds, I always try and water it down for the safety of the punter. For example, you will always see me most times state that I strongly believe for the reasons stated that a player should win at say...9/2, but I do not just tip at 9/2. Instead I go on to make them aware of the full menu of safer alternatives. To win a set at 11/10, +4.5 handicap at 5/6, overs etc. Then I offer the safest tip which may be to win a set at 11/10, while at the same time letting them know that I have taken the 9/2 option away from the main tip itself. A doctor cannot say I never prescribe panadol because its not my style. A doctor should be accountable and morally obliged to get the patient well at any cost. Unless I totally got it wrong - that our tipping on here is probably just for self-glorification and frivolous reading. It will amaze one to know how many people read and follow the daily tips on this forum. For us tipsters, there could never be any joy in the absence of accountability and credibility.


  4. 7 hours ago, WinningTipster said:


    ATP INDIAN WELLS: NISHIKORI -4 GAMES OVER JOHNSON @ 1.71 on pinnaclesports
    Expect it to be an easy win for Nishikori over struggling Johnson.

    ATP KAZAN CHALLENGER: SIDORENKO-KIUAMOV 2:0 SETS @ 1.4 on stanjames / 1.35 betfair / 1.34 sbobet
    Sidorenko has a good serve and good game for fast indoors playing against a local wild-card player.

    Good recent form for Azarenka who has very good game and head-to-head record against Stosur.

    8 hours ago, Fader said:

    2pts F.Verdasco to beat R.Nadal 11/4 Skybet
    Beat nadal recently at the Australian Open on the hard. Infact beat Nadal twice on the hard last year. Nadal is struggling big time. He has always been a clay courter anyways so for him to improve on his form away from the clay too is double hard here. Verdasco ofcourse also not what you'd call a hardcourter but the head-2-heads speak for themselves and I'm not convinced it can change.

    2pts S.Halep to beat B.Strycova 2-0 Evens Skybet
    Halep is bringing her A game this week and she has to as she is the current champion here. She has played Strycova once on the hard and beat her in straight sets and I expect the same here. First serve is as always key here and whilst Strycova is at an average 59% first serve in her 3 games here, Halep is 74%

    2pts S.Querrey to beat Tsonga 2-0 7/2 Boylesports
    I'm going greedy as usual. Querrey is in great form (Won Delray tournament, Semi Final of Acapulco) and has won 11 in 13 beating the likes of Nishikori in straight sets and Del Potro. Where as Tsonga still doesn't look in good form to me. I expect him to do well at the French but last time these played, Querrey won in straight sets also and I'm going to take an outside shot at the same thing happening.

    1pt P.Kohlschreiber to beat N.Djokovic 6/1 Bet365
    I think this is the first time I've ever tipped against him. Just do not think he looks on top of things last few matches. Since the Aus Open he has won all his games but one granted, but he is losing sets to players like Fratangelo and Kukushkin. It's just worth a shot at 6/1.

    You seem to enjoy frolicking in the lion's den my bro. I find it very difficult to digest Querrey beating Tsonga 2-0 even if he gets lucky enough to beat him. Tsonga is so good at beating people that he should beat regardless of rustiness. The tip would have been very acceptable if you just picked Querrey to win. 2-0 knocks a bit of confidence off the tip majorly.

    Secondly, do I take it that you did not watch Frantangelo/Djokovic? Anyone who watched that match will not give Djokovic stick for dropping a set, unless you have only considered Frantangelo on his current ATP ranking. That kid can play tennis and is certainly going to be huge. That game was everything you will expect to see in real top flight tennis. Djokovic even playing from the strength of his reserves at times. It was a real match of resplendent quality. DJ nothing lost. I certainly do not think Kohli can play up to the Frantangelo level tonight, and I am giving him no chance here. Djoko strolls again.


  5. Cheating will always be part of any sport with the huge stakes always up for grabs. Sharapova trying to be smart came out ahead of the dope squad to make an announcement that did nothing to exonerate her when you come to examine matters closely. She said she had been taking meldonium for the last ten years while it was legal - which is tantamount to admitting that she had been cheating legally. Sharapova should know that in her position, she is morally accountable to the tennis world regardless of any technical advantage. Taking an enhancer whether or not WADA has caught on to it is blatant cheating. After all, we do not for one minute believe that all the other top russian athletes on meldonium all suffer from heart problems. As J. Capriati tweeted, "What is a supposedly fit woman doing with a ten year supply of meldonium?" No wonder all the superhuman comebacks from a set down to victory. When you recall the career of Agassi, it is easy to guess whose else currently is on a superman boost. I can name a few suspects but I'd rather not.  Sometimes it is so very difficult to bring ourselves into believing that certain people who we look up to as heros could condescend to cheating. It is for similar reasons that everyone first sympathised with Masha.

