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** February Poker League Result : 1st juanmoment, 2nd Rivrd, 3rd the_dak **
** Last Man Standing Results - drew005 wins £250 / Wishy wins £50 **
** February Naps Competition Result: 1st RAYSINGH_GURU, 2nd CASH OUT KEV, 3rd HARRY_FAINT99, 4th DONNYFLYER. KO Cup Winner MRJOL, Most Winners: BYMATRIX **


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  1. Thanks @BillyHills for sorting, Sorry been a bit busy a few times & forgot to put in my selections! DOH! That been costly for me!
  2. Hi all, Thought I post here as well as not everyone is on the PL club on FB. August is almost here for me to start my ride 500km in August challenge for Maggies, which are the Homes of Cancer Care‎ which is close to my heart as my Grandma sadly passed away because of Cancer. 500km is a challenge for me as I only managed to ride 131km for the whole of last year! I am also going to do a Giveaway draw(s) for some percentages! Hopefully for a $1050 WPT poker tournament with $5m Gtd! which I have and still am tying to qualify In the event I don't qualify for it. I will
  3. Main site is Party Poker, had some software issues previous but has been stable for a while now. I use to have an error message pop up and it would cause my laptop to crash... Not ideal when I play generally 6 tables and across multiple sites... but all has been good for a while! Uninstall software and reinstalled most of the time but all has been good now!
  4. You would of though all the money they make! They would of sorted all this ages ago for Apple, took long enough for Android!
  5. 4 teams all to win £20 please. Lazio 1.36 West Brom 1.80 Middlesbrough 2.05 Liverpool - 1.28
  6. Wishing you a speedy recovery Helen x
  7. Saw this! Stars home games now on Android & tablets!
  8. £20 Treble to win please Sevilla 1.42 Juventus 1.12 Sporting Lisbon 1.67
  9. 12.40 As Aplomb 115 As: More Beautiful 150 As: Admiral Nelson 225 As: Quadrilateral 300 As: Wichita 335 As: Sceptical 410 As: Bielsa 440 As: Who Dares Wins
  10. Awesome tip on Scarlet t Dragon! Had a £5 E/W Free bet on it! Won on The Lir Jet too! Thank you very much! 🙂
  11. 115 As: Art Power 150 As: Mother Earth 225 As: Eye of Heaven 300 As: Anthony Van Dyck 335 As: Pierre Lapin 410 As: Born with Pride 440 As: Durston
  12. 115 As:Hypothetical 150 As: Fox Tal 225 As:Celestin 300 As:Battleground 335 As:Stradivarius 410 As:Finest Sound 440 As:Afican Dream
  13. 115 As: Ouzo 150 As: Russian Emperor 225 As: Kipps 300 As: Japan 335 As: Montham 410 As: Chief Little Hawk 440 As: Ranch Hand
  14. 115 As: Daarik 150 As: Circus Maximus 225 As: Frankie Darling 300 As: Mogul 335 As: Battash 410 As: Jubilso 440 As: Verdana Blue
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