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  1. And here goes a friendly present from Medvedev to Zverev. In that situation, them both being in good relations, it would be strange if both of them went home. Now... Nadal goes home. Life is just not correct sometimes. Nadal really gave it all this week.
  2. It might be just a false speculation but 1) the fact that Medvedev and Zverev are both Russians, 2) Medvedev has the chance to stop his “best friend” Nadal, to whom he lost at least twice this year 3) Medvedev is not very stable currently, I think there is a big chance that Medvedev will not “try his best” to win tonight. Zverev at 1.78 Unibet
  3. Berrettini +1.5 sets against Thiem at 1.83 Unibet. Thiem is very good recently, no doubt. However, after a exhausting game against Djokovic, I think he will take this game easier. He will take it easier because he has already qualified for the semis and because he might want to rest a little bit. They have already played twice this year (1:1) and Berrettini took at least 1 set in both games. Italian has nothing to lose so he will play relaxed and I expect him to take 1 set.
  4. Zverev to beat Tsitsipas at 1.77 with Unibet. Both of them come after first round wins and seem to be in shape. I think there will be a close game but the second year presence of Zverev on London courts (that fit Sascha's game according to his results) will should him a slight advantage.
  5. @CzechPunter @Crespo @four-leaf Hey guys. What do you think about the chances of Thiem to upset Djokovic? Personally, I think his chances are minimal on this court/this tournament, taking in consideration that Djokovic is fully motivated. However, I'd be grateful for your opinions.
  6. Last minute call. ATP Paris. Wawrinka - Nadal Because: It's only the second hard-court match of Nadal since US Open. Nadal did not look very convincing against Manarinno. Wawrinka plays well on hard court and played many games in the last period. I think that Wawrinka has a good chance to take at least a set from Nadal @2.0 Unibet.
  7. Quick question @CzechPunter @four-leaf @opole @French Punter and others. Have anybody followed Tiafoe? Does he seem to be returning to his good days? Is he in a good form to beat Sinner?
  8. Cuevas’ game is just under the level of Murray’s. And the last even has not work so much. Let’s see second set but I don’t see how it’s gonna change.
  9. Antwerp ATP Kwon Soon - Pella Against my prediction, Kwon Soon succeeded to beat Gasquet. In my opinion, that happened because of the poor physical form of Gasquet. He played well first set and a part of the second but later, in longer rallies, he started to go from offensive to defensive more and more often. Kwon Soon looks good looking at the stats. This year he played a lot of games on hard court a won almost all of them. To be noticed that almost all of the opponents, excepting a few (Gasquet himself, Pouille, Londero) were either outside top 100. Pella does not look so impressive statistically. He played less hard-court games and his favourite surface seems to be clay. Starting with august, he played 12 hard-court games and won 6 of them. To be noticed that almost all the opponents were < top 50. He lost to guys like Basilashvilli, Careno-Busta, Schwartzman but also beat Goffin, Albot, Dimitrov. These two guys played against each other on hard court a couple of months ago and Pella won 2:1, taking last 2 sets 6:1, 6:2. I count on Pella's slightly superior quality and experience of games against better players. Pella to win @1.83 Unibet.
  10. What a good start for Gasquet and what a bad 2nd and 3rd sets.
  11. Last minute call. Moscow ATP Garin - Seppi Seppi had a pretty good performance in September in Cary Challenger in USA where he won the tournament. Taking in consideration that he has to defend semi-final points from last year and that hard court is not the favourite of Garin, I think 1.9 Unibet for Seppi to win is a pretty good price. P.S. Not a decisive factor, but Chile is much farther away than Italy. Added post match I watched the first two sets and the game was pretty even. The difference was the bigger number of unforced error made by Garin and a better game of Seppi in critical moments (in tie-breaks as well).
  12. Antwerp ATP Kwon Soon - Gasquet Gasquet is not shining this year. After Cincinnati he couldn't get but 1 win (against Granollers) out of 5 games. He lost agains Thiem, Goffin, Paire... Before that he won several games agains Schwartzman, Bautista-Agut, Murray. On the other side Kwon Soon seems to do better statistically. He played and won more games, however, most of Korean's games were against lower ranked players. He still have some wins agains good players as Pouille, Millman. Considering that: overall Gasquet is a much more experienced player. Gasquet should be OK physically having not so many games played in the last period. Gasquet has to defend his semi-final points from last year. Kwon Soon is far away from home and had to fly almost 9000 km from Korea. I expect Gasquet to take this game easy or hard way. 1.67 at Unibet looks for me a very good price.
  13. Zverev in the final where he will take revenge over tired Tsitsipas