    When the betting scandal first broke out months ago, did they not say that most of the culprits were in the top 50? The fact is dope and betting cheats will continue to excel in a world where people will stop at nothing to win. After the fall of Marion Jones, I was sure that nothing would ever shock me in athletics ever again. Sharapova was nowhere near the kind of grace and credibility that Marion expressed on the track, and yet, she was a confirmed cheat. I could never recall too many occasions in the past where players like Ilendl, Mcenroe, sampras, Becker would default during a match for any reason. Today, players default at an alarming rate. In most cases in the final set to really take the piss. I have even see a few in situations like 3-5 down final set perhaps in trying to save or win a bet. Madness!!!! I really expect one of two things to happen soon; a change of the guard in both mens and womens tennis or a drastic improvement in the quality of enhancers that will hit the market next. It is more likely that the latter will prevail.

  6. Ramos Vs Monfils It is very difficult to make a prediction about this match considering how well Ramos played in his last match against Kyrgios. The big question here is whether there is enough evidence from the form Ramos has on offer to suggest a possible win. I say hmmmmm! but decidedly no. I will not be fooled into using his victory over Kyrgios as a positive yardstick. It has to be noted anyhow that after the brief brilliant period kyrgios had gone through, he was due for a loss which I will in no way credit to Ramos.

    One other important point to note is that monfils is not the kind of player that loses when you expect him to. The same goes for Ferrer, Errani, Vinci and a few others. Worse still for Ramos, is tha Monfils is playing very well at the moment. I will give respect to Ramos here and say Monfils to win 2-1 Monfils over 12.5 games. GL

  7. Vinci Vs Svitolina This is a match-up that I am keenly looking forward to with almost no doubts about the result. H2H stands at 1-1 with Svitolina winning the most recent. Vinci has really played a lot of tennis in the last couple of weeks for a woman her young age, and would now seem to be playing in reserve backed by an iron will to survive. The pressure once more is on her to weave out another crafty escape, especially as this is now a considerable upgrade from her last opponent. This can only go one way; and I confidently back Svitolina to win.


  8. 57 minutes ago, Fader said:

    2.5pts A.Weintraub to beat M.Fucsovics 13/5 BetVictor
    Having a small bet on Weintraub to win this one. Fucsovics has played far more on the clay than Weintruab and I think the odds are because of the unknown territory of Weintraub more than a higher degree of ability. Weintraub has only played 3 clay matches in the last 3 years and lost 2 of those. Those 2 were French Open matches though and the one match away from a grand slam he has played was a similar setup to this (country play) where he beat Blaz Kavcic (then ranked 121st) that was in 2014. Interestingly, Fucsovics played Kavcic in 2015 and lost 6-0 6-1. Fucsovics though played a hell of alot of clay matches in 2014. Looking through those the best win you'd say was against 105th ranked Kuznetsov. But then looking on the other side he has lost clay matches to players ranked 250+

    Recent form is interesting too. Weintraub has just won a home town Tel Aviv event (on the hard courts) albeit the rankings wasn't anything above himself, he still won the event, where as Fucsovics has won 2 in his last 5. Fucsovics last played on the clay last year in which he lost to a player ranked 254 (Gianessi in straight sets) 

    Fucsovics is the favourite here and rightly so based on his experience but neither players are great clay courters and it's only Fucsovics experience on clay that I see as an advantage. Also interesting is, Fucsovics likes the grass courts best and likes the lobs which you'd associate with the fast courts to being able to catch players out. Here it will be the slow clay courts. Where as, Weintraub likes the hard, and likes the backhand. Most would agree a good backhand is important for the clay courts.

    I have strong faith in your pick considering a number of factors; Normal reasoning applied, Fucsovics should really be the first match on court in a Davis Cup home tie, but he has been put in second due to his current form and a few hidden factors. Nagy is currently leading Sela and looks to have the match in control. I really see a huge chance for Weintraub who should be double determined to level up.

  9. 1 hour ago, ogii55 said:

    Zverev - Berdych 4.33 Sportingbet

    Zverev is showing his best so far this season specially on indoor hard. He played 50-50 match with Berdych and now he will make his Davis cup debut in front of his country-mates. It will be a huge boost for him and he is one of the guys that loves to play in front of many fans. Berdych still is searching for his form. He went to Dubai after European indoor tournaments while Zverev rested after Marseille and will have more time to explore the specifics of the hall in Germany.

