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  1. Re: Borussia Dortmund v Real Madrid > Tuesday April 8th I agree about Mkhitaryan. In fact, he was particularly bad in the first leg. Aubameyang is a decent player but after all he's just a back-up for Blaszcykowski who really is one hell of a player both offensively and defensively. I don't think Aubameyang is good enough defensively. Dortmund usually plays a 4-2-3-1 and of course they rely much on the defensive midfielders. But all of them are out. Go figure... Subotic is out for the season. He and Hummels usually build the defensive pair. Left back Schmelzer is also not playing. When Dortmund beat Real 4-1 they had all their first choice players on the team. Now half of the team is out injured. Dortmund can always get something, no question about it, but I wouldn't trust them too much.

  2. Re: Real Madrid v Borussia Dortmund > Wednesday April 2nd There are not even a handful of teams I would rate better than Dortmund's 1st team. Problem is their 2nd team is much worse. Hummels and Subotic are an amazing defensive pair and Bender and Gundogan are 2 machines in defensive midfield. Don't need to say much about Lewandowski's striker abilites. Can remember the last match between these two when Real completely ran over Dortmund's 1st team (!!) but could somehow only manage to score 2 and were knocked out 4-3 on aggregate. Klopp is a great coach, but like the odds say, anything other than a Real Madrid win would be sensational. Also there is the revenge angle which should not be underestimated.

  3. Re: Europa League > Thursday March 20th

    I think goals in Lisbon are almost a certainty, neither side will be playing cautiously and spurs look to be starting a makeshift back line. despite the missings spurs will have players capable of going forward still, in Eriksen, Siggy, Soldado, Lennon. Think we'll see another 3-1 to Benfica type of scoreline
    :p Roberto "I don't know where the goal is" Soldado I just can't see Tottenham getting anything out of this game. Lots of really important players missing, probably even old man Friedel in goal (?). Poor form in general. They don't know how to create chances. Sherwood outcoached by Jorge Jesus. Benfica without any significant absences. No rain forecast. Big pitch where Benfica can exploit all of Tottenham's weaknesses. Most importantly Benfica care about Europa League while Tottenham don't give a damn anyway (despite what they are saying).
  4. Re: Borussia Dortmund v Zenit Saint-Petersburg > Wednesday March 19th I don't know how Zenit will play with the new coach but Klopp loves football and the Champions League and he always wants to put on a show for the fans. And this game is the perfect opportunity. Everyone knows that Zenit will never win this game 3-0. Mental pressure for the Germans won't be too high. Also Dortmund are struggling in Bundesliga and are coming of a bitter loss against Moenchengladbach which even sent raging Juergen Klopp to the stands. So the motivation is obviously there despite being already through. Like the overs bets.

  5. Re: Europa League > Thursday March 13th

    I saw an interview yesterday and they really look determined to win cause this is one of their last chances for a silver ware. I'll take them for odds of 2.45 with a smile on my face. Maybe Jesus will even rotate more but that's only a + for me then. Goodluck!
    C'mon, that's Tottenham we are talking about. This club has become delusional. Thinking they are a Top 4 side and dreaming about Champions League even though they are obviously not good enough. Doubt that they'll play with 100%. Europa League isn't big enough for mighty Tottenham Hotspur. ;)
  6. Re: International Friendlies > March 5th - 6th

    Austria have a decent record in Austria, where they have lost just 3 of the last 13 matches. Uruguay striker Edinson Cavani will not be playing and although Luis Suarez is in red-hot form he is not that hot in away matches. Can the Austrians pull off a surprise. Anybody fancy Austria + 1?
    They are a good team at home when it's serious business but they usually suck in friendlies. Usual home stadium is also in Vienna, this game however is played in Klagenfurt (if it matters).
  7. Re: Arsenal v Borussia Dortmund > Tuesday October 22nd

    Arsenal are playing really good football at the moment and it's hard to oppose the at the moment. Even though the Gunners have a bad home record against German sides in the past years, losing 0-2 to Schalke and 1-3 to Bayern Munchen last season, they do have a good record against B.Dortmund, winning 2-0 in 2002 and 2-1 in 2011.
    which was both Klopp's and the team's first year in the Champions League and they have learned a lot since then. Don't know why you would consider a result from 2002. ;)
  8. Re: Arsenal v Borussia Dortmund > Tuesday October 22nd I can't see Arsenal parking the bus at home against Dortmund, which will make it easier for the Germans to play their standard quick counterattacking game when in possession. I don't worry much about Dortmund's relatively poor performance against Hannover in Bundesliga because a lot of teams stuggle in the first game after a long break. Reus and Nuri Sahin have recovered from their injuries again and did play against Hannover. So did youngster Jonas Hofmann. Considerung the attacking strength of both teams right now this should be a game with a lot of goals and probably the best of the week. On the other hand Arsenal may lead the Premier League which is of course impressive but they have played just one big name in the domestic league and managed to score just one goal in a 1-0 win against Tottenham (who haven't scored a lot this year either).

  9. Re: World Cup Europe Qualification > Tuesday October 15th Lewandowski to score @ 3.25 bwin A self-absorbed player like him, having all of England's eyes on him and playing in a sold-out Wembley, he just has to show 100% effort in this game. Price is good enough for a goalscorer of his class. He also has to know there is a lot of criticism in Poland because he doesn't play nearly as well as he does for Dortmund (of course he plays with better players there). The perfect game to show that the Polish press is wrong about him. ;)

  10. Re: Liverpool v Crystal Palace > Saturday October 5th

    Why Why Why Why Why Why Why? Dunno how many times I have to say it, REASONING essential or posts are going to be deleted, end of.
    I know it's easy to be a smartass now that the bet is (almost) through but can i say "common sense" as a reason? The people who browse this forum already know a lot about football. Sturridge is on fire and Suarez is one of the best goalscorers in Europe. The odds for Liverpool win alone or 0:1 handicap were too poor. It's not like I was throwing in some weird bet like "CP to score 2-3 goals" without a reason.
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