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  1. The rules should be improved and players payed for each round only if they win that round. So many disappointments with "big" players going and losing in the first round only to mark their presence, take the money and go home. People are watching them (and probably bet on them) wanting to see their good performance and, instead, they see that attitude.
  2. Medvedev was on fire. Might be a candidate for the final
  3. Any ideas/info about Medvedev? He seems to have regained some mental stability, played well against De Minaur and has a 3:0 record against Schwartzman. Pretty tasty odds @1.45 unibet, knowing what Daniil is capable of when he's in good mental form. On the other side Schwartzman is good as well. As far as I understand he has already qualified for London.
  4. Stan is a strange man but he is my soul player (which is bad in betting) Many times I bet on him against worse players and he lost. When he is playing against very good players (having odds 4.5), of course i am afraid to bet on him
  5. Agree. I watched Gombos - Goffin. Gombos played "nothing special". PCB should take it easily.
  6. Yes. You add/subtract the handicap from the final count of games/sets. Ex 1: Lopez +5.5 games Final result was: 4-6, 7-6, 6-4. Rafa games: 4+7+6 = 17. Lopez games: 6+6+4 = 16. Result after handicap +5.5 on Lopez: Rafa games = 17. Lopez games 21.5. Because the bet was on Lopez and he's got more games after the final math, the bet won. Ex: 2 Nadal -3.5 games Final result was: 4-6, 7-6, 6-4. Rafa games: 4+7+6 = 17. Lopez games: 6+6+4 = 16. Result after handicap -3.5 on Nadal: Rafa games = 13.5. Lopez games 16. Because the bet was on Nadal and he's
  7. Not the best timing for Anderson's retirement... could have finished 1st set
  8. Wawrinka to beat Paul @1.43 unibet If the man remains motivated, and he usually is in such level competitions, he should take this easy or hard. Yes, Paul had his glory moments - win Zverev in Acapulco, Dimitrov at AO 2020 - but those happen very rare. I predict 2:0 here.
  9. Gombos plays between bad and mediocre but Goffin wants to prove that worse than that is always possible
  10. Anybody knows anything about Goffin? Good odds (~ @1.6 unibet) on him, considering that he is generally a better player and won already Gombos once, but I'm not sure about his health and motivation. No activity on his twitter, nothing...
  11. Trying to understand if you are serious or ironic :)))
  12. No, it can not. Krajinovic has no relation to ATP Nitto Finals. And, I would say, his loss is shocking only if you look at the odds. Otherwise, he was unstable in last games, plus Lopez is pretty good on hard.
  13. Expecting Wawrinka to show some of his quality and beat Evans. Of course, Evans is pretty good on hard, however there is a difference in class between them and, being an ATP 1000 event, there should not be any motivation issues for Stan. @1.50 unibet P.S. It’s 4:0 for Wawrinka in there H2H so Stan should know how to deal with Evans
  14. Edmund is just incredible :((( Had 0:40 (3 breakpoint chances in first game of Nishioka) and 0:40 in the last game of Nishioka and still succeeded to lose 1st set, being broken once.
  15. Hugo Gaston... a new clay star on the scene. This guy is so good to have no rythm that he is capable to piss off even the best players with that.
  16. Meanwhile Wawrinka looks pretty humble against Gaston 40 unforced errors in 3 sets... At 1.04 before-match odds :))
  17. Medvedev is so boring to watch on clay.... If he wins, only because he pisses off Fucsovic
  18. Musetti - Nishikori I don't buy the odds offered by bookers. 1.79 for Musetti against 2.02 for Nishikori.... Yes, the guy won against Mayer (didn't watch the game) and Wawrinka (who either felt bad or was not interested in that game. Other than that he played agains average players in the last months (lost some games against average players as well... Altmaier, Alcaraz). On the other side we have Nishikori, who did not play for a long time. Lost his first clay game against Kecmanovic (winning 1 set) and than won against Ramos in Rome. I think that Nishikori has a good tren
  19. Don't think the odds on Carreno Busta (2.38 unibet) are appropriate. Both played pretty good so far. Shapo had stronger opponents, that's sure but Busta played great against Djokovic and was close to take first set if no... The head-to-head is 3:1 for Pablo as well. For me it's more a 50/50 game. What do you guys think about this game?
  20. How the hell a woman comes back to tennis after a few years of no play and does not make a sound, a scream, nothing... and the opponents shout out all what they have... That woman seems to be on steroids.
  21. Tiafoe seems on fire and Fucsovic lacks precision and concentration
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