    Of today's matches, this is a bet that I like very much aside from dealing with a head-scratcher as a side dish. I feel almost certain without explanation that the score between Germany and Czech will be 1-1, it follows that I should quite fancy Rosol along with that school of thought. If Kohli wins, then Berdych levels. I believe this will happen the odd way round. Rosol/Zverev to prevail. Good luck!!!!








  10. Garcia Vs Martic This one looks hard to predict especially not knowing which Garcia might turn up with Miami just around the corner. Still Garcia has not really been in any sort of form to expect the standard of tennis that will be required of her to beat Martic. Petra has already played three games here and clearly in rhythmic groove. I strongly believe that she will be very competitive. She has a very useful garcia-like serve which should keep her well in the game and covering the handicap easily. I am torn between her covering the handicap of +4.5 and winning a set. Prediction: Martic to win with +4.5 games with a more than realistic chance of winning a set. Good luck all!!

  11. Zacarias vs Puig

    This in itself presents a classic conundrum of a matchup to try to work out. On bare stats, one would expect Puig to win just as Vinci was expected to win easily earlier. However If the outcome of a matchup can always be figured out by stats alone, then the bookies will not be in business today. I always tend to compare stats against the surrounding circumstances and other external factors like market forces - market forces being very different from market moves. It's a subject that covers a wide spectrum of imponderables. Firstly Marcela Zacarias and Victoria Rodriguez are the local darlings of tennis in mexico with home advantage always being very advantageous to them. I believe Zacarias is a good player whose chances will eventually come as she makes the required progress mentally. She is better than Rodriguezwho I also believe will develop soon.

    Puig has lost 2 of her last 3 and in current form should be nowhere near that ridiculous price 1/25. Here are three important factors that must be considered here; 1. The fact that Rodiguez played well last week against Wickmayer winning a set in the processes, and knowing Zacarias is a better player, I expect her to challenge what I perceive as an average Puig today. 2. This has always worked for me almost 90% of the time where I now consider it a very reliable pointer. Puig opened at 1/10 and she is now 1/25 which is a very strong indication that Zacarias must play well. Anytime an opening price just moves wildly for no apparent reason, back the reverse in any positive way. In fact any price shortening over 3points or just continues to shorten before a match is highly negative. Interestingly enough Zacarias herself has not been playing well but the tournament handlers have decided to put her in prime slot for the last match of the day. They do not just reach decisions like that over the drop of a hat. If Zacarias has been chosen over Rodriguez for the last match even considering that it should be Rodriguez more likely to play well after last week, then the signs for Zacarias must be positive. This is not to say that Zacarias will win; far from that. It is simply that within the wide gulf of alternatives that would support a profittable bet over 17.5 games really looks tasty and Zacarias to win a set. The handicap of +6.5 may be risky as she may play a tight first set and leave holes to be exploited by puig. Over 17.5 games should be the big play large. I expect her to do a lot more. Good luck!

  12. 18 minutes ago, Fader said:

    Djokovic had an issue with his eye. Last thing a player can handle with serves of that speed on the hard is an eye issue really.  

    Bag has a set now so a chance again I guess.  I expect he will still has issues trying to break and serving badly though.  

    We shall see

    The world will be a happier place if Lopez gets married to Vinci

  13. 12 minutes ago, Fader said:

    Tell me about it. So frustrating! does all the hard work to break then double faults the shit out of it.

    I do not think you are giving Lopez the credit he deserves. Lopez has always said in other for him to win a match, he has to do the few things he knows very well. He is doing just that and managing the match well so far. I also believed that he must have played well to put the Joker in that situation of retirement as opposed to any unjustified excuses made on theJoker's behalf. Lopez is controlling this match well and Baghdatis is trying hard!!


  14. PETKOVIC VS OSTAPENKO This one really needs no explanation. Ostapenko has played well this tournament and seems to have reached her limits. Market now very positive in Petkos favour, and if you understand market moves like I do, this should be pretty easy for Petko. I just have a good feeling that Ostapenko will do a rendition of the Osaka spectacle of last night. Expect a damp squib performance!! Good luck!!!

  15. 1 hour ago, Fader said:

    4pts N.Kyrgios to beat S.Wawrinka 11/10 Paddypower
    Bit surprised by the odds here as Nick is in such good form and looking powerful. He beat Stan last time out they played on this surface too, albeit Stan retired in the third set. Tired is obviously an issue but the dudes only 20. Man up! :)

    4pts M.Baghdatis to beat F.Lopez Evens Skybet
    Another odd one. Perhaps the bookies think Lopez slayed Djokovic when really it was an injury? Baghdatis has beaten Lopez in all 3 matches on the hardcourt and the last 2 in straight sets. Last match was 2012 and that's a long time in tennis, however not many people bagel Agut, so he has some form right now. I think Baghdatis will hurt Lopez from the baseline, especially with Lopez second serve.

