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  1. Someone from admins will probably see this soon, but just to be sure to give alarme about it. Over one year i use ELO in combo with my betting sistems, so will be nice if someone fix it. Thank you.
  2. Like i tell you, this is ROAD TO HELL!!! Not much reason for yours pick on drow. I am draw expert and this is total random selection. I only hope that you dont play this for real big $$$, you will burn your bank easy. Begining is just a lucky strike.
  3. I didnt know that something like this is real. 1/11 -if you use random bet you cant do worse!
  4. This last 3 day 5 home extra BIG favorit (odds low then 1.30 with form on their side) 2 is lose ( Bayern M and Man City) on odds on Away teams 22. And Wolwes get Win with 0 ( sure win 0-2). On away BIG favorit we have 3 games and Celtic is lose big on odd 13 on Home and clear win 2-0 for home Livingston. So dont try to make profit on big favorit with good form, it will never work in any combination. Only with playing against them you will make profit 100% on long rune. Becouse in soccer today no one cant be favorit on odds low than 1.2 and it booke is always winn on that odds. Cant find value on low odds on 1.2 it is completely irrelevant against who favorit is playing.
  5. For this past few day from friday i founded 7 BIG favorit on odd low then 1.3 where ELO tell us that is sure HOME win. It is on home side: Palmeiras 1.16, Slavia Prague 1.22, Olympiacos 1.16, Juventus 1.28 ( 1.18 befor start), Ajax 1.12, Santos 1.33 ( 1.18 before start) and LA Galaxy 1.23 ( 1.20 on start). First odds are from friday befor anyone start. So i am monitoring on them befor start and anyone been low then 1.3 on start of the game ( Santos drop to 1.18). And last one LA is lose last night with odd on Vancouver on odd 12. So only chance to be in profit one extra favorit on long rune is to bet against them every time. If you go against them all it will be 1/7 with profit +5 pt. On all season you will se that will be hard to find only few week where all of this logical favorit on small odds low then 1.3 with extra ELO rating will win. Not sure about bet against them on long run to what numers will be, but for sure bettar then go on them to win. And ofc week befor this one you have PSG and Napoli with this criteria who lose on bet against them on 10 and 15 before their match. So $$$ wil be made beting against 99% of ppl for sure on long rune. End when i talk about extra ELO rating to find this logical 100% sure pick that will never come all is 4/2 - 20/20 + ELO rating. For AWAY ELO sure 100% logic win we get only two Byern M on 1.18 and Malmo on 1.22 and both come this time. But few week ago you alredy have on Dortmund ( 1.3) away lose from Union Berlin on odds 8.00. WIll do detail statistic for all this year to next summer so we will see what we can get form this. I will just for statistic go with X, Win both Half on outsider ( odds are min 40+) and Winner ( Win with 0). Just for fun to see can some game can give us profit on long run. Last week PSG lose from toal outsider 0:2 and this is Win with 0 So it is realy big odd. We will see. And still going with best ELO tips in range 1.5-2 odds and count for this season on HOME win. For now result is good. ( dont playing 2+ od in this statistic, becous it is another one strategy when i am going for HOME win on 2+ odds only with ELO rating selection). Good luck and will share some interesting sum ( cant post everyday becou i am atm fallow statistic for over 20 strategy and picks from ELO rating and some other method). But when some prove that is total clear winning maschine i will share. For Septembar i get best result on GOOD 2 selection ( AWEY win but not 20/20+ team ( on them profit is good too 11.05 pt) with pick team on ELO 4 last ( can be 1+ in AWAY) and 2 last ( must be 10+). Odd must be always 3+ nothing lest then 3. Result is 22.15 pt in profit. I will continu from october to writhing for every ligue statistic too on every strategy i fallow so in future we will see what ligue will cut ass profit and next year we can leave it out from it. Like i said i am doing over 20 strategy over ELO rating and odd selection so it is too much jobe eery day so immposible to psot eeything but in future will start somthing that will give us $$$ for sure. Expect me for next season 2020/2021 to go strong on strateyg that prove itself on this all season. Latter. * and somthing very interesting that i start to do in last 10 days is some bets on STRONG X ELO rating selection ( must be home/away or away/home in 4/2 diff and both side cant be abow 5/5). Bets that i am monitoring is HT/FT ( X-X, 1-X, 2-X) and Correct Scorre ( 0:0,1:1,2:2). And i will post you result from tabel what i am get. Very impresiv but it is still not much game only 23 game but still i hope that some of this bets will contiu to rise profit on long run. W/A is winn bets/ all played bets and P/L is profit/lose. I am using some Numbers program on mac for tabel so it is not in excel. And you can see that result on 1-X, 2-X, 1:1 and 2:2 is realy good. on 1-X we have 55.50 pt in profit. So we need to lose 55 time to erase out profit. In 55 game X on this ELO pick critetium it is immposible. But we will see everything with monitoring all season. And for ood i am from Serbia and i use odds from our bookmakers ( we have over 15 bookes heare) so always night before i sorting for tomorrow i using best odd i can find in my country. Not sure, but if do this wiht all world bookmakers probably result will be same or maybe a bettar becous always you can find bettar odd on all bookes but not want to go in that details.
