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  1. Hey guys. Who followed Medvedev and Eubanks so far. Does the american stand a chance today?
  2. Why so aggressive? Any player is free to play whenever and wherever he wants
  3. Well… your name has to be Jelena Ostapenko to lead 4:1, have 2 match-points and lose the set :))
  4. Cornet seems to be on-fire enough to beat Liu @1.50. I think it's a good price.
  5. Never have I been so frustrated by watching a match. Norrie cannot keep a serve… When he succeeds to break the opponent, loses again the very next game Was able to use only 2 break chances out of 16…
  6. What do you think guys about total games in Norrie - Kachanov match? Expecting a long one? I’d go with > 35.5 or > 36.5. Can’t see a straight match here. At least 1 7:5 or 7:6 is also very real.
  7. Hey guys, who do you think is more of a sure thing for today between Schwartzman (against Fucsovic) and Carreno Busta (against Bublik)? Both are hard-workers, both prefer clay... What would be your pick?
  8. Congrats for your countryman! Look at Djokovic also. He is not more N1 starting Monday, giving up his position to Medvedev.
  9. Well... everybody knows how good is beer and sausages in Czech Republic :))))
  10. Interesting fact. Vesely has won Djokovic once in 2016 Don't think he holds any chance today but... I thought the same of him playing against Cilic and Bautista-Agut.
  11. Rather than going with Djoker, who has no much game experience this year, over Kachanov, I'd rather go with Bautista-Agut over Vesely. Spaniard seems to enjoy middle-east tournaments and the odds are slightly higher than on Djokovic. The only thing that I doubt is how "slighly overweitgh" Vesely won Cilic... However, the difference between Vesely and Bautista-Agut is too big currently.
  12. Most probably that's because since then, Pegula won 3 games out of 5 and Sakkari 5 out of 6. Better conversion rate In my opinion the match is closer than odds suggest.
  13. It's nice to emphasize "russias third best player" but don't forget to emphasize "world's first best player" also, who happens to be very hungry now. Just joking... good luck with your pick.
  14. Ok, Kvitova did her job. Begu did not even tried to battle. Now, thinking about Muguruza ± @1.45. She felt good in the last couple of years in Doha. Reached final in 2021, quarters in 2020. With a H2H 4:0 for Muguruza, I'd expect her make it 5:0.
  15. Having an itch to back Kvitova to take revenge over Begu but an internal voice whispers to stay away from it.... What do you think guys? They say...
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