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  1. As the courts are becoming slower and slower, the Americans are starting to practise and play more on clay, something they definitely didn’t do in the past. If I’m not mistaken, Rublev recently highlighted the importance of playing on clay because is the surface where you can learn more. All the big 3, Roger, Rafa and Nole, come from countries where you play a lot on clay since you are a child
  2. Don’t like much tomorrow… I’ll bet on Stricker @3.5 vs. Paul, the courts are really slow and the American is not playing is best tennis lately Edit: Also Seyboth Wild + 8.5 @1.80 vs. Medvedev, I like the Brazilian, he has nothing to lose and maybe will be able to take some games in this match
  3. Yes, all ITF tournaments, I should have written WTA… As for Marino, the stats don’t look right, just only in 2022 she is 5-3 on clay, also defeating a good player like Kalinskaya… of course she is not a specialist on this surface and overall a mediocre player, but as I wrote the odds in Shnaider’s favour look too generous to me
  4. Favs I like tomorrow: Pavlyuchenkova (too powerful for Linda imo) Putintseva ( never liked Zanevska) Stearns (Siniakova didn’t play a match since Miami, Stearns pretty consistent in the last matches, I could bet on a 2-0 here) Kvitova (1.85 vs. Cocciaretto is a lot for a player that made the semis in 2020 and reached the 2R in the last 2 years, I understand she is not in a good shape, but the odds look good here) Zapata Miralles ( if healthy he should win vs. Schwartzman, who lately is playing pretty bad) Underdogs I like tomorrow: Yastremska (could win at least 1 set imo) Marino (not good on clay, but Shnaider is a teenager that never played a match in Europe, talented yes, but the odds look too generous to me here) Bonaventure (Blinkova had a good run in Strasbourg, but Bonaventure sometimes can be a tough opponent, she might take at least 1 set) Shang (played good qualis) Popyrin (he should be fav vs. Karatsev imo)
  5. Shymanovich + Rublev @1.76 Udvardy really in bad shape after the injury, I don’t see her winning vs. a good qualifier like Shymanovich. Djere is a good clay court player, but in a 3/5 match Rublev should prevail even if he might drop a set or struggling a bit.
  6. Danilovic, Tauson, Townsend, Rus, Yastremska, Zidansek who last year got to the 3R… some uneasy customers coming out from RG qualis, as well as Karatsev, Seyboth Wild and maybe Shang for the man imo
  7. Started to watch when it was too late too place a bet… Stephens was a walking bye today, part the fatigue after yesterday’s match, part tanking before RG, where she defends QF (but she might as well lose in straight sets to Pliskova in 1R, she looks so careless these days about tennis, you never know which version will show up on court… anyway, as far as I recall she managed till know to avoid fines for tanking, so good for her)
  8. I would have bet on Svitolina if the odds were a little bit higher, as she shouldn’t be too tired and has a real shot at winning the tournament, which would bring her around the 180 position… anyway, these pre RG tournaments are quite tricky… retirements, walkovers, poor commitment by many players
  9. Friedsam vs. Blinkova @1.67 Blinkova latest results on clay are not very good imo, she won a match in Rome vs. Sherif that was in complete control of the match and then choked, in the 1R here gave away a set to Hesse… ALF played a great match in Rome against Badosa, then lost badly to Yuan in Paris and yesterday gave a double bagel to Zhan (who is losing to anyone, so that doesn’t mean a lot). It’s a bet more against Blinkova, counting on ALF grit to stay focused on the important points of the match
  10. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me to start a match on wet clay when you have a knee injury, but Bouchard knows better for sure…😤
  11. Bouchard vs Errani @1.57 Errani yesterday played more than 2 hours to win against Raina, then she played double (another hour), she is 36… Bouchard had a day off and it looks like she is taking the tournament seriously, moreover, in the recent past she has been particularly harsh with fellow players suspended for doping (Errani is one of them) and I imagine she might be pretty focused on court today…
  12. I’m curious to see how many people will be out there supporting Giorgi, considered that at the same time there will be the Champions semifinal Milan-Inter, a big event here in Italy
  13. Tomorrow (Wednesday) is gonna rain for many hours in Rome and there will be rain also in the next days, the courts (when and if they will be able to play) will be slower than today.
  14. Molcan + Hurkacz @1.94 Molcan has better results than Nishioka on clay, has allready beaten him recently 2-1 in Miami, and has won the 1R quite comfortably… Hurkacz defends the 2022 Qf in Madrid and should be able to overpower Gasquet easily imo
  15. Lajovic @1.65 vs. Kubler looks good to me, I understand he just won Banka Luka but he had few days to rest and after defeating Djokovic, Kecmanovic and Rublev he might find Kubler an easier opponent to play with… also, next round the winner plays Auger-Aliassime, who hasn’t played a match in a month… I like also Shevchenko over Wolf, the American plays his first European clay tournament in 3 years, and Shevchenko comes out of the qualis winning both matches 2-0 (3 tie-breaks won)… Americans in general don’t find themselves very much at home in these European tournaments… look at the bloodbath of American female players till now in Madrid. Odds around 1.65.
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