  6. I also use elo rating to pick good home wins and have similar bets like you. I think you will have better results if you don't play odds below 1.5. In the long run, this will only make you lose profits you make with bigger odds. And in my opinion you better play every bet the same bet, if you exclude odds below 1.5 because you will never make a profit on them. All the best.
  7. Will start with 25/1 too becous it is cuting profit solid.
  8. Yes i beting on this tips very long. I use bog ( have over 10 acc on all sites) and use bog. Maybe i miss somthing in count, but still cant find where. Nwm. Maybe if you dont bet on horse over 25/1 or somthing like that, becous i bet on that. And maybe that horse make that dismiss.
  9. What is this? 135.43 pt profit for february? i cover every race 4/1+ and doing it when is up or little latter on 10 bet online and this month profit for mi is 41.36 pt. I miss only 1. february and maybe i dont get every race indentical odds ( but 99% i will) so somthing is not good in count. Or i am looking in wrong source? Or this monthly tab is for only 10 track thet is sugestion for that months form Billy and this number is profit in pounds? toatal confuse now. 8nwm wrong tab. I calculate on 4/1 that profit is 55pt this months, but still big diference. I got 42 and do copy past everything on every race. Miss first day, but that day is nothing happen. Maybe i miss somthing and that diference cant be few points but 55pt and 42 ( real) is big diference.
  10. This site and selection of Billy is prove that you cna be in hughe profit and costant win against bookmaker on long run, just need to have knowladge and outperform tthem ebfore odds are cut. And ofc have many many way to be winer on long run, but first and most immportant dont be gambler. More you need to invest in gambling and beting! And ofc only small % i winner, but it is not myth!!!
  11. Best solution for ppl who doing PL tips is to start doing only 4/1 odds ( low number of bet by day and higher profit) and split bet on daily basis on few account. If you UK just open in 5-6 bookmakers and open few more on other indedntit, so you cen very easy split 10-25 bet by day. All is randome so some acc will be in + some in - when you look in profit by singl ac, but you will go in nice +. Ofc, becous it is random some acc will win one month and maybe lose another 2, so bookmaker dont have reason to limit you. You win at all, but for evey personal account you are just one middle player ( more loser). And ofc if somone acc. found more winner on it and sxplode maybe thay imit that one but it is easy to replace. If have sistem of 10 acc in 5 bookmaker ( bet365, william hill, ppower, lads, coral, betfred - no need more to cover evreything) you will win this game. And ofc if you live in UK you can make some books in shops, i think PP gives best odd garaunted all day, lads adn few in some happy hour time, but you can mix it, especialy with realy high singl bet game!!! Hava nice day and continu to making profit on horse. Just long life for ppl who leading this site!!! Anything else is easy like...
  12. Dont try to do this on Betfair it is not good. You realy need a BOG and do it when tips is out 5-7 pm!!!
  13. 2. week in row i forget to switch horse and didnt change my stars for extra poin! And i know that friday is deadline and everytime forget to do before 11pm!!! Only 5 transfer from start LOL!!!
  14. They will limit you for 1-2k of proftit, becous they dont like to take them money from servers. Only way to beat them is graund bookies soncant track you, or hard way with multiaccount on other ppl and split game on 4-5 patr. It is random so some acc is one month up and another down, but you get profit cumulativ on end. Good luck and take im everything that you can.
  15. Bet365 limit me all time on less then 1euro per bet and some high odds i cant bet. If you UK just go to bookies shop and continu to takimg cut from them pie!!!