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  1. Betway put Billericay in as 13/8 shots to start with and not surprisingly were filled in. I would have gone no bigger than 4/6 myself. They could run away with it, but the big concern is the fact the owner is also their manager and everyone will be out to beat them. Betway did go 3 places to start with and I backed Dulwich and Leatherhead with them and I think Dulwich are nailed on to finish in the 3, the problem now is they have gone to just 2 places as per the other two bookies have priced the league up. I have started to write my ante-post preview and hopefully will be done over the weekend at some point.
  2. Betway have priced up the National League South/North divisions and I suggest having a small bet on Spennymoor in the North at 100/1. They are massively overpriced and although I suspect the bet will lose I think they have the ability to be in and around the play-offs so for them to be the outsiders is just wrong.
  3. I have never seen non-league betting threads on the net as I have on here. Ships before me was one of the reasons I joined and although most of the old guard seem to have departed for one reason or another it is good to keep the threads strong and well informed tips are always welcome. There is a guy who charges £500 for National League tips and although he makes a profit the mast majority of his bets are at very short odds and are usually the obvious. He only tips on a weekend and he only really gets going from October so given the info on here is free I think it is easy to see where the value is!
  4. I was out of the country today so didn't watch the game and to be honest not sure I can bring myself to as the sight of seeing Vince happy will make me want to punch the TV! Sounds like on the day the best team won though.
  5. You must be the only non FGR fan who wants them to win! I hope they never get in the league and Vince keeps wasting his money. Tranmere deserve it and I think they will do it although on a neutral pitch I am not sure the prices should be so far apart so no bet for me. Chorley already overcome Kiddie so maybe they will do the same to Halifax although they are the right favs. Ebbsfleet were never fan owned as such more a website with 25k members. That ended a few years ago now and they have rich Asian owners who want to build a big theme park next door to the ground. They blew it against Maidstone last season, but they should do it here although again the price is on the short side. So no bets for me, but it has been another hugely profitable season both on the match betting front and the ante-post front. Looking forward to the summer off and then we can do it all again
  6. Must admit I am very surprised Dagenham are as big as that. That price makes little sense to me and I might have to get involved.
  7. I think tonight proved that league position counts for more than how many points you have picked up around the teams around you. A lot of those games Tranmere had played quite a while ago and in the case of Aldershot away was played when Brabin was still the manager. As much as I thought Aldershot were a bigger price than they should have been, but the gamble that ended up happening was very odd indeed. Very much a step to far for Aldershot tonight and I think in some ways them getting in the play-offs might have been a bad thing as teams who have been in the play-offs the season before often don't actually go on and win the title the next year.
  8. I think that attitude is always an issue for the bigger clubs who come down. Luton suffered really badly from it and it was one of the main reasons it took them so long to go back up. Tranmere's home form stopped them from getting in the play-offs and again I think the pressure of the fans was to blame. This season their home form was much better so I am guessing they got behind their team much more than the season before. I think Micky Mellon probably helped on that front as well.
  9. Technically speaking they don't. They can gain promotion with 3 draws and then by winning on penalties. It can't have happened very often that a team who has gone so close to winning the title has failed to beat any of the teams around them in the table. History is against Aldershot however as no 5 place team has ever won the play-offs.
  10. I very rarely bet on the actual matches because logic dictates they are going to be close affairs, but even though I fancy Tranmere to go up I do think Aldershot are a bigger price than they should be tomorrow. I also don't think Tranmere are great value for promotion either even though like I say I think they have it in them to go up. I'm almost in the anyone but FGR boat though. The North looks very tricky and anyone of them could manage it as they are all in decent enough form. Ebbsfleet should win the South. They were clear 2nd best and although they blew it last year I can't see them doing it twice although if Dartford get through it will be another big derby as it was with Maidstone last season.
  11. They are the only games left as Step 3 is now done and dusted.
  12. Only Hampton as Wealdstone didn't get their seats built in time and failed in the appeal. Hampton need to finish 7th though otherwise the 2nd place team get a bye.
  13. Barrow v Dover Two sides who are set to fall sort of the play-offs and I think both will be disappointed not to have made them as both looked like they would be in them at various times in the season. Dover had a great chance to take it down to the final day of the season, but they could only draw 2-2 against Macclesfield on Tuesday which means they need a minor miracle to reach them now. I don’t even fancy them to win here though as they look to have lost their form at the wrong time. They lost the crucial game to Aldershot on Easter Monday and then lost to Torquay last weekend. Barrow have beaten North Ferriby and Braintree in their last two games and having only lost twice at home all season I am sure they will be keen to end on a high note. This was always going to be a tough game for Dover to win anyway, but it is hard to see them being able to pick themselves up to gain 3 points after the disappointments. At around 6/4 the home side look a solid bet. Hungerford v Chelmsford and Poole v Dartford I am grouping these two games together because the reasons for wanting to back the two away sides are the same. Chelmsford and Dartford are locked together on 81 points in 3rd and 4th places. I think both will want to go into the play-offs in good form and both will want that psychological factor of finishing 3rd in the table so I don’t see any resting in their performances. Obviously as we know Hungerford and Poole can’t enter the play-offs and both have had a dip in form. Poole haven’t won in 5 and Hungerford have lost their last two including that very tame performance last week against Wealdstone. Both away sides are the same prices and I think they will both go into the play-offs with a win.
  14. As I mentioned in my preview Hitchin have been very hard to beat of late drawing a lot of games and I guess that could be down to the keeper based on Wednsday night. The Ryman Final is also on Monday but might not be priced up yet with the semis only last night.
  15. Seems like Lincoln had the better of the game from what I have read although sounds like Maidstone had a great chance deep into injury time. Gaz might know better than me though.