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  1. nice @richard-westwood i got 25s ew on Tiz
  2. I’m mostly not engaging atm, but my tracker keeps sending me emails.. so tempted to have a little punt at Royal Rendezvous in the 6:05 after a bit of a lay off. don’t know yet if he’ll need the run obvs, but worth a tickle for me
  3. think I’ll go back to rebuilding my house, that was awful just as well I had a double your money saver place double on Load Up Time and Petiville
  4. Turgenev E2:45 @ 7/2 Walt P3:30 @ 7/2 surprised to get those prices right now (bang on 6am) on those two, so even though I’ve had some time off recently I had to punt :-)
  5. Bold Plan looks pretty good at that price, definitely having a nibble heavy ground basically everywhere except Kempton today btw
  6. so is Sir Erec just an absolute given in the Triumph then? Adjali got any chance, or am I clutching...
  7. so is the pishing rain and howling gale this morning changing anyone’s mind about their picks? I’m happy with Grand Sancy, Laurina, and Benie DD as my main 3 picks today myself
  8. yep it’s about time there was a rule that they had to declare a week in advance or some such. it’s ridiculous that we’re a week out with no clue who’s running where :rolleyes:
  9. the Pertemps is always good for big priced winners is Abolitionist gonna run there?
  10. might just go throw a saver on Angels you are kinda good at this malarkey...
  11. ah hell really? i just don’t see it.. I’m on Elixir in the Supreme