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  1. 53-50 +0.33 units (51.45%) Sucked yesterday, both my picks were winning and they both blew it Pirates -118 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes Pretty much a must win against the Giants today. They need to win the series before going into the All-star break to keep the heat turned up. Mcdonald has another chance to prove why he was snubbed White Sox -139 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes This team is red hot right now.

  2. 51-46 +2.63 units (52.57%) Reds -138 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes I t hink the shunning of Ceuto from the all-star game will help here. Also even though the Dodgers seem to be picking it up the last couple of days, you cant deny the offense has looked dead in the water overall the last 3 weeks or so. Nationals -122 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes Lincecum has had basically one good start this year, I'll take my chances against him in this one.

  3. 47-45 -0.39 units (51.08%) Twins +113 to bet 1 unit @ 5dimes Twins have actually been playing pretty well the last couple of weeks all around, pitching and offense. Peavy not as good at home Tampa Bay -111 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes I took KC yesterday and then I watched and realized they have literally no pitching

  4. Re: MLB: June 24th 2012 picks 46-44 -0.39 units (51.11%) Yankees -122 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes I think its time for RA Dickey to get touched up a little bit. It's hard to keep this kind of pace going. Not to mention this Mets bullpen, even if Dickey holds them off is liable to blow a game Kansas City +131 to bet 1 unit @ 5dimes I feel like KC has played pretty well against the Cards this season and this holds some solid value.

  5. 44-38 +4.50 units (53.65%) Phillies -149 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes Not often you get this kind of number at home with Halladay on the mound Giants -104 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes I think its gonna start coming together for the Giants, and other then offensive outbursts for the Brewers led by Ryan Braun once a week or so this team just isnt very good.

  6. Re: MLB: May 20th 2012 picks 41-37 +2.41 units (52.56%) Dodgers +111 to bet 1 unit @ 5dimes That sunday night home team, plus Billingsley coming off a bad loss, should bounce back here Nationals -150 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes Strasburg coming off the worst start of his career , this Baltimore series has been pretty competitive, but this O's team can struggle pretty badly on offense. Still waiting for the Orioles to start dropping to form as well.

  7. Re: MLB: May 19th 2012 picks 39-37 -0.09 units (51.31%) Bad stretch.. Dodgers -140 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes Possibly a square play here but a great number to get for Kershaw Pirates +150 to bet 1 unit @ 5dimes Generally the Pirates are pretty horrific at interleague play but I can see Burnett having a pretty good day. After almost getting no hit I expect the Pirates bats to come around a little bit today. Pirates should win a low scoring game.

  8. Re: A heads up for the 18th. They say he still might be injured and thats why his fastball still isnt there. Tigers are worth the price at -1.5. The Pirates have the worst record in MLB in interleague play. Verlander is going to completely shut us down. Of course, I will be cheering for the Bucs :)

  9. 38-34 +2.88 units (52.77%) Red Sox +117 to bet 1 unit @ 5dimes This team is finally starting to turn it around... Angels -158 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes I keep on waiting for this team to turn the corner. Hitting coach gets fired and they finally put up 7 runs last night. Maybe this is the start to a new beginning?

  10. Re: MLB: May 15th 2012 picks 38-31 +6.08 units (55.07%) Mariners +166 to bet 1 unit @ 5dimes Beckett has had some weird issues this year, with the fans in Boston as well. I think this has some great value as the Mariners have beat some worthy opponents this year White Sox -120 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes Gonna keep rolling with Peavy for now. He's been one of the best pitchers in the league and no one seems to be talking about him. Got a new twitter the other day if anyone wants to follow or you know anyone good to follow https://twitter.com/#!/alexgurv1987

  11. 34-31 +2.08 units (50.79%) Reds -130 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes Can always count on Edwin Jackson to give up a few, especially as the season moves on and the bats heat up Rangers -122 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes Hard to bet against Weaver, but this is Angels defense is pretty horrific

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