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  1. Duckworth is not here by chance. He played well lately on hard beating Krajinovic, Millman, Ivashka, Bautista-Agut, Musetti.
  2. Good shot! It seem that you have something personal against Bencic, though. Did she upset you a few times?
  3. Well... as I've read somewhere... always go with the player that is on fire. When both players are on fire, go with the one that is more experienced. To be honest, that did not work for me with Svitolina yesterday. I'll put my hopes in the more experienced player today again. Let the strongest win
  4. Bencic to beat Raducanu @1.72 I find these odds too good to not take Bencic. Raducanu is on a good run in the last months but, to be honest, she did not encounter any top player on the road. The highest ranked opponents of her were Sorribes-Tormo, Zhang, Rogers and Vondrousova (at Wimbledon). Bencic, on the other hand, is a much more experienced and tested player. She is on fire lately. Won Olympics and, generally, has great results this year. According to https://live-tennis.eu/en/wta-live-ranking, winning this match she will enter top 10 WTA. To be mentioned that she defeated much stronger opponents (compared to Raducanu's) in the last couple of months - Pegula, Swiatek, Krejcikova, Pavlyuchenkova, Rybakina. I did not watch many of her games but I've watched that last one, against Swiatek. Bencic played very strong and showed character in many moments of the game (Swiatek had chances to take the first set in the tie-break). Having said that, I think that the odds on Bencic should be closer to 1.4-1.5. Let's see if they will drop later.
  5. Indeed. Not knowing that, we could consider Basilashvili playing against ATP 151 a banker
  6. If I wouldn't have watched the game between Carreno-Busta and Cressy I would say that Basilashvili to beat Cressy is a banker (@ 1.50). However, Cressy served like a bot starting with third set. So, as it was mentioned, there are no bankers.
  7. My low-odds compilation for today: Osaka to beat Danilovic ~1.07 Svitolina to beat Masarova ~1.09 Dimitrov to win at least a set against Popyrin ~1.11 Bagnis to win at least a set against Trungelliti ~1.18 Bautista Agut to win at least a set against Ruusuvuori ~1.12 Total 1.71 Osaka is just quality-wise better than Danilovic and I expect her to come back to her winning paths after the period being out of tennis tournaments. Svitolina is in good shape (won Chicago WTA last week) and there is a too big gap between her and Masarova. It seems that marriage with Monfils had a good impact on her game. Dimitrov seemed very convincing to me against RBA and Bublik last week. He is physically OK. I can see him choking at some points in the match but I cannot see him losing 0:3. Bagnis showed a good game against Daniel. More convincing that Trungelliti's gain against Davidovic Fokina. As @CzechPunter mentioned above, he should prevail in this one. I'll go for the safest bet here 'cause I don't see him losing 0:3 RBA... not much to say about him. Such a hard-working guy who feels good in 5 set configuration. Should win the match but I'll take him to win at least a set.
  8. Agree. Watched this match. I think Busta tanked 3rd set, lost the 4th being too relaxed and had a real bad luck in the tie-breaker. Also, Cressy hammered aces like crazy. Anyway, it was supposed to be a banker
  9. Any idea about Cecchinato to beat Svajda @1.34 as a banker? I agree that italian is not very consistent… still he won over Sandgren on hard (than lost 1:2 to Koepfer) and Svajda is far from both opponents quality-wise. More than that, it seems that he did not play since june.
  10. Bautista-Agut to beat Ruusuvuori @ ~1.50 Even if the odds are not very big, I still find them pretty good for the quality of Bautista-Agut. For me, the spaniard is 1 level higher than Ruusuvuori, even if the latest has some wins in his pocket lately. Expecting 3:0 or 3:1 in favor of RBA.
  11. For me it's a 50/50 match. I don't see any favorite here. And... according to soccerstand, they have the same rating :)))))
  12. Any idea why the odds on Galatasaray have risen. They where ~1.3x and now ~1.4x
  13. Cilic is a real phenomenon in the men’s tennis. Leading 5:0 in 3rd to reach the decisive tie-break… I thought it happens only in women’s tennis.
  14. Has anyone effectively watched Kopriva? Is Ruud a banker for today or there is a risk from Kopriva’s side?
  15. Don’t know how it will end up but Alcaraz plays an incredible tennis. He is going to become one of the top clay players for sure.
  16. The question “who is Vit Kopriva” remains open 🤣
  17. Welcome to the world of tennis. 🙂 One of the rules I’ve learned, to never bet on a high-ranked player in small tournaments. Usually, they just mark their appearance for the sake of some money (their appearance being also good for the tournament itself).
  18. Also, i like Lajovic to beat Molcan @1.85 and Garcia to beat Sharma @1.54. Both are superior quality-wise, like clay, did not have a great season, so, should be hungry of some wins. Having won their first rounds also is a sign of motivation to stay in tournament.
  19. I’d give a shot on Paire @3.05 against Varillas. Who knows, maybe he decides to finally get involved.
  20. Thinking of Pliskova to progress at least of couple rounds. At least she should easily pass over Zidansek who is not in harmony with grass court. Pliskova has lost the first two grass season matches (Pegula and Giorgi). Giorgi had more good grass court games beforehand and Pegula... nothing to say... the nightmare dream of Pliskova. Still, I think she will progress pretty well at Wimbledon and Zidansek should not be a threat to her.
  21. How comes she's not a scary opponent and the recipe is so simple? She's got 2 years older since 2019 but she comes here rested after FO and grass court seems to suit her better than FO's clay (where she showed herself pretty well, btw).
  22. Hi guys, I want to go either with Tsonga to beat Gerasimov or with Svitolina to beat Badosa. Both at ~ 1.63. Tsonga has not been being in a good form so far but my reasoning is that he performs well on grass and Gerasimov is in a decline and, generally, not good on grass. Svitolina lost her first grass match of this year. Her being pretty good on grass, Badosa having not outplayed any top player on this surface are my arguments for Svitolina. Any ideas/advices on these?
  23. Pella to beat Giron @1.43 unibet Pella is a player with clay pedigree. 2020 was a bad year for him and 2021 did not start in the best possible way either. However, looking back in 2019, we can see that he can play very, very well on clay. In the last match he overpassed Gallan Riveros, who had himself a good season so far. I’ll take that as a sign that he is ready and prepared for the next match. Giron does not seem, according to results, to bloom on clay. He’s got very few wins over clay courters (Andujar and Monteiro). Not saying that 1.43 is a big value. Just thinking that Pella will do his job smoothly tomorrow.
  24. I have a feeling that Pouille might produce an upset today by beating Cuevas. He can be good on clay and is 8 years younger than 35 years old Cuevas. 2.95 for Pouille seems too much for me and definitely there is value here.
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