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  1. Lots of games where both teams have really nothing to play for. Giant bingo day. I agree with @Pep004 and think that Red Star win is a good bet. Cologne just don't have enough quality right now.
  2. Season is long and 6 clubs are competing for 4 CL-spots (actually more like 5 clubs for 3 spots). That's why I thought that they maybe might rest some players for a London derby away from home.
  3. Do Chelsea want 1st place in the group? Odds for Chelsea win are good (if they don't rest important players for West Ham on Saturday). Atletico and Simeone are past their prime really.
  4. Fade me tomorrow and you will win. Guaranteed. Chelsea -1.5 ZSKA BTTS Atletico under 2.5 goals Manchester United win PSG -2.5 Bayern -1.5 Sporting win
  5. It's rare that you see such an obvious "We don't care"-attitude from a team in a CL home game. What are they doing? Resting for the big game in mighty Huddersfield on Sunday? What a joke really.
  6. You know, if City actually had some fans, people who make noise, people who try to push their players, then maybe they would give a fck about this game and score some goals ffs.
  7. I think so too. There is just so much difference in quality. I think Dortmund might get the win. Tottenham haven't really been succesful against the top sides away from home. They lost to Arsenal and Manchester United. They did get a draw in Bernabeu against Real but Lloris saved the point for them. Also, their best centre back Alderweireld is out. Tottenham's style should suit Dortmund better than the brick wall defending of APOEL.
  8. If this game was played at White Hart Lane I would love to take Tottenham at that price. But everybody knows how much Tottenham dislike Wembley, particularly the large pitch there. They've got a very limited home advantage. Their record at Wembley is awful. So I rather take the BTS. Real should absolutely hammer APOEL. Especially with a super-ambitious Ronaldo back in the line-up with his controversial league ban and after Barcelona's and Messi's recent performances which are all over the Spanish sports media. Liverpool have looked very good so far at Anfield and Sevilla already had a lot of trouble with Basaksehir. And that 5-0 loss to Man City was probably a good wake up call right before the CL start. Shakhtar and Napoli both seem to be in tremendous form. But Napoli are the better team and Ukrainian league is basically a two club league with no competition. Shakhtar also lost 0-1 at home against rivals Dynamo Kiev. Napoli have shown recently that they not only can score goals but (finally) also can keep clean sheets. I like Napoli to win here. Edit: Milik is such a useless twat. Meanwhile Mertens sits on the bench. I take that back. Napoli are still shit at defending.
  9. Dimitrov is such a lazy, laid-back piece of sh...
  10. Pep is overrated. Carried by Messi, Xavi, Iniesta all these years. And even a monkey would win the German league with that Bayern squad. He will never win the EPL. Too much competition. But I'm sure he goes crying to the Arabs "I can't work with these players. I need Hazard, Lukaku, Kane, Kante, Coutinho, Pogba,..."
  11. Yeah, City handicap win is the bet. Pep has bought the whole world, it's the start of the season and players are all fresh. It would be a huge surprise if City don't win this by at least 2 if you ask me.
  12. There is no difference between putting your money into a slot machine and betting on Euro League games.
  13. Nizza are overachievers. They will come back to earth this season. They already had enough trouble with Ajax. I don't see them posing much of a threat to his Napoli side in front of their passionate fans. Napoli -1.5 @ 1.725
  14. In case you don't know, Altach have to play today's match in Innsbruck which is like 200 km away from their actual home stadium.
  15. I think Celtic got enough motivation for the game against Rangers' Northern Irish "sidekick" Linfield. The Northern Irish league is poor and Celtic have one of the best teams in a long time. Celtic to score over 2.5 teamgoals @ 1.66
  16. I think it's best to avoid the teams who are in pre-season training and rather wait for the return legs. Had Linfield -1.5 yesterday... I kinda fancy Cork City to win. They are completely dominating Irish league and the Estonian league for sure isn't better than the Irish one. However teams from the British Isles are notoriously bad away from home and I have no idea how Cork will do on the international stage.
  17. Nadal hasn't really been tested (Thiem could have and should have but performed like a nervous kid) but Wawrinka also played a grueling 5-setter against Murray. That has to take its toll on him. Not early on in the game but definitely in a potential 4th or 5th set. I can't see Stan winning more than one set against this Nadal on this court. It's either Nadal 3-0 or 3-1 imo.
  18. Ostapenko is definitely worth a shot. With Thiem's disappointing performance vs Nadal in mind, the big question is can she keep her nerves together in a big Grand Slam final and play her game. Halep is no new all time great but she is much better than Bacsinszky who (in my opinion) is a typical women's tennis pusher without a clue.
  19. 3.75 for Ostapenko seems like a good enough price. Of course it will obviously be more difficult playing against someone who is capable of putting pressure on her and doesn't hit the ball like a 12-year old girl (*cough* Bacsinszky *cough*). But Ostapenko has proven her mental strength on the biggest court in Paris and it's also Halep's game to lose.
  20. A final one-liner at the end of the day. To compare Bacsinszky to Halep is an insult to Simona. How embarrassing to lose to a 20-year old like that. Timea had no idea how to put pressure on Ostapenko.
  21. Without stupid mistakes of Ostapenko this match would be over in 50 minutes. That's how helpless Bacsinszky is.
  22. Bacsinszky should just give up and save people some money. Frustrating to see her play. And I thought Wozniacki was bad...
  23. Seems like Ostapenko can only beat herself because Bacsinszky plays like shit and can't deal with Ostapenko at all.
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