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  1. Some thoughts on other teams. Patriots/Green Bay - These two are really the same to me. They even have the same odds (+560). I think they are both great offensively, but really just mediocre defensively. Theyll def both be there, but its not worth the risk with these defenses and low odds. Texans +1100 - This team is so injury prone I have no idea why anyone would think they are going to win the Superbowl. Andre Johnson and Matt Schaubb miss time every year, and it looks like Foster is on the same path. If they actually stay healthy then they can do it, thats a big IF. They are in a ridiculously weak division also, so they are almost a lock to make the playoffs... Eagles +1300 - Same deal, Vick will get injured. He already is injured. There not winning the SB with a backup. Steelers +2000 - Well with Decastro out there O-line will basically be about the same as last year. They have no RB really. They have no secondary. I predict 8-8, maybe 9-7 for the Steelers this year. My Pick Ravens +1900 to bet 1 unit @ 5dimes It pains me to do this, but I see this as a pretty complete team. Flacco proved against the Patriots he can get it done last year. He made the big plays, his WR's just didnt. They've got a great defense as always. They have one of the better RB's in the league. I am actually kind of stunned that oddsmakers thinks this team is on the same level as the Steelers, because I think they are far better.

  2. Re: My Pick to win the 2012 BCS Championship dan I think the Noles could be pretty good this year. Thats partially why I took V. Tech. The Noles are coming to V. Tech towards the end of the season and I believe that game will have some national implications. Then again a lot of people were very high on the Noles last year, and they did nothing. Well see. Gators and Longhorns, I dunno. Muschamp hasnt proven what he can do yet, going 7-6 last year. The Longhorns QB situation looks bleak IMO A lot of people on other sites tell me this V. tech pick is a bad. IMO I will have plenty of chances to buy out of the bet

  3. LSU/Alabama - So basically the same thing with both these teams , they are both worth a look, but are the odds worth it? I dont think so. LSU is +550 and Alabama is +650. As always both teams have a tough schedule. So they are both out to me. USC +330 - Not worth it to me, very low odds. The conference is down, but even so, one slip up, and its probably over. Oklahoma +1000 - The odds are ok, but Oklahoma and Bob Stoops can never seem to get it done when it counts. My Pick to win: Virginia Tech +2800 to bet 1 unit This is a long shot and I am aware of it. They have a pretty easy schedule, with Clemson being there toughest game on the road. Clemson is usually tanking by Week 8 of the season so I feel pretty good about that. There toughest game being Florida St is at home. If FSU is as good as advertised, and V. Tech is still unblemished, which I think they will be. That should propel them into the mix. V. tech also usually struggles to start the year, and then suddenly they look great. As long as they can take care of G. Tech to start the year, I believe they will go undefeated. Go ahead, criticize, but I like this pick.

  4. 78-72 +2.61 units (52%) Pirates +128 to bet 1 unit @ 5dimes I think Correia comes back strong, he was upset about being put in the bullpen, and now he needs to show why he deserves to be in the rotation Cardinals -118 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes One of the hottest team in the league going up against a lineup thats certainly containable

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