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  1. I tried reading that review but nothing happened when i clicked the attachment. Do you have to be a member or is there something else i'm being stupid about?
  2. Bet 5. Football. Lecce v Lazio - Over 3.5 goals. £13 @ 1.99 (potential profit £12.23) (edge 0.9%)
  3. Bet 4 WON +£26.45 Bank now £5,935.13 Total profit: +£45.38
  4. Bet 4 Football. Latvia. FK Spartaks v FK Tukums 2000 - Under 3.5 goals. £24 @ 2.16 (potential profit £26.45) (Edge, 1.2%) Edit before kick off, just to add the edge.
  5. Bet 3 LOST -£12 Bank: £5,818.68 Total Profit: +£18.93
  6. Bet 3. Esports, LOL - LPL summer split Estar to beat Suning Gaming £12 @ 2.88 (potential profit £21.43)
  7. Bet 2 WON. Profit: +£13.91 Bank: £5,830.68 Total Profit: +£30.93
  8. Bank: £5,816.77 Bet 2. Football, Vietnam Can Tho v Dak Lak - Under 2.5 goals. £12 @ 2.22 (potential profit £13.91)
  9. Taranaki Mountainairs WON + £17.02 Bank: £5,816.77 Profit: +£17.02
  10. Bet 1. Bank: £5,799.75 Basketball (New Zealand) Taranaki Mountainairs to beat Franklin Bulls £14.50 @ 2.22 (potential win £17.02) Edit: 2.46 available just after I placed mine. lol, just my luck. It was swept up almost instantly though.
  11. Right, i'm bored out of my head waiting for the proper tennis to start so thought I would try and challenge while I'm waiting for it to start. Using a small % of the bank, I will aim to select value odds against bets and throw a martingale staking plan at it. I hope to be selecting odds that value so when it does come in the profits will add up. I will use probably 0.25% of the bank to start with. I will stop and take the loss when my arse will twitch too much with the stake size increasing. Let's see how it goes. Starting bank: £5,799.75 All bets are on Betfair and will include the commission deducted. I'm limited at all the soft bookies so using martingale can't happen there.
  12. How many picks has it pulled up in that time? It also depends how much of your bank you are prepared to lose if you hit 7 losses? Are you just going to take the loss after 7 losses?
  13. I had a quick check on my database to see if he under performs more often with regards to the market opinion. When he's average 1.65 he's only winning 54% of his matches instead of about 60%. He's about on point when he's about 1.35, so maybe he can only perform as expected when he's a strong fave? He's about on point when he's a slight underdog too, winning 45% of his matches when he's average of 2.2. maybe it's more in game laying that you can value from him with. Be interesting to see his break of serve stats compared to the tour. I have to shoot out now so can't check. I bet he's terrible.
  14. Nice picks, only just found this thread as I'm always over in the systems and strategy forum (that's dead at the moment). Good to see some people getting some action, I am waiting for the tour to start again proper to get involved with my bets again.