    Hmmmm! Nothing wrong with your picks my man, just the circumstance.which I thought I will point out. Not many times do you have an identical pick with Czech and come through victoriously. In fact, the record is not very good just recalling from memory alone. Let's hope you all are right, otherwise, in my opinion, this would clearly indicate a strong Lopez victory brewing. Good luck!!

  16. Zverev Vs Benneteau

    Zverev is in sublime form and playing very well no doubt. However, I really believe that tennis is no longer what it used to be like in the early days of Federer, Djokovic and Nadal where a player could dominate for a few weeks in a row from tournament to tournament regardless of surface. The only superman left is the Djoker, and he really selects his tournaments these days to make sure he remains in prime condition. Zverev is a talented young lad with limited experience. After last week, I expect him to play well, but to face very serious resistance from a veteran playing at home. Benneteau has already won 2 matches on the surface and looks well rested to be of serious interest in this match, coupled with the home advantage and experience. I will be extra safe here and pick Benneteau to win a set 9/10. I believe it is a match he can win outright on the positive side. Good luck!

  17. 41 minutes ago, Fader said:

    Lucky again from klizan.  Guy has no class

    I will like to replace the word "lucky" with "bottle" for the number of times the guy resqued me from the jaws of defeat this week. At least he gives it a real go. A lot worse can be said for many other ATP mugs!

  18. Chung Vs Troicki

    Very surely if this indulgence of trying to look for needles in a haystack must remain an enigma to punters, then Bautista or Troicki in next round look possible prime candidates for having needles in their haystacks.. Troicki for one is the architypal punters nightmare (The dopeman) always seems to come back from any deficit to mess up one's parlay. He never ever seems to run out of steam in his superman transformation. He has to be very likable here especially against a player who on the face of it looks no match apart from being armed with a bit of reputation. Surely enough the Troicki price cannot be right at 2/5 or can it be? Troicki has played way too many matches up to this point for my liking and looks ready to fall on his face especially after struggling through a 3 setter yesterday. He will certainly need more of that helper and a healthy dose of cuban bananas to get out of this unscathed. At this price, I will be better off backing Chung to win a set at 4/7 for value. However for me, I will be happy to take Chung at 7/4 all day even with the negative record. Good luck all!

  19. I do not see much wrong with your choice of picking Baggy over Klizan apart from the fact that I thought the post-comment was misleading. How well Baggy is really playing compared to Klizan is very widely open to debate, but certainly not much more especially with no head to heads available. Klizan looks slightly the one in the ascendency if fatigue does not become a factor. Good luck anyways!

  20. 22 hours ago, Fader said:

    5pts G.Monfils -4.5 games to beat Roger Vasselin 11/10 Skybet
    If this doesn't come i'm going to jump off a bridge. Monfils is by far the better player and last time they played on the hard he beat Vasselin 6-3 6-2. Infact all 3 head-2-heads have been won by Monfils.  Hopefully this will spur on some kind of change in fortune. 

    I hope you are alright having read about the bridge idea(lol). 

  21. 24 minutes ago, Fader said:

    It literally was probably only a year ago I was backing any player to beat Raonic every game he played. There was so much value there as his reputation very much preceeded him, however I have to admit he has improved greatly with his new coach. He has got him playing aggressive and he has kept the serve and improved the second serve. He also cut down on his unforced errors. 

    I'm sorry but we will agree to disagree with this " When a player is 2sets to love up in most cases, and they get caught at 2-2, they somehow eventually win the final set. It does not matter who is playing who" that's just bonkers in my eyes. I also think you're not giving him enough credit for winning the match. His return game has come on leaps and bounds. I think the difference from 2013 is 19% return points won to 37% 2016. Same with the Federer game. 25% in 2014 to 36% 2016. 

    Did you have Wawrinka to win by any chance?

    Yes I did. But it was one of those bets I just took blindly as i was too tired to research. I believe that you are more up to date with the stats than myself. However I just believe that tipping most times requires us to use more tools than we care to have available, and also there always is that point in trying to analyze a tip where stats can sometimes become a hindrance. I tend to use stats, odds, and circumstance to reach most of my conclusions in  ways that it work for me. No question I agree you are spot on with the stats, but here I realise that I need to be logging into my "circumstance" instead as it just gives me a confident natural feeling of been right. Good luck either way!!!

  22. 1 minute ago, Fader said:

    I think equally important is distinguishing the difference between the Raonic of 2011/2013 and the Raonic of today. Raonic is no longer just a serve merchant. It sounds like you haven't seen him play for a while. The Raonic of old would never of been able to beat Federer and he most certainly wouldn't of beaten Wawrinka once pegged by to 2-2.

    If Raonic was just a server he would of won the majority of his matches by tie breaks. How many sets has he won on tie breaks?

    I think I will readily side with you on the point of Raonic having some sort of improvement in his overall play especially with his ground strokes and occasional volleying sporting a delightful mix in his play. How much further the improvement in his game has brought him is still open to debate.I do not know if I fully agree with you when you say the Raonic of old would not have beaten Federer. i think he would have at some point considering the the Fed is like a stone being rolled downhill these days. and yes, people constantly refer to Federer and how good he is playing. The only way you can assess how good fed is playing is how often he beats Djoker or murray as the others do not really count. Federer also could sometimes be frigid too. Another thing I need to point out to you is this overwhelming stats pertaining to 5setters. When a player is 2sets to love up in most cases, and they get caught at 2-2, they somehow eventually win the final set. It does not matter who is playing who, just a very frequent thing that i have observed with interest. Also excuses were made for Wawrinka even though we could not determine the validity. Monfils tends to hit those awkward, ballony, annoying shots that could pose Raonic loads of problems. i think this is more a case of Monfils having Raonic's number even with the h2h at 2-0. I really cannot envisage a bright future for Raonic with reference to this game.

  23. Monfils To Tame The Canadian Bully

    This clearly represents a very interesting match-up, and perhaps in terms of expectation, the match everybody should be looking up to - and for many good reasons. Firstly, Gael Monfils is a player that the tennis world has always recognised as having the sort of huge potential that he has never being able to half justify. At 29, it may just seem like he has exhausted all his opportunities and desire to show more than what he has shown so far or perhaps not. I feel that Gael is just so talented that he is one of those players that cannot be assessed by default standards in terms of what can be expected of him in a given situation. He belongs to that exclusive group of players like Federer, Del Potro, Sharapova, Serena Williams that can just turn up back in court after a very long absence and just resume from where they left off like nothing happened. Monfil's modus operandi has always been to do enough to tackle what has been put in front of him, and will continue to fine-tune his game to conquer every new level. The thing of note here is that Monfils is winning, and has built a streak regardless of how the opposition has been defined.

    The other point worthy of note is Monfils head to head record with Raonic which stands at 2-0. The important thing to focus on here is the manner of victory in those 2 meetings. Raonic only profitting from one tie-break set in 5 sets played. The other 4 clearly won by monfils in comfort mode. For any player looking to beat Raonic, their chance will always be weighed up on their ability to deal with the monstrous serve. monfils looks to have that question fully taken care of. Furthermore, I expect monfils to always be favourite by miles once ball is in play. even then where has all this hype about Raonic being in sublime form come from? From the fact he recently beat Federer?? Give me a break! Raonic really has to show much more than serve-bashing to convince me. Against Wawrinka....well...he fell over the winning line and I do not trust him one bit. Monfils is interesting because he comes under the radar and is hard to assess. Is there not this sort of player in most slams? I always believe that if you can see it clearly, then it probably is not likely to happen...like most expected from Nishikori today. I am expecting Monfils to sail through giving this tip 8/10. Good luck all!

  24. Kontaveit vs Muguruza

    On the face of it, a couple of hard-to-work out games on offer as we enter day2 of this tournament. I very much like the look of this matchup perhaps because in my own point of view it is easy to work out.(As if anything is ever easy in this indulgence) I will take it for granted that we all know the story of Muguruza so far especially in relation to her fitness and form. However there is nothing to clearly suggest that Muguruza is handicapped in any way other than a slight suspicion of "upset" lurking in the air. Unlike yesterday where punters waited in disappointment for Hibono to deliver amidst the wrong circumstance. Hibino lacked the fire power and aggression to confront a somewhat of a muzzled, albeit dangerous opponent like Sharapova. She had previously be watered down by a similar opponent(Giorgi) days before. In Kontaveit, we have something to look forward to, something to get our teeth into,.....and yes, she is an aggressive, avant garde power hitter coming up the ranks nicely. I really look forward to a fine tuned performance from Kontaveit today against the run of expectations. I will be calling on +6.5 games for the tip knowing clearly that her elastic limits even cover her to win a set and very much more hopefully! good luck all!!!

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