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  1. cant get a streak going 10-9 +.50 units (52.63%) Rangers -165 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes I expect Darvish to have a much stronger start then the first one. He got touched up the first couple innings but came back looking pretty solid after that. Tigers +107 to bet 1 unit @ 5dimes I'll take my chances ..Tigers as underdogs.

  2. 9-8 +0.50 (52.94%) Yankees -145 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes Angel's pitching getting crushed of late and I am hoping that Kuroda can bounce back off a bad start for the Yankee's. Astro's +183 to bet 1 unit @ 5dimes I see this as a value play, the Marlins are not playing much better then the Stro's right now.

  3. Re: MLB: April 11th picks 7-6 +0.73 units (53.84%) Reds -125 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes I see them avoiding the sweep Indians -128 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes Masterson was lights out in his first start. The Bluejays ended up getting to the bullpen. Masterson 2-1 last year against the White Sox giving up just 4 runs.

  4. 5-4 +0.46 units (55.55%) Royals -101 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes Seems like pretty good odds for a team that has been playing pretty well offensively. Going up against a team that will struggle to score runs all year. Marlins +139 to bet 1 unit @ 5dimes Like the value you here. Having watched the Phillies all weekend I see there offensive struggles continuing. These look like 2 even teams to me, with this line I will bite.

  5. Re: My Pick to win the 2012 World Series

    I will say I fInd it incredible that you have posted a preview that includes the red sox and excludes tampa bay and texas' date=' the angels too come to that!!![/quote'] It's not really a preview, I think all of those teams will be good, I just never considered them for winning the World Series and thats why they arent in my post. Too many good teams in the AL. The new wild card rule makes it a whole new game, one bad game you are out of the playoffs. I wanted to pick a team that I feel confident will win its division.
  6. 3-4 -1.68 units (42.85%) Pirates +114 to bet 1 unit @ 5dimes The Pirates offense is no kind of juggernaut, but the fact that the Phillies really look about the same to me says this is worth a shot. Mcdonald can be up and down and you really have no idea what you are getting from him. Oh..I'm also going to the game :) Rangers -178 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes Juicy odds, but Sunday Night Baseball at home is always a good bet to make IMO

  7. Re: MLB: April 7th 2012 Picks And im not disputing whether cliff lee is better then karstens. If picking the better pitcher is all it takes this would be an easier sport to bet on. In disputing your "embarrassing" claim. Sure it's an opinion, but the stats agree with my opinion

  8. Re: MLB: April 7th 2012 Picks Danj - while you might be right about the phillies beating the pirates today your write up makes no sense. Jeff karstens had a 3,38 era last year, which Is pretty good. The pirates had the lowest era last year in pitching thru July and even with a terrible 2h they finished in the top half of the league. The best thing about the pirate is there pitching, when healthy

  9. 2-3 -1.68 units (40.00%) Cardinals +108 to bet 1 unit @ 5dimes Wainwright coming off a year off due to injury so this is a little bit risky. But the Cards have played really well so far and Grienke tends to start slow. Will take my chances at + money. Blue Jays -112 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes I've already said I think the Blue Jays are one of the best teams in the league but this is mostly a play against Ubaldo...

  10. 2012 MLB 0-1 -1.68 units Blue Jays -118 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes Coming off one of the best spring trainings possible. I see it carrying it on into the season and this being one of the best team in the Majors. Pirates +155 to bet 1 unit @ 5dimes Pirates tend to always start the season pretty well. While I think that the Phillies overall are a better team then the Pirates (by a lot). I really struggle to see where this team is gonna get most of its offense. Hopefully Bedard can start strong and we are looking at a Pirates 3-1 win

  11. 147-117 +20.99 units for 2011. New season in the MLB. Should be fun and GL Marlins -168 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes Going juicy right off the bat for the season. With the new stadium, the new players , this should be a good night for the Marlins. Not too worried about Johnson, as his season was also cut short last year and he killed it in April 2011 coming right back. I'm not really expecting much from the Cards this year...

  12. Just some thoughts on teams to look at Pirates +10000 - gave it some serious thought but figured that it was unlikely Phillies +500 - odds too short for me. With Papelbon they have made sure that there pitching is just about perfect from front to back. I am wary of the offense. They go through these streaks where they just cant get it together. I always envision the Phillies being bounced out of the playoffs with a Ryan Howard strikeout Tigers +1000 - An intriguing team. Prince Fielder will obviously add something and the division is only going backwards. The thing about this team is they should make the playoffs n/p unless they have injuries all year. Just too much hype for me to be on board with them Yankee's +650 - odds also a little too short for me but this team is stacked this year with pitching. Unlike previous years the rotation looks really good with the Pineda and Kuroda additions. Red Sox +1000 - I really dont see there problems changing from last year. They should be good, but they will have to battle the Yankee's all year. I believe the Yankees are superior and will win the division. So one wrong step in that wild card playoff game and they are done. My Pick - Reds +2500 - This is really long shot and I am well aware of it but I think this pick has something going for it. First of all you have to consider that the NL Central will be pretty bad this year. The Cubs and Pirates may improve but will still be below .500 teams. The Cardinals will be a winning team, but I t hink losing Pujols and La Russa will be a big hit to them. The Brewers are in just about the same boat as the Cards. Who knows how Braun will play. They added Latos this winter and I think that will be a huge help. They are pretty much a complete team in a not so tough division with only a few good teams in the national league.

  13. Re: February NBA Picks NBA 4W-10L-0P -7.40 units (27.58%) Really been rough this year, feel like I should be at least .500 :) Twolves -6.5 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes No Kevin Love tonight? Gonna take my chances with the other guys on the team being able to step up without him. I see this being a game were a bench player could step up against a really bad Kings team.

  14. I'm starting an new thread if someone wants to sticky. There arent that many of us so I figure a month should be cool NBA 4-9 -6.30 units (30.76%) Bad season so far, but ive played sporadically Mavs -1.5 to win 1 unit @ 5 dimes Seems like a good spot for the Mavs here. They are playing much better winning the last 6 of 7. A solid 9-3 at home. I think this will be a tight game but the Mav's pull it out

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