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  1. Racing Chat - Wednesday May 23rd

    Was, and I think only a 6lb rise for that as well, should easily have enough to overcome
  2. Racing Chat - Wednesday May 23rd

    liking a couple early prices tomorrow: Black Sam Bella W2:40 @ 7/4 Zubayr W3:45 @ 7/1 ^ that 7/1 seems way too big to me
  3. Racing Chat - Tuesday May 22nd

    - 2nd meh - 1st (@ 10/3 when I put it up) - 3rd disappointing that one tbh i’m not a fan of tuesdays, that’ll be why :lol:
  4. Racing Chat - Tuesday May 22nd

    my 3 today; Welcoming C2:10, Rasima N3:25, and Northern Sky A5:45. GL all
  5. Racing Chat - Tuesday May 22nd

    yeah I’d be watching to see what the market does with Mashaheer. that may be one to stick on 2 mins before the off with a BOG account
  6. My little value method

    saw it too late to get on, but BOOM! back on form mate
  7. My little value method

    long term I do pretty well
  8. Racing Chat - Sunday May 20th

    it’s a tempting price, but I prefer the look of Narcos in that one myself..
  9. My little value method

    well kiss of death from me i had an absolute shocker today, and then some
  10. My little value method

    on both, got a good feeling today
  11. Racing Chat - Saturday May 19th

    all over Carlton Frankie we really giving Swashbuckle another go..? ah wth, why not. gotta come good eventually
  12. Racing Chat - Friday May 18th

    > withdrawn > won easily > runs much later *edit* Winner! @ 6/1 > real unlucky in 5th having drifted to 25/1
  13. Racing Chat - Friday May 18th

    I like Sheikha Reika Y2:55 @ 5/2 and (boring, but..) Stradivarius Y3:30 @ 1/1 late punt Logi H8:35 @ 6/1 edit: little ew punt on Spell Y2:20 @ 12s in the first at York I think
  14. Racing Chat - Thursday May 17th

    having just watched how ridiculously easy that was for her, 2/1 sp suddenly looks f*ing ridiculous for Coronet :-o meant to post last night, bit late now but was gonna be El Astronaute, Smart Call, and Nordic Lights ew for what it’s worth
  15. Racing Chat - Saturday May 12th

    I’ll be very disappointed if Poppy Kay isn’t winning that one tbh edit: bloody bloody Skeltons again