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  1. I'm calling it a day. Couple of bad days took the edge off the good run, but mainly because of time issues. Now it's the US matches they are starting at 4pm for me. I am home at 5pm from work (where I can do what I want as I'm the boss) and have two young children to feed and get ready for bed. I can't keep spending the time at the computer when they need me. If it was a week or two maybe, but it's this then China, Australia in the new year and I am not getting things in my business done that need to be done. Again, if it was doing £600 a day all the time then I would drop parts of the business but as with all betting the losing run comes and it takes the edge of the winnings. Good luck to you all with your betting, I will check in now and again and see how things are going. I've taken the profit and will use it wisely.
  2. Ouch... Once again a day with lots of faves hits the bank.That is what led to me narrowing down the odds and making tighter selections before reverting back to all odds. Bad day, but if you showed me the ROI stats for this month so far at the beginning of the month and asked me if I would take that then I would have said yes. Have to find a bright side after an awful day like that.
  3. Yeah, little bit of luck with Cecchinato winning by retirement to claw a bit back. Fingers crossed. There should be more picks soon, trying to sort the night ones now.
  4. crap so far today... more picks though.
  5. £635 yesterday with two matches rolled over to today. I have updated the ROI stats, July obviously hasn't changed but August updated with current stats, not including the two outstanding bets.