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  1. Blackburn v Reading (X) 3.30 Hull v Luton (X) 3.40 QPR v Millwall (2) 2.30 10 points treble please. Cheers
  2. I have realised I have left this thread hanging. Helen returned home on Wednesday this week and is now undergoing a period of rest and recuperation. She is doing well and should continue doing so. Thanks all.
  3. Derby v Brentford (X) 3.50 Blackburn v West Brom (X) 3.60 QPR v Sheffield Weds (X) 3.40 10 points treble please. Cheers
  4. Just a quick update. Helen’s recovery is continuing nicely and, whilst she is currently still in hospital, we are hopeful she will be home early next week. Thanks
  5. I visited Helen yesterday and she is happy and they are happy with her. She moved to a ‘normal’ ward yesterday and is likely to stay there all this week. I expect she will call in on PL sometime shortly, but she’s not doing the social media thing yet (for her, Facebook). Thank you for your get well messages and that is happening. Duncan.
  6. This went well. My predicted home win was 0-5 and my away win was 4-0 !
  7. 2 hours after coming round from her op, Helen was texting me saying she only had 4% left on her phone and the charger I had picked up on Thursday wasn’t the right one ! If it wasn’t for that I’m sure she would have been on here by now (she’ll have a new charger by late afternoon today).
  8. Bristol City v Cardiff (X) 3.25 Luton v Reading [1] 2.60 Stoke v Barnsley (2) 3.70 10 points treble please. Cheers
  9. Hi everyone Shortly after Avongirl’s (hereafter Helen) most recent post on Tuesday afternoon this week, Helen was taken ill and two days later ended up in hospital. This led to a serious operation this evening (it is still Friday as far as I am concerned) but that all went well and I’m sure she will be back on here shortly. I would say that she will explain more then, but the last 3 days are actually a bit of a mystery to her so we will see how it will be communicated. Suffice to say, Helen is on the road to recovery and she or I will update on her progress shortly. Thanks Duncan
  10. Charlton v QPR (X) 3.40 Preston v Cardiff (X) 3.25 Stoke v Middlesbrough (X) 3.20 10 points treble please. Cheers.
  11. Cheers Graham More so than ever it could have been so different, with the equalisers in each game in minutes 87, 92 and 93 respectively !
  12. Luton v Preston (X) 3.50 Reading v Stoke (X) 3.20 Sheff Weds v Nottm Forest (X) 3.25 10 points treble please. Cheers.