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  1. NFL 2012-2013 Overall 2W-5L -3.50 units (28.57%) Someone predicted I would go 2-5 last week...good call...lets hope I can bounce back Packers -6.5 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes I'm not sure that if the NFL had its regular refs in that the game last week against the 49ers wouldnt have ended in a different result. @ GB, I expect this to be a competitive game by GB ends up winning by 10. I think people will read too much into the Bears crushing the Colts and the Packers losing to the 9ers...

  2. Re: NFL: Week One Picks Raiders -1.5 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes San Deigo a notoriously slow starter. Norv Turner still there coach. Oakland is a solid team as long as Mcfadden is healthy. Expect them to win this one and I'm almost suspecting it wont be close.

  3. Re: NFL: Week One Picks Packers -5 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes I kind of expect this team to come back to reality. Usually teams that dominate defensively one year dont come back and do the same the following year. Green Bay's offense should over power the 49ers Ravens -6.5 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes Typically a good prime time team with Ray Lewis hollering indistinguishable **** behind the scenes. Bengals, not so sure about this squad . Can Dalton carry over success. They also have Newman now in the secondary, Flacco might as well throw it up a few times and see what happens

  4. Giants -4 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes Cowgirls are always a good team to bet against in primetime. The defense has improved for them, but you still have Romo in the pocket making unclutch plays. While Manning is the complete opposite. Also Superbowl winners currently on a pretty good streak for not having let down games in there first games of the next season. Colts +10.5 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes I expect Luck and this Colts team to be alright. I don't see them going 15-1, but I see them being competitive. I dont think they are gonna win this game, but I expect, like $cam did for the Panthers last year, Luck can do the same. Bills +1 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes I feel like there trying to get me here. We've seen nothing from the Jets showing they are a good team. Bills have started out the last few seasons pretty well. Falcons -2.5 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes Everyone seems to be really high on KC this year. I feel pretty confident they will be just about the same as last year, even with Charles back.

  5. College Football 2012-2013 Overall 5W -3L +1.80 units 62.50% I made some mistakes this week. SC should have won by more then a TD. Umass was ****ty, and SMU was even ****tier. Pitt/Cinci - No play here, but hard to believe Cinci doesnt blow us out. Tino Sunseri is one of the worst QB's in Divison 1 history Mizzu +3.5 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes Notre Dame -14.5 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes Texas A and M ML -125 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes Northwestern +3.5 to win 1 unit @ 5dimes

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