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  1. Racing Chat - Sunday Dec 10th

    well with all the money coming for Djakadam my (as it turned out) double became 4/1 ill take that
  2. Racing Chat - Sunday Dec 10th

    the betting suggests as much plenty money heading Djakadam’s way
  3. Racing Chat - Sunday Dec 10th

    trying to find a way to argue with that.. can’t on
  4. Racing Chat - Saturday Dec 9th

    imo those 3 / 4 runner races are crap shoots I almost never bet on them myself Fox Norton wins today. other than that, there’s a lot of open racing imo. i really hate to agree with bloody Chapman, but I’m liking Jenkins for at least a place. also Sugar Baron was a smidge over evens just to place when I got on, seems like value that does the way he’s been shaping
  5. Racing Chat - Thursday Dec 7th

    bootiful mate, great shout
  6. Racing Chat - Thursday Dec 7th

    wow. Thankyou Very Much out to 9/2 now (N1:45) what am I missing?? surely got a better chance than most in that race..
  7. Racing Chat - Wednesday Dec 6th

    Frankie on board TofNY told I think..
  8. Racing Chat - Saturday Dec 2nd

    I’m terribly guilty of not hitting the ‘like’ button, it’s simply forgetfulness in my case. any and all tips / opinions / otherwise always appreciated, even if I forget to say so
  9. Racing Chat - Monday Dec 4th

    good to know it’s not just me being paranoid. i cant do Southwell (seriously anyway). Begbie in the last @ Plumpton could be worth a punt today edit: Paddy’s still have Razin Hell @ 7s if you’re quick, everybody else into 5s
  10. Racing Chat - Saturday Dec 2nd

    wait, you mean repeatedly picking ridiculous winners isn’t what you do for a living.. ??
  11. Racing Chat - Tuesday Nov 28th

    another catches the eye at a decent price; Sky Full Of Stars in the last @ Sedgefield 7/1 with Hughes on board
  12. Racing Chat - Tuesday Nov 28th

    Cousin Khee at no weight and 12/1 in the first at Southwell looks a decent ew punt
  13. Racing Chat - Monday Nov 27th

    right jockey booking too liking the look of Lizzie on board Dentley De Mee in the 2:45 today also myself
  14. Racing Chat - Friday Nov 24th

    Big Lachie on the drift, Casterbridge coming in. do you have a preference between the 2 just out of interest? i like Big Lachie myself..
  15. Cheltenham Festival Countdown

    definitely worth jumping on Shantou ew @ 50s now with only 6 runners imo