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  1. Not entirely. I have played around with a few things and trying some other bits out but the thread wasn't generating any discussion or anything so I stopped posting them. When the FO Qualies started I was so busy doing the picks and getting them to a mate that I just didn't have time to keep posting them here when there were never any replies so called it a day here.
  2. Today: +8.13pts Total (from 4th May): +38.71pts
  3. Few more selections. That's probably it for the day.
  4. Few early picks. Jung won this morning so a nice start.
  5. Backing Jung v Sela at 3s. Starting about 5am tomorrow morning.
  6. Today: +2.82pts Total (since 4th May): +30.57pts Two that weren't matched. The De Greef one just because Betfair was down for lots of time this afternoon. A small profit again though, so can't complain. I thought with the 3.6 and 4.2 winners early on it might have been a great day but a pile of losers took most of the profit back.
  7. Couple more picks, two winners so far and two losses but wins at 4.2 and 2.2 so some profit.
  8. Few losses to finish which dented the profit. 17th May: +2.4pts Total (since 4th May): +27.75pts
  9. Couple more picks. I will list the tournament with the picks to help people find it quicker, should they want to follow and check results.
  10. Samarkand Challenger Back Martin against Hernadez Fernande about to start. Min price 1.5 in play.
  11. My system has Diego to win as well. I thought Struff was going to take it yesterday but he fell back towards the end. Schwartzman has been playing well.