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  1. Racing Chat - Sat March 16th

    Bold Plan looks pretty good at that price, definitely having a nibble heavy ground basically everywhere except Kempton today btw
  2. 2019 Cheltenham Festival

    so is Sir Erec just an absolute given in the Triumph then? Adjali got any chance, or am I clutching...
  3. 2019 Cheltenham Festival

    so is the pishing rain and howling gale this morning changing anyone’s mind about their picks? I’m happy with Grand Sancy, Laurina, and Benie DD as my main 3 picks today myself
  4. 2019 Cheltenham Festival

    yep it’s about time there was a rule that they had to declare a week in advance or some such. it’s ridiculous that we’re a week out with no clue who’s running where :rolleyes:
  5. 2019 Cheltenham Festival

    the Pertemps is always good for big priced winners is Abolitionist gonna run there?
  6. 2019 Cheltenham Festival

    might just go throw a saver on Angels you are kinda good at this malarkey...
  7. 2019 Cheltenham Festival

    ah hell really? i just don’t see it.. I’m on Elixir in the Supreme
  8. Racing Chat - Sunday Feb 17th

    God I f***ing hate Huntingdon
  9. Short Priced Favs

    looked fairly impressive actually (nice drift too)
  10. Racing Chat - Wednesday Dec 12th

    Good Luck Charm @ 18/1 for 4 places is crazy surely that’s an absolute gimme.. cheers for the heads-up @richard-westwood I almost missed that while I’m here; Khuzaam in the 5:15 should be winning that all day long @ evens imo edit: only just, but wth, he won is the important bit
  11. Silly Meaningless Thing

    ah beautiful , thank you i failed maths (twice) is my excuse
  12. Silly Meaningless Thing

    that’s really bugging me was throwing some 50p bets around yesterday just for fun, as one does, and did this. and now it’s stuck in my brain and I can’t get rid of it.. Coral have completely ignored me, so please tell me I’m in the wrong, and explain to me what brain fart-ness is causing me to not see how this bet works out to that total returned? please, it’s really genuinely annoying me
  13. Racing Chat - Sunday Dec 9th

    Anibale Fly C1:45 @ 20/1 definitely worth an ew punt, way classier than the price suggests, although trip not ideal too big to ignore
  14. Racing Chat - Wednesday Dec 5th

    a long term tracker horse (has been interesting to follow) Polybius K6:00 @ 4/1 ish always worth a punt at this C&D
  15. Racing Chat - Monday Dec 3rd

    3rd 3rd 